Bimbo training – “Basic Bimbo Rules: ALWAYS dress to impress!

Okay guys and girls, trainees and trainers, this is kinda my early christmas present for you, because, as I already said, I haven’t got much spare time at the moment to work on the blog, but be assured, this project is neither forgotten nor abandoned! So, I present you, the very first, basic rule every bimbo and bimbo trainee has to understand, learn and follow on her road to become a perfect bimbo doll! If you start your training now, this is where to start, or if you are a trainer, and wonder where to begin with your little trainee – here it is (and because it is nearly christmas, and this is my present for you, this time I post it in high resolution – for everyone, not only for Patreon supporters!): The basic bimbo rule – ALWAYS dress to impress!

Notice: Of course this rule absolutely DOES apply for gimbo girls in the exact same way as well! Of course, the style of clothes looks different in most cases.

Being or becoming a perfect bimbo doll, is about many different aspects, many of them being in the field of “visual aesthetics“, like big, fake silicone tits (see our ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits), a perfect body, being as feminine, sexy, girly and aesthetically pleasing as possible, with many of those difficult to achieve, or at least time consuming to get there: Getting silicone implants or a tight, perfect body won’t happen from today to tomorrow. Other aspects have to be practiced a lot until they are set and can be used correctly, like special bimbo movements (for example: sitting, walking, standing, posing in the correct way) or special bimbo behaviour. This basic rule however, is something that can be followed from the getgo in most cases: Always dress to impress! Being a bimbo a girl is bound to dress and style in certain ways, there is no way around it and every trainee and every bimbo is determined to follow these guidelines in every situation, any given time, no matter the costs! So what DOES actually impress do you ask? What is that special style you should follow? Are there special clothes bimbos HAVE to wear? Good questions. And of course, this is only my interpretation of the bimbo culture, but I think it is safe to make some basic assumptions:

1. Bimbos should dress in the most feminine, girly and sexy way possible. Your outfit has to scream: “BIMBO!”! Make use of clothes and styles that are regarded as feminine or girly, as well as colors that fall under the same general description, like the color pink. Make sure your outfit would be regarded as overwhelming sexy by most people.

2. Your outfit has to emphasize your body, your style and your body benefits. Do you have really big tits? Choose a top that emphasizes them even more! Got long legs? Choose some heels and a skirt which let them appear even longer! Your body is tight? Pick a bodycon dress that is really tight itself!

3. Be girly and playful! More is more! Go wild with accessories, make up and girly items! Pick a tiara, blinking and glittering jewelry, always go one step further!

4. The main mission of your style is to generate attention! Would you be the center of attention in your outfit? All eyes on you? The queen of the scene? If you can’t answer this question with a definitive “YES!” – go back to your wardrobe and try again!

5. YOU set the standard! This is another basic rule we talked about last time, and I would say it is the second rule after this one. Respect this rule and make clever choices regarding your style!

6. There are some other, very basic rules, which are directly connected to this one! We already spoke about some of those, like the basic rule regarding the height of heels and the length of skirts, the rule about metal heel tips or the rule about wearing your stockings correctly, and some more basic rules we will talk about in the future, like “NEVER wear pants or trousers!”, “Never wear pantyhoses” and “Never wear flat shoes, wear high heels ALL the time!”. All of these basic rules have to be respected in order to fulfil the requirements of this most basic rule!

7. The outfit of a bimbo is not only a tool to accomplish the other aspects, but it is a statement in itself! You communicate your bimbo persona to your environment mainly through your styling! Always make sure this is done correctly! It has to be your sacred duty to promote the bimbo lifestyle through your appeal! Be proud of it!

8. After you dolled up and look at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself four questions: 1. “Does my outfit respect all the rules?”, 2. “Did I do my best?”, 3. “Is this ouftit worthy of the bimbo lifestyle and culture?” and 4. “Would a bimbo lover and trainer approve of this?”. If you can honestly say “Yes!” to these four questions, you did everything correct. If you have to say “no” to at least one of these: Go back to your wardrobe and retry.

Now let’s have a look at the general possibilities for you to dress up in the correct way, and how this rule does apply there (and don’t forget to have a look at the examples given above for every aspect!):

A) If you are at home, or start your day, it absolutely doesn’t matter if you are alone or not! A bimbo starts her day by dressing up like a true bimbo should from the getgo! Make up, clothing that does respect the basic rules, high heels, etc. If you spend most of the day in your bed or in the bedroom, maybe having a relaxing beauty day, you should go for a style that is related to our “bimbo nightwear” post (at least, if you are a good girl, this is how you wake up anyway). If you do have some work in the house, or awaiting guests, you should have a look at our “bimbo housewives” post – this would be the correct way to go over the day! Remember: You have to follow these rules for yourself! Even if nobody is around, it should be important to YOU to be a proper bimbo doll! Furthermore, you never know who might ring the bell or catches a look at you through a window – Always present yourself as the perfect bimbo doll you are! No matter if it is the postman, the husband of your neighbour, your partner/master/trainer or someone else. For certain items and pieces, look at the two posts I mentioned (nightwear, housewife) – this is how you can spend your day at home.

