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Over the last few months, I was asked multiple times about clothes and items bimbos can wear during the cold times of the year, without freezing to death or catching one of those pesky cystitis, many girls, who like to wear really short skirts, get often (my dolls do know that, so I know about that too…), but still maintaining the visual bimbo appeal. So let’s get this over with, while it’s still cold outside and you can still benefit from this post. First and foremost, the before mentioned blog @bimbopolitan already did give away some pretty good advise regarding that, in their post called “Bimbo Winter Wear“ – something I recommend you to read, even if, like I already said, I do not agree with every aspect of their article (Jeans? Srsly? Imagine my reaction to a bimbo doll wearing jeans…). We’re going to have our first “materials post” in the bimbo uniforms category today, and it’s about: Fur.

While I am going to explain why this material is very fitting for bimbo girls, please keep in mind that, despite my explanations concerning the history and the reasons, why fur is such a fantastic choice for bimbo princesses, “fur” is used as a general term for fur and fur-like materials here, so synthetic alternatives with the same look and feel are included as well – this is particularly important for girls with a strong sense for animal rights, like bimbo rolemodel and queen Pamela Anderson.


Dressing in fur was the method of choice since the dawn of mankind, because it’s really the first option for a primitive but aspiring civilization, to simply flay the animal you just hunted and cover yourself with its warm fur when it gets fucking cold outside your cave: Simple pragmatism. It is conceivable, that the type of fur a member of a tribe had worn, did influence the manner in which his companions did see and treat him, because in order to wear the fur of a saber-tooth tiger, you first have to kill that beast – a venture much more risky and in need of much more courage, strength and audacity than to obtain the fur of a prehistoric sheep. An effect we already covered in our post about leopard patterns and animal prints for bimbos, and that got recorded in times somewhat 1200 B.C., when Agamemnon, king of Mycenae and leader of the greek forces in the Trojan War, was described wearing the fur of a lion and Menelaos, king of Sparta, wore the fur of a leopard, while the simple and not-noble trojan warrior Dolon wore items furred with parts of only an otter and a wolf. Keep in mind: These were still the times, when you normally wore layers of material with the “furry side” towards your body in order to keep warm, not on the outside to show off.

During the 11th century, fur became more luxury than material of utility, a trend which became stronger over time, leading to furred robes for certain highly regarded administrative bodies and wealthy dignitaries and finally, from the 14th century ongoing, to a complete prohibition to wear certain types of fur for the ordinary people: From now on, only the aristocracy was allowed to wear those types of fur. This was of course true for the most noblest and valuable types of fur like ermine (Mustela erminea),

sable (Martes zibellina) and mink (Mustela sibirica)

even before. Many of those customs did survive the ages, even until today; ermine, for example, still being a part of the regalia of a coronation in many modern aristocracies. However, in the late 19th century, due to overthrowing changes in european societies and long-ranging consequences resulting from profound upheavals, especially regarding the fate of european nobility and the aristocracy (French Revolution 1789, February Revolution 1917, World War I 1914) and the aspiring bourgeoisie, noble fur as a status symbol, made its impact in the thriving world of fashion – but only for the ladies! It is still not clear why fur didn’t influence male fashion, but in the early 20th century, fur coats, stoles, scarfs, jackets, etc. were considered as strictly feminine and as objects of
style consciousness, luxury, femininity, wealth and elegance. This led to two special types of consumers:

(…) Such an ‘expensive-smelling’ white mink soon became standard equipment for a stripper of reputation … Thus, the ‘priestesses of Venus’, as they
were poetically called in ancient times, like to protect themselves with warm furs. They have a special preference for fur jackets, or at least very short coats. For the rest they show the whole animal world: Muskrat, nutria, persian, coney, the successful wear mink.

(- Marie Louise Steinbauer, fashion specialist and journalist)

All these developments lead to a strong sexual connotation, especially connected with the strong feminine impression fur did gain through the centuries, culminating in artistic involvements like the famous “Venus in furs”, which got many, many editions over the years. Today, girls dressed in gallant and classic fur coats still represent luxury, wealth, sex appeal, femininity, elegance and style consciousness – aspects very relevant for bimbo dolls, and that’s not only because every man would think and dream about what a bimbo doll wears under her stylish, noble and classy fur coat…

The benefits for bimbos

The mystique of fur, only worn by the nobility, the beautiful and rich, still remains, it is still regarded as a matter of high fashion, style, class and luxury – therefore it is ideal for bimbo dolls, being the nobility of femininity, the better girls, the more valuable women, the classy, sexy and stylish dolls, the elite of the female sex! We already talked about the historic connotation fur has regarding femininity and sex, the mixing of two types of women wearing it: Noble, aristocratic princesses and queens (which bimbos are amongst normal girls), and strippers and sex workers, two roles so far away from each other and so different, but yet both so fitting regarding bimbos, fusing together in what we would define as a perfect bimbo doll. But the actual benefits for a bimbo doll, regarding winter wear, are multifarious beyond that in practical terms! Fur coats, jackets and accessories keep the body warm in a manner no other material can compare to. Depending on the temperatures, it would be absolutely possible for a bimbo to go outside absolutely or nearly naked underneath a stylish and thick, warm fur coat, even in winter times, without even getting cold. Of course, doing that isn’t really necessary, but it puts every bimbo in the position to still observe the basic bimbo fashion rules furthermore, no matter how cold it is outside! Among others, that means: No pants or trousers – wear skirts and dresses, pay attention to the basic rule regarding the length of skirts and the height of heels, no pantyhoses – wear stockings instead and always style the best way you can by setting the standards high! In the end of this article, I will give you some suggestions regarding additional clothes, variants and combinations options, but first, lets have a look at five different fur options, perfectly suitable for bimbo dolls, and why those are the perfect match for every stylish, sexy and classy bimbo doll:

