The Church of Plastic – The Order of the Sisters of Plastic

They shall be my finest Bimbos, these trainees who give themselves to me. Like clay I shall mould them and in the furnace of Bimbofication forge them. They will be of perfect Femininity and unmatched beauty. In slutty outfits shall I clad them and with the highest heels will they be armed. They will be untouched by laziness or reservation, no mediocrity will blight them. They will have implants, make up and outfits such that no mortal female can best them in sex appeal. They are my bulwark against the Terror of gender-leveling. They are the Defenders of Femininity. They are my Sisters of Plastic and they shall know no reluctance.– Pink 1:20, The PBA Bible of Bimbofication – About the founding of the Order of the Sisters of Plastic

O, Adeste Fideles and behold, for I bring glorious tidings! Well, I’ve got some new ideas… That’s what I meant. Some of you might remember my article about the Church of Plastic – a mind game about a theoretical concept for a certain mindset I would wish bimbo trainees would aquire in reality. This concept still stands, but in reality, there is no practical use without dedicated “nuns of bimbofication” who adapt to these ideologies and make them work. Do not get me wrong – I still stand by these ideas and there are undoubtably huge benefits to be reaped from this concept – for bimbos and bimbo trainers/lovers alike (like I explained in that article), so I still encourage every girl to follow this “bimbo religion“, but in addition, I would like to give it more “practical use”. In this article, I mentioned “bimbo fanatics”, dedicated zealots – bimbos who LIVE and breathe bimbofication, who would never question bimbofication ideals and who would never be “selective” about aspects of bimbofication they do or don’t like. Bimbo trainees who regard the strive for bimbo perfection as something like a holy quest, a divine raison d’être, something you never disregard or doubt. No laziness, no slacking, no compromises, no reluctance. There is no respite. THESE are the Sisters of the Order of Plastic! The Bimbo ELITE.

While everyone is free to accept the teachings and believes of the Church of Plastic, and therefore becomes a member of it, if he/she wants to – The Order of Plastic is different. It is NOT a club you can chose to join if you feel like it. YOU are NOT the one who decides if you are in it. It is by all means “NOT INCLUSIVE”! It can’t be. And that’s the whole purpose of it, and one of the reasons why I felt the need to launch a “label” like this. I said it is not inclusive – well, it is far from that, in fact it couldn’t be more exclusive at all: You can’t even join if you are male – hell, even I can’t join my own club, because I am not female. In opposition to the Church of Plastic, which represents a broad denomination – a confession so to speak, a fellowship males and females can join, as long as they want to and respect the rules, teachings and believes in word, thought and deed – The Order of Plastic is a sisterhood. The absolute elite of bimbos. The most devoted and dedicated females. The fanatics and zealots I was talking about. Exactly for these bimbos there will be future PBA content in addition to the “normal” content. This content will be VERY special and not released publicly! But I was talking about the reasons for this… there are five, so let me explain:

