Bimbo role model – Mary Madison Love

We are still in the phase of our ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits, and although nearly all of the bimbo rolemodels I post here have some absolutely stunning, sexy and, of course, big tits (which is surely mandatory for a bimbo doll and above all for a bimbo role model), we’re now going to have a look at a bimbo role model that really brings honour to our perfect bimbo tits series: Mary Madison! 34M or 3500cc each breast

of custom saline expander implants are the raw facts here. These tits can make one forget about the rest of this stunning doll, but that would be huge mistake! Mary has such a perfect, shaped body, incredible, long legs, a stunning silhouette, a sexy ass, long blonde hair and is just an overall beauty. The basic bimbo rule regarding the size of tits a bimbo must have at least, is exceeded by her with ease, which is of course due to the 4 breast augmentations she already had – and because a bimbo is never perfect, she is already thinking of going even bigger, an effort you can directly support her on, by joining her on her Patreon. Recently, there was no way around this hungarian rolemodel for any bimbo- and big tits lover, as she starred in a very well advertised Independent movie, called “Codename Diablo”, alongside well known bimbo rolemodel Lilly_4K and Martina Big. This mash up of a “Charlie’s Angels” homage and a tribute to late Russ Meyer films (who’s absolute genius still remains untouched) received very well criticisms leading to our role model already working on the sequel at the moment. As I already said in our last post of the perfect bimbo tits series, every bimbo has to decide what look she wants to achieve regarding her tits – Mary is a perfect example of what you can achieve with saline expanders, if you are more into that, than in a more natural look you could achieve with custom silicone implants. But no matter what look or style you are after, just let her be your guiding light when it comes to the sheer size the tits of a bimbo doll should have. Maybe every bimbo should now get together with her trainer/partner/master/lover, or her BBF, visit the “Codename Diablo” page and have a really fantastic evening, watching that movie together (by supporting the production of media with big titted bimbo dolls in the main cast – we all should do that)… or, if you prefer, an all time classic like Russ Meyers Supervixens (1975) in addition 😉 – And maybe, after that, every bimbo doll thinks about getting some bigger tits by looking at this stunning bimbo rolemodel, while the trainers have a look at Mary’s Patreon page in order to support her (thanks!) 😉

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