B) Of course, this heavily depends on your work place and what you actually do for a living. There are many jobs, which are directly bimbo related (stripper, gogo girl, poledancer, callgirl, escort, model, stewardess, pornstar, etc.) in which cases I won’t have to give any advises, because your styling already should match the said requirements if you have one of those, but what about other situations? Some time ago, I answered to a question on the blog, which exactly was about the difficulty of maintaining the bimbo style under difficult circumstances at your work place. Basically, you always should try to express your bimbo persona at a level that is still accepted by your
environment. Try to find out, what would still be regarded as acceptable, and extend to that with the bimbo rules in mind. This could just mean to wear some bright, pink nail polish, some fancy stockings instead of pantyhoses, some tiny

or just a little bit more make up than the other girls there. Are high heels allowed? Skirts? Investigate! If you do have an office job, have a look at our “bimbo secretaries” post, where I talk about the perfect bimbo styling for the office, or have a look at bimbo rolemodel Candy Charms who regularly performs as a perfect bimbo secretary.

C) If you are with your female friends, or ideally with your BBFs (Best Bimbo Friends) you have the duty to be the best bimbo doll you can be! There are many reasons for you to be the sexiest doll of them all – I talked about those in our series about BBFs, and even more, like the other basic rule “YOU set the standards!” which you should always respect. Be sure you look so sexy and irresistible, that your girls just can’t help themselves, but to try to drag you in their beds in order to fuck with you the whole night. Make sure, that a man who had to choose between you and your girls, who he would love to fuck the most, would pick you instantly!

D) If you are invited to a more formal or official event, still don’t drop your bimbo duties! No matter if it is a show, a dinner, a family event, business lunch, or an opera performance: You have to be the perfect bimbo doll that draws the attention and that everyone would love to fuck! Just try to give your style a more classy, elegant and high class look, by simultaneously maintaining the sex appeal! Have a look at our bimbo rolemodel Loredana Chivu, who does a remarkable job at these kinds of styling!

E) It is very tempting to not put any effort in your style when you have to leave the house for just a couple of minutes. But this is a no go! Nobody should ever see you without any make up or a perfect sexy styling! You can use the stylings we talked about in A) and pay attention to our posts about bimbo nightwear or bimbo housewives, but you could also use this short step in front of the door as an opportunity to do something you normally wouldn’t: If you have to leave the house for just a minute to bring out the garbage, just do it in your underwear! Wear some lace lingerie, stockings, high heels, make up and zip in and out… because it doesn’t take long, you can take the courage to do this kind of thing! Grant everyone who happens to be there a look he or she won’t forget!

F) If you are out on a bimbo mission, shopping new clothes, some Louboutins, make up or getting your hair done or your nails – LOOK like you deserve it! Never walk inside a boutique or the shop of your hair stylist, or your local shoemaker without looking like a high class mixture of a princess, a model, a bimbo and a high class escort! You will be treated like a bimbo should be treated! Your hair stylist WILL perform at his best, providing you with a styling that is worthy, just because he knows what it should look like, based on your appeal! Every salesman will bring you exactly those pieces which fit your bimbo style, because they can see what you are: A perfect bimbo princess, where nothing is more important than to be sexy and feminine! And who knows: Maybe you get one or the other discount…

G) Same as for A) and E)! Maintain your bimbo persona even during everyday tasks and daily routines! You should be that girl in the supermarket, that is dolled up and styled in a way, which most girls wouldn’t even dare to touch when they are out in the clubs! Practice and have a little fun, when the men around turn their heads and completely forget about their girlfriends and wives. A girl that dresses like that when she’s shopping…. what does she wear when she’s about to have sex…? Let them dream!

H) This is your time to shine! We already talked about bimbo dolls out in the clubs many times (1, 2, 3, f.e.) – and they should be a guiding light to you! Go wild and be the queen of the night and the club! Make sure all eyes are on you, set the standards, try to be the undisputed goddess of the scene, the girl every man dreams about, the doll that everyone would do anything for, just to get to fuck her, the girl that is envied by all the other girls! Put the strippers and poledancers to shame with your styling and outfit! This is your element as a bimbo!

I) Being just naked, is NEVER an option! The least you can wear for sex, are some high heels, but this is your time to pull out all the stops! Be the bimbo whore every man dreamed of! No matter if you are about to have sex with your BBFs, a shy girl, a complete stranger you just met, some dudes you met in the club, your trainer/master/Partner, or even with yourself! Though every other style we talked about in this post should be perfect to fuck the whole night (a bimbo should never wear something that wouldn’t look fantastic while she’s getting fucked), preparing and styling just for sex is an opportunity to go wild: Stockings, high heeled boots, overknees, stripper heels, latex, the sluttiest outfits and stylings you can ever imagine, and even costumes like “the bimbo maid”, “the bimbo nurse”, “the bimbo secretary”, “the bimbo bunny” and “the bimbo schoolgirl” are very welcomed! There are no boundaries… go for it!

So, this is it. The very start for every trainee to begin with. ALWAYS Pay attention to this paper, respect the rules and always try to increase your bimbo persona! I wish you happy holidays (though I will post something more this year!), and we will dive into the new year with some new bimbo articles 😉

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