1. Uncertainties regarding the meaning of bimbofication and foreign (re-)definitions

I already explained why the terms “bimbo” and “bimbofication” do raise problems in the very substancial “bimbo definition” and “bimbofication definition” articles, the same posts in which I gave you the PBA definitions of these words, clearly transporting the only meaning of these terms we deal with, here at the Pink Bimbo Academy. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of “different opinions”, either just personal ideas of individuals who subjectively think of something different hearing these words, or foreign attemps to redefine the words “bimbo” and/or “bimbofication” for the general public and members of the bimbo community, by parties with vastly more power and coverage than the PBA can bring to the table. While the deviating subjective and personal opinions are not harmful, and are in fact covered to a certain extent by the PBA – as long as every individual is always aware of the differences between his/her idea and the “official PBA definition”, these massive operations to give these terms a whole new, “objective” meaning, often exempted from VERY basic aspects and elements we would deem absolutely crucial, mandatory and vital for the bimbo definition, or even replaced with other, foreign ideals and elements that do not only have nothing to do with bimbofication but are sometimes even absolutely incompatible with it, like (identity-)politics, critique of social systems (like capitalism), etc., is not only harmful, because it might lead bimbofication in directions that do not even slightly resemble the things we have in mind now and it divides and splits the community even more – it also makes the whole endeavor of defining these terms even more difficult, creating nothing but confusion, vagueness, arbitrariness and ambiguity. But we already have the PBA definitions of the words “bimbo” and “bimbofication” – so everything should be clear? Sure, I made absolutely clear what it takes to be a PBA bimbo, and this is the only thing we are talking about here… no other bimbo definition interests me in the slightest, but even with these statements in place, there still are some problems: The PBA definition itself is pretty broad and DOES allow some deviations and variety (talking about hair colors, f.e.). The Order of the Sisters of Plastic does not know these multifariousnesses! The idea of the term bimbo, following the teachings of the Order, is absolutely strict, VERY clear and precise and does not allow divergent ideas or even “re-definitions”. So, by saying you are following these teachings, you made a VERY clear statement, and it is absolutely crystal clear where you stand regarding bimbofication. Because this ideology is part of a distinct, fussy and possessive “club”, there is no chance in hell for foreign attemps to redefine its meaning or dissent ideas. It is what it is – and it is immutable and unvarying, unlike the “publicly owned” term “bimbo” everybody has own ideas about. Regarding this aspect, the benefit for me in releasing special “tSotOoP” content for their eyes only, is just the certainty, that it won’t be disregarded and that it won’t be futile work, because it will be considered by like minded “fanatics”, in opposition to the vast majority of “mild bimbos” who wouldn’t know what to do with it and would completely dismiss it.

The basic PBA bimbo definition still stands – and I will continue to defend it and maintain its true meaning – but the Order of the Sisters of Plastic is the new “go to” PBA bimbo ideal!

2. Half-baked bimbofication, weekend bimbos and bimbofication as a self-service store.

Even amongst members of the community who do accept the PBA definition of the term “bimbo”, I often hear things like: “Yes, I think it is beautiful, but I just can’t adapt to it, because…”, “I am following the PBA definition, except for…”, “Most things are great, but…”, “I do it like that, just not all the time…” or “My personal bimbofication does not necessarily include…”. No hate here guys and gurls, you do know I love you – but fun and games end here with the Order of the Sisters of Plastic. I do know, that bimbofication can be quite problematic for people who have to maintain a “normal life”, with a “normal” job, family, social structures and surroundings, leading to steep cuts in the bimbo transformation, the visual appeal and/or the whole bimbo lifestyle. This is understandable and while a great pity – not a huge problem, because the PBA ideology welcomes and values any sort of bimbofication and (hyper-)femininity no matter to what extend and degree. For the Order of the Sisters of Plastic, however, bimbofication is neither a self-service-outlet where you can decide what you want and what not depending on your convenience, nor is it a temporary thing you can don or doff to your likings, like a pair of jeans. For the sisters of plastic, the do’s and don’ts, the rules, values and teachings of (PBA) bimbofication are holy commandments, because they >believe< in them. Every single detail counts! Of course this absolutely excludes most bimbofication enthusiasts, who have to prioritize things in their life to the detriment of bimbo ideals. But this is exactly the point: The Order of the Sisters of Plastic is NOT for them! I respect your decisions and the limiations you might see for your bimbofication – but if that means you don’t give your bimbo persona the highest priority or if you let something else restrict your bimbo lifestyle and/or bimbo transformation – this sisterhood is not for you. This is not the end of the world – you still can (and should) follow the PBA teachings of bimbofication as perfectly as possible, and you could still become a perfect bimbo goddess – you don’t have to be a part of everything! You do not NEED the Order of Plastic to be a perfect bimbo doll! On the other hand: Bimbos that do follow the Order of Plastic, or even bimbos that are members of this holy sisterhood – never did the burden of one of the essential rules of bimbofication weigh heavier on your shoulders! You are the bimbo elite, the finest bimbos, the most feminine females out there! The dolls with the biggest tits, the most pristine bodies, the highest heels, the shortest skirts, the deepest cleavages and the longest hair! All the time. 24/7. No exceptions, no respite, no excuses, no laziness, no holding back. You are the living embodiment of hyper femininity, living bimbo perfection, the meaning of bimbofication – prime examples of what this term means. Meet the requirements of this honor – go forward as a bimbo all other bimbos have to look up to. Of course, this counts for all the rules and aspects of visual appearance, but also for everything dealing with a certain mindset and behaviour, especially regarding some things I did never talk about before, because it would absolutely repel and deter most “normal” readers of the PBA! I will talk about this in the next paragraph, but basically, special “tSotOoP” content will go one step beyond the normal PBA rules in every aspect, which already overexerts most of my readers and the majority of bimbo trainees (sadly).

