The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 16. Aspects: Nose

A small, cute, thin and tiny Barbie snub nose is THE go to for every bimbo and bimbo trainee. This is a -quasi- must have! But what exactly does this mean? A perfect bimbo nose is the sum of many different aspects and factors, like, for example, the perfect nasal-tip rotation (about 106 degrees), the swung, inwards curved, sweet form, the thin nasal bridge, symmetry, flawlessness – and, most important, the tiny and cute dimensions. Yes, all of these factors are VERY important and play a huge role for a perfect bimbo face, which is why we will talk about all of them in detail in a future mini series about the perfect bimbo nose, but today, as a part of the PBA bimbo makeup series, we will only discuss certain aspects we can influence with makeup.

Isn’t this a special case? Usually, when we talk about optimizing the female body or the face for bimbofication, we are talking about making things BIGGER (tits, lips, eyes, etc.) and more pronounced, more attention drawing and more obvious – this time, it’s the complete opposite: Small, cute, thin, tiny and snubby, yes these are the words that first come to mind when we think about the perfect female nose, and not without a reason! Most men (and women) around the world prefer this type of nose on females and find it most beautiful. This fact is absolutely undisputed, but not unexamined: Psychology Today published an article written by Ph.D. Leon F. Seltzer who studied the perception of beauty regarding noses, in which he comes to a VERY clear result:

Ironically, the less prominent your nose, the better. That is to say, the so-deemed “perfect nose” is one that draws as little attention to itself as possible. As most cosmetic surgeons today agree, ideally a person’s eyes, cheeks, and lips are what should most draw an onlooker’s gaze. If the nose happens to be oversized, or out of kilter with the rest of one’s face, another’s attention will instead center on one’s proboscis. Such a distraction is hardly favorable to their estimation of one’s appearance.” – Leon F. Seltzer Ph.D., Psychology Today – “A Nose Away From Beautiful” (

Scaachi Koul, who gets quotet in this article, a writer who also examined these factors – focused on women’s noses, had this to say:

No matter where we are, or who we think we are, the beauty standards for noses are still remarkably narrow … No wonder we’re still trying to hide our noses … Few cultures like or accept a [disproportionately] large nose. No one wants a crooked one. Anything too wide, too flared is easily dismissed as unattractive … This is true for nearly anyone, but doubly true for women, for whom anything outsized or out of the ordinary is examined and picked apart. In fact, the best nose, for women, is one you barely notice at all … [They’re] frankly, relatively nondescript [or, it might be added, non-ethnic].” – Scaachi Koul, Psychology Today – “A Nose Away From Beautiful” (

Yes, you read that right: “…the best nose for a women, is one you barely notice at all“! So, now we gathered all these information about how a perfect bimbo nose should be like in terms of scale – but why is that so? Of course, this is another topic we will examine in great deatil in our future series about the perfect bimbo nose – but let us just state the obvious facts here: A smooth, tiny and small nose lets a female appear softer, cuter, younger, sweeter, less aggressive and masculine, and therefore more beautiful and feminine. A thin nose, looks not only more dainty and graceful but also more elegant and less primitive. So, regarding these fators (not talking about curvatures, form, etc. – for now, as already mentioned!), a combination of these elements is the correct way to go for a bimbo, with the beforementioned “ultimate goal” of a nose, that “is barely noticeable at all” (but also feminine, sweet and pristine). Is this achievable without a rhinoplasty? No – most likely not. Of course, some girls might have a very beautiful, natural nose that already corresponds to these demands to a certain degree, but a true bimbo nose is not possible without a “Barbie nose-job”. So, is there anything else you can do? Well, glad you ask, of course! It’s not “what CAN a bimbo do?” but “what MUST a bimbo do?”. Here we have the same situation like we had when we talked about the perfect bimbo tits or about tanning for bimbos (or lips, etc.): Just because you already have some huge 2000cc implants, that doesn’t mean you, as a bimbo, don’t have to enhance the visual size even more with makeup – or just because you already have a nice, sun kissed skin, that doesn’t mean, you as a bimbo, don’t have to support that with makeup. So – no matter if you have a beatufiul, natural nose or just a “common nose”, or even if you already had your Barbie-nose-rhinoplasy, you, as a bimbo, have to follow these procedures to enhance the visual appeal of your nose even more, in order to come close to bimbo perfection. Make up offers some great possibilities to do this, which is why every bimbo should include these procedures into her daily make up routine. Read how it is done in the lesson paper above and do it like all the other bimbo rolemodels do: Make your nose, prettier, more feminine, more elegant, sweeter, cuter, more beuatiful and even “girlier”, by making it smaller, thinner and less obvious with make up!

In addition, I want to refer you to a pretty good youtube tutorial, dealing with this: Fake A Nose Job with Contouring | Jadeywadey180

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