Gimbo Rolemodel – Saphir Noir

If it wouldn’t already be hard enough to find gothic girls I can use as an example for things done right, let alone goth girls who can be called “gimbos“, in at least a few aspects – this time, the search was exceptionally difficult, because of the task, to find a rolemodel, which isn’t only worthy to bear this label for at least some features, but also a girl belonging to the subgenre of the gothic style we talked about last time and in addition to that, a girl who respects at least most of the rules we formulated in that specific article, regarding the industrial / cybergothic style for gimbos. Did I succeed? Well, kinda. But before we come to our little cyber princess of darkness here, let me briefly redirect you to another part I wrote about why posting about gimbos and goth dolls is always difficult and unpleasant – especially this time. In one of my last lessons, I explained why the topic of gimbos and finding suitable rolemodels there is a very daunting task – if not an impossible task, because there aren’t ANY girls (yet) who deserve that label overall. Finding a suitable rolemodel in the cybergothic / industrial culture was exceptionally difficult, because, as we already analyzed, absolutely MOST of the peculiarities and trademarks of this subculture stand in direct opposition to everything gimbo related: Bulky, chunky, inelegant, unsexy shoes, unfavourable clothing, punk-style appeal, ripped pantyhoses, hotpants, etc. etc… and because these styles do belong to the established dresscode in this subculture, my hopes to come up with a compatible version for gimbos and even a rolemodel were quite low. However, I managed to find a small silver line. Of course, she is no gimbo by means of definition: No giant, fake and enhanced tits, no bulky lips, no additional enhancements, no blonde hair and of course, many flaws in overall appeal, style and way of dressing, coming from her subculture of choice – BUT she does manage to overcome MANY of the problems the cyber / industrial culture has in terms of feminine, sexy and gimbo related aspects, showing that there is hope for a gimbo compatible, cyber / industrial style! This is why I present you Saphir Noir, cyber gothic / industrial rolemodel in our ongoing series! Funny thing is, you might already know her – I used one of her pictures in our very first post about gimbos, the introduction to gimbo girls and one in the last article about cyber / industrial gimbos. So, what makes her special? As you can see, she does respect nearly all aspects of the dresscode of the cyber industrial culture, but manages to either combine it with gimbo suitable elements or changes certain details to make them compatible to the gimbo doctrine – not all – but many. This cute doll has a very competitive body shape, a sufficiently flat belly, some beautiful legs she seems to be very proud of and surely a sweet, tasty ass, which she sadly won’t show us. Of course, her breasts are next to non existent, a matter of fact which should already disqualify her as a gimbo doll, but hey, I’m working with what is available to me. Of course, she would need some very large, enhanced gimbo tits, but apart from that, her body is already very impressive. Her face is that of a cute, beautiful, sexy, little goth girl, always covered in varying styles of make up, like it should be, reflecting the different primary colors of her outfit (often pink!), very well like her artificial hair extensions, highlights and cyberlox – an aspect we spoke about in the article about cybergoth / industrial styles in a manner very suitable as an example! She does combine the usual accessories of the industrial dresscode, like, for example,  the welder’s goggles, with not-so-typical, but very gimbo related things, like, for example, very beautiful stockings and stay-ups (sometimes even instead of pantyhoses – but sadly, often in addition to pantyhoses, we assume they are open underneath her skirt, which then, would be okay.), fantastic and extremely sexy high heels (NO platform boots! This is how it is done, cyber-gimbos!) – which she seems to love, very short and cute, puffy skirts (instead of hotpants!), corsets and sweet and girly dresses. Many styles of her are very gimbo suitable, sexy and far superior to anything else in the cybergothic culture. What I do love in particular about her, is her transformation ability (and her pink styles are extremely gimbo suitable and sexy! LOVE IT!). You can tell, with her around, it will never get boring in the bedroom… Every goth girl, especially the cyber / industrial goth girls among you, should take her as a proof of concept. Not really as a prime example, because there are still many flaws and things that should be changed and/or optimized, but more as a indicator for what is possible by staying true to the dresscode and identity of your subgenre, by simultaneously respecting the demands of the gimbo lifestyle. Wear high heels like she does – Always! Wear stockings instead of pantyhoses, wear short skirts and dresses instead of pants and hontpants, wear corsets, pay attention to your colorcoding, stay the course and streamline your style and outfit, be versatile and diversified with your styles and always try to maintain the appeal of a feminine, sexy, girl like she does! In addition, you should try to surpass everything shown here, in order to become a true cyber-gimbo: Get some big, enhanced, fake tits, get your lips bigger, wear more make up, shorter skirts and dresses and show the world how sexy and feminine a cyber-goth can be!

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