In addition: There are only few things less satisfactorily than “weekend bimbos” who put their heavy make up on just to take a picture for their Instagram, wannabes who change to heels in order to pose in front of a fitting scenery – and after that, change right back to flat shoes like ballerinas. Girls who wear those stockings and slutty clothes just for their Onlyfans. Females who would never wear stuff like that and heavy make up outside of a club, the bedroom or if not in order to take pictures. Girls who wear their tracksuits at home and think it looks cute. If that’s your deal, you have come to the wrong place. I am getting pretty personal here (and you don’t have to give a shit about that – do what thou want), but: Posers and wannabes – “weekend bimbos” – have nothing to do with “real bimbos”. The Order of Plastic does not accept this.

3. Dealing with things I could never write about publicly

Let’s be honest here, I do have some things in mind I personally would see as parts of bimbofication, but I could never write about them within the framework of the PBA, because they are just too “extreme”, “immoral”, risky and/or stark. I do not want to disgust or repel bimbo-curious folks, nor do I want to exclude bimbos from PBA bimbofication, just because they are not able to “go all in” with these things. About some of these things I will talk in future articles, in a more attenuated, mild manner (in opposition to the related “tSotOoP” article, in which I will not mince my words) and some things I have already tackled at the edge in various articles. So, what might these things be, you may wonder. Well, most of these things deal more with the general mindset, “social interactions” and behaviour of bimbos than with the physical appeal, because regarding that, I see practically no limits within the usual PBA stuff. Of course I can only give you some examples of very broad topics, because the detailed aspects will be dealt with through special “tSotOoP” articles: Bimbos and promiscuity, bimbos and family(-planning), bimbos and relationships, bimbos and social interactions, bimbos and jobs, the “Stepford ideology”, etc.. Some ideas can already be found on certain subreddits or elsewhere on the web… or… in the darkest corner of the deepest abyss of your own perverted mind. I have some pretty radical things to say about these topics, and I do not want to address people with that who either “don’t care” (because too extreme for them or not desirable or feasible) or would even be disgusted – so it is only a logical consequence to accost only the girls who are interested in this lifestyle and ready to fully submit themselves to it – and who will actually follow these rules.

4. The elite and the sense of unity

The sense of unity amongst bimbos was already topic in one of my articles about BBFs:

This results in a much stronger sense of unity and group identity, making it easier to overcome individual reservations and restrictions. Every member of a group has the feeling to be a part of something bigger. In addition, a form of group pressure might let someone do something, he would have never done on his own.” – PBA – 4. BBFs – BBFs can assimilate styles and outfits

Of course, this still stands true as of today. As much as certain groups nowadays try to concinve us, that “inclusivity”, the idea that preferably EVERYONE can be part of any group, is something with solely positive consequences, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Forced “inclusivity” and even pluralism to a certain degree can (and often do) result in vastly negative effects. Note: I do not deny that elitarism can result in other, negative effects also, so I feel this is the point at which I have to state, that by continuing writing about this, I stop relating to these terms in a univeral sense, or even in regards to social sciences, but specifically with the pitcure in mind of the bimbofication community and the idea of a bimbo elite. If we just compare hypothetical bimbo groups with perfect versions of either “inclusive, pluralistic” frameworks and on the other hand “elitaristic” ideologies, it can be expected, that while the elitaristic bimbo group might be much smaller, it ends also up being much more coherent and with much higher standards., because the “inclusive group” doesn’t set any demands and standards that would be hard to reach. This is where I want to go with this. In addition, the coherence and the unambiguity resulting from the universally applicable standards, rules and the same, mandatory mindset, strengthen the feeling of solidarity and the team spirit. A clear “us” and “them” picture is a very useful incentive to maintain the self-concept of an elite and the concominant differences between these two groups, which have to be, in this case, an obvious differential in the level of bimbo perfection. In short: The self-concept of an exclusive elite, with the connected feeling of being “better” than the out-group, will make sure that high standards are maintained. Violations of the PBA teachings and the ideologies of the Church of Plastic will be nothing less than heresy. This is more or less a self regulating process – if these standards are enforced without exceptions. To strengthen this even further, the special content I will provide for the members of the in-group enhances these feelings even more, because it is special content “for the elite”, without any possibility for the out-group to obtain.