Sable (Martes zibellina)
(or look-a-like-imitation)

The most noble and valuable type of fur you can find. For over 1000 years, sable fur is regarded as a preciousness and treasure, with the most perfect and most beautiful pieces being called “crown-sable”, which had to be handed over to the russian Czar as a tribute in olden times. Likewise, Czars used such fine zobel furs as precious and significant presents for foreign high officials. Easily being the most sumptuous and luxurious fur on this planet, with these historic aspects and traditions in mind, it is almost the only type of fur good enough for true bimbo dolls. Perfect bimbo girls are Czarinas amongst mere, boring, normal girls, and as such should be dressed as the true queens they are. An interesting and unique aspect of sable fur is, that it is the only fur in existence, which retains its beauty and smoothness in every direction it is stroked, unlike the fur of other animals, which feels rough stroked opposite the grain.

Ermine (Mustela erminea) (or look-a-like-imitation)

One of the absolute most valuable furs you can find. In olden times, only nobles, kings, knights, doctores and high clerical officials were allowed to possess and wear ermine fur.
The pure and perfect white color of white ermine fur is legendary and the source of many myths and symbolic uses, often addressing the imagery of such perfect whiteness with virtues and aspects like purity, chastity, flawlessness and faultlessness – all of which are perfect descriptions of perfect bimbo dolls! This symbolism lead to many traditions, which are connected to said virtues, like the pope wearing an ermined mozetta, the crown of Great Britain being ermined and the armorial of the Bretagne presenting the ermine as its heraldic animal. The last example bears an interesting story, “the legend of the white ermine”, very suitable and applicable to all bimbo dolls:

It came to pass in those days, that a white ermine managed to escape the hunting party of duchess Anne de Bretagne, fleeing until it came to a swamp. The white ermine refused to enter and cross the swamp, for it would smudge and grime its perfect white fur. Even as the hunting party arrived and certain death was near, the ermine wasn’t willing to stain its pure fur in order to escape, but would rather die. The duchess was so impressed by that behaviour, that she returned the prideful animal to her stately home where it lived from that point on. Thenceforth the motto “Potius mori quam foedari“ (”Better to die than to be dishonored/besmirched“ adorns the armorial of the Bretagne.

A perfect motto for EVERY bimbo doll (nothing is more important than to stay perfect, pretty and beautiful), as well as this type of fur is also perfect for every bimbo doll, because of its symbolic perfection and purity. We will have a further look at the benefits of the pure white color of white ermine in our next post in the bimbo color theory category very soon…

Mink (Mustela sibirica)
(or look-a-like-imitation)

Mink fur is the most common and most imitated precious fur, as well as it is the most durable and hard-wearing precious fur of them all. It determinated and defined the fur trade and the imagery of fur in fashion for decades and became allegorical for upper-class fashion, luxurious coats which were often willed from a mother to her daughter and stylish status symbols. As we already stated above, it also became the preferred type of fur of the most succesful and therefore most beautiful and sexy girls in the sex industry… many reasons for a bimbo doll to wear this type of fur!

Fox (Vulpes vulpes, Vulpes lagopus)

(or look-a-like-imitation)

Especially the “cross fox fur”, belonging to the red foxes and the fur of the blue/silver/white arctic fox are regarded as costly, precious furs. Mostly, this type of fur is used for edging and trimming of clothes, but sometimes even for whole coats or other pieces. Because of its richness and volume, it has a very pompous and impressive impact – perfect for every bimbo doll!

Leopard (Panthera pardus, Panthera uncia)

(or look-a-like-imitation)

The appeal and impact of this type of fur is mainly based on the same effects and aspects as the impression of its texture. Read our article about leopard print to learn more about that and why bimbo dolls should own and wear this type of fur!


Every bimbo should at least own two different coats made of one of the above mentioned furs: A very long one, completely covering the doll from the neck downwards to the feet, very warm and thick, with a thick collar – and a short one reaching just half way over her thighs. Additional coats in different lengths and colors, made from different types of fur are very welcomed. In addition, every bimbo should own different  accessories and pieces, matching her cloaks, like fur hats, fur stoles, fur scarfs, fur jackets, fur capes, fur ponchos etc. – everything to keep her cosy and warm, by simultaneously maintaining the bimbo rules regarding clothes, and keeping her sexy, stylish and beautiful. Depending on the event or the occasion, the bimbo may wear under her cloak nothing more than fine lingerie, stockings, high heels and jewelry, or classy dresses, elegant pieces, short skirts etc.. When it is absolutely freezing cold outside and the doll is expected to be outside for a long time, she may actually wear leggings and/or longer dresses or skirts, but still no pants or trousers! Try to use stockings instead! As you can see above, high heeled overknee boots are a perfect addition for the fur-look, ideally with matching fur trimming and a fitting style. In combination, these pieces will keep you warm by still maintaining a fantastic, classy, elegant, sexy and bimbo-worthy look!

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