Bimbo rolemodel – Alicia Amira

Well it’s time we talk about one of the absolute and undisputed queens of the bimbo culture! As you can tell, from time to time, I like to bring you guys some lesser known bimbo rolemodels and sometimes I like to talk about the very famous stars of bimbofication. And here is one of those stars: Alicia Amira! At the moment, Alicia is on everyone’s lips – and that’s for a reason! She took the whole bimbo community by storm, “reclaiming the bimbo word” (as she says on her instagram), redefining the bimbo style, but gladly not in an inversive way, but much more in an advancing and pushing manner! When you look at her instagram, her style, her pictures or her twitter account, what you’re going to see is PINK (and tits)! Alicia took the ancestral bimbo color and brought it to maximum levels! This alone is something that should be the guideline for ALL other bimbo dolls and trainees, but that’s just one factor! While always wearing sexy, pink clothes and dresses, Alicias make up and even her interior furnishings follow this color-code – something far beyond amazing and a dream come true for all bimbo lovers – her general style and way of dressing is also something that should definitely catch on in the bimbo community! But as excited as I am, writing about such a rolemodel and queen, let’s take it slow:

Alicia was born in Denmark, lives now in England (where all sexy dolls seem to reside) and did come quite a long way in her bimbofication. The transformation she already has made is simply astonishing. She managed to get from the looks of an average girl to a dream-bimbo-appearance over a reasonable time, had her lips enhanced multiple times, her tits augmented, botox and cheek-filler procedures and of course, got some very nice blonde extensions. She is living proof, that a girl can become a dream bimbo if she only fights hard enough and has absolute will and dedication! But why do I have to tell you this, she made multiple appearances in different media outlets (videos and texts), like this coverage of Vice, where she talks about her transformation and has MANY other different things to say about bimbos and bimbofication in general – to which all of I can’t agree enough! Her opinion on femininity, sex appeal, femininity as something to glorify and a factor of strength and empowerment, the tragic move of the porn industry to gear towards the “next-door-girl-look”, the fact, that being a bimbo hasn’t inevitably something to do with porn, but is more of a lifestyle choice, the mental and emotional strength to be an all-time-bimbo, and so on and so on… I could continue to talk about her statements, and would agree to every single one of them, but I think you should have a look for yourself! Her decision to live the bimbo spirit every day, with all consequences and necessities is absolutely remarkable, and should be a yardstick for every other girl, but let’s have a look at the doll herself:

Alicia is best described as a pink bimbo dream come true. Long, bright, fake, blonde hair, a beautiful face, always covered in heavy, bright, saturated, pink make up (her make up skills improved over time, and now she is one of the very best!), some remarkable, enhanced, amazing, big tits (touching our general rule about the minimum size for bimbo tits – let us hope she will enhance them even more!!!), a tight and sexy body with a nearly perfect shape, a stunning ass, pink artificial, long fingernails and some nice, very long, beautiful legs. Alicias sense for style is often more than just amazing: White, high heeled patent leather boots, white stockings, pink clothes and accessories – matching her heavy make up, short skirts, respecting the basic rule about skirt lengths and heel heights, short and tiny tops (respecting the rule about tops for bimbos) which do suit her tits in a fantastic way. It is just amazing to look at her pictures! Alicia may very well be, one of THE bimbo dolls of the present, not only because she already made such a fantastic transformation, but also because of her mindset, her styling (which is without equal), her plastic-beauty and her general appeal, which couldn’t scream the word “bimbo” louder! She is a rolemodel for each and every girl out there, and every trainee should see her as a guiding light, a truly remarkable bimbo queen and “the go-to-girl” when it comes to discussions about whether being a 24/7-bimbo is possible, or what being a bimbo is all about. Look at her pics, listen to what she’s got to say, see her as your dedicated rolemodel, support her in every way possible and let her know, that she truly is one of the most perfect dolls on this planet! An ambassador of bimbofication – she is on her way to bimbo perfection! THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE!

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