5. Advanced bimbo ideology

There are some things that aren’t necessarily a part of bimbofication, or do not even connect with it quite well. Like I said, politics for example, have NOTHING to do with bimbofication, and are more of a personal thing a person can think about without connecting it to bimbofication, which is why I will never ever integrate that (and all other things that don’t have anything to do with bimbofication) into the PBA. Bimbofication in general is objective, apolitical and free of unrelated ideologies, social theories and structural questions. However, the Order of Plastic will be full of that. Just because I do have certain personal ideas about social structures in combination with bimbofication, that doesn’t mean I have to force my subjective ideas into the topic of bimbofication, which I won’t do within the PBA, but I will apply all of that in the general code of conduct and the theory of the Order of Plastic. Already the things I have to say here, the rules I will bring to the table, the theories of where a bimbo should stand regarding these questions, will be detested by the majority of my readers, so there is no use in bothering them with it. Some topics might be: Feminism, social hierachies, the domesticated bimbo and the roles of men and bimbos.

As you can see, the bimbos of the sisterhood of the Order of Plastic are NOTHING like many of you would define a bimbo. They will be exactly how I and MANY other men think a bimbo SHOULD be – a perfect, hyperfeminine women, THE perfect girl – free from all social norms and moral provisions. The content of the Order of Plastic will not be publicly available and it will be “top secret”. It will be the book of the darkest commandments and mysteries of bimbofication – the stuff most people are horrified (and simultaneously turned on) by… rules and laws, theories and ideas only true bimbo fanatics can follow. And these bimbo fanatics, a secret society of dolls, will be my Sisters of the Order of Plastic.

(Btw. Whoever guesses where the original text above comes from wins a thumbs up from me, heretic.)

Bimbofication offers us redemption.

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5 thoughts on “The Church of Plastic – The Order of the Sisters of Plastic

  1. On item 3 of your PSA, I am going to take a guess and assume the “more extreme” things you want are along the line of having ones teeth removed for better blowjobs or having the vocal cords removed so that they aren’t talkative. Am I right? I’m not judging…

  2. My relief that PBA is not only maintaining the standards but also offering instruction in bimbosity is simply, well, indescribable. As a dedicated “mental” bimbo, I finally feel like I have a home, and you are not welcome to hang out here, mister, whoever you are. Oh my, and praise the Lord for providing for us bimboes. Now I disagree that men cannot be bimboes, because many men are ultrafeminine, and they ought to be able to join. You see, despite being a bimbo, and having the mind of a bimbo, I know what you’re really trying to do is corral all the bimbos you can into one place and then, well, whatever. The thing of it is that being a bimbo is sort of like being an ultrafeminine tool, and that is the meat of it. Now, you’re going to say that bimboes don’t have tools, but that shows what you know.

  3. My relief that PBA is not only maintaining the standards but also offering instruction in bimbosity is simply, well, indescribable. As a dedicated “mental” bimbo, I finally feel like I have a home, and you are not welcome to hang out here, mister, whoever you are. Oh my, and praise the Lord for providing for us bimboes. Now I disagree that men cannot be bimboes, because many men are ultrafeminine, and they ought to be able to join. You see, despite being a bimbo, and having the mind of a bimbo, I know what you’re really trying to do is corral all the bimbos you can into one place and then, well, whatever. The thing of it is that being a bimbo is sort of like being an ultrafeminine tool, and that is the meat of it. Now, you’re going to say that bimboes don’t have tools, but that shows what you know.

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