Bimbo Uniforms – Jewelry – Heart Choker (pink, black, white)

Is it really worth it to write an article about an item that costs about $2? Absolutely, yes – if it is about a fashion piece that absolutely exploded in the bimbo community some years ago, leaving it practically as a “bimbo must have” – then I gladly sacrifice some time writing about such a cheap item. Does cheap mean worthless? Of course not! Even though many items we are talking about on the PBA are considered to be quite costly, luxurious, expensive and “high class”, that doesn’t mean the wardrobe of a bimbo should only consist of these valuable high fashion pieces. Like always, it depends on the mixture, the general direction the bimbo in question goes into (regarding her style and general appeal) and the occasions she has to dress for. Sure, bimbo princess archetypes will need more expensive luxury articles, while a whore archetype needs more pieces that tend to be cheaper, but the true art of bimbo styling lies in the ability to not only know when to dress “cheap” and when to dress “expensive” but more so in combining these things and come up with working, bimbo suitable styles that take the best from both worlds and strengthen the overall bimbo appeal with these different traits.

Like I said, the piece we are talking about today took the bimbo world by storm a few years ago. It was EVERYWHERE – and every girl had to have one, posting pictures on instagram and twitter with it. There was no escaping this little, cheap accessory. Sure, this outburst was nothing more than a short-lived trend, but still there are more than enough reasons for every bimbo to possess and wear one of these things – and there are also reasons why this can be considered a “must have” for bimbos, even if the boom is over. What we are talking about today, is a “brandless” heart choker with a fairly simplistic design:

The choker consists of a fake leather collar in pink that can be closed with three or four (depending on the manufacturer) snap fasteners, that ties very tight around the neck of the wearer – and a silver, heart shaped metal ring in the front middle. Left and right of the heart is each one metal rivet to connect the heart to the collar. That’s it. There’s really not much more to this piece. But exactly that is the charming element of this choker: Its simplicity. After the trend kicked in and all the girls were buying this piece left and right, different manufacturers came up with different variations and new styles of the same thing – adding chains, more shapes, more frills, more rivets, elaborate patterns and color ornamentations – but unsurprisingly, none of them was successfull. The overall style of this piece makes it a no brainer for “Babygirl bimbo archetypes” who can wear this collar 24/7 more or less in combination with every outfit and style: It looks playful, cute, girly and indeed hints at a certain submissiveness of the wearer, considering its tightness and the character of the the (fake-) leather, although it surely is not usable for dominance play or BDSM sessions (because it is neither padded nor will the snap fasteners or the quite fragile structure be able to withstand even mildly rough treatments.), but more of a visual accessory. While this choker is for a bimbo babygirl what the Swarovski crystal choker is for the bimbo princesses – a dead certain choice – it should be a standard item for all bimbos, no matter what their style is (same goes for the Swaroski choker). Even gimbos are served here – because we saw the same development with this piece in the gothic community as we experienced it with the bimbo-ish girls – only in black. Yes you heard me right, the same choker in black was an absolute hit for the goth girls some time ago – so, gimbo must have it is!

This leads us to the colors: Of course – Pink is the standard for all bimbos and should be your first pick. In black, this choker may be the first choice for gimbos, but even bimbos shouldn’t dismiss it! These two versions are the default variations – and yes, bimbos should wear this in pink whenever possible, and gimbos should wear it in black whenever possible. Even though there are MANY other versions in different colors, only one other variant is acceptable: The same choker in white, however, this is only preferable if the bimbo in questions goes for a style that is nothing but completely white overall. Other colors and variations are not acceptable. I told you in the beginning, that this piece is dead cheap – and it absolutely is – but if you are really clever, you find one of the packages on Amazon, where the pink, the black and the white ones are bundled in one offering – so you get all three allowed colors for an unbeatable price. No more excuses – be a good bimbo/gimbo and get this absolute must have! It can’t get any more affordable for such a symbolic item: A tight, cute choker in your main color (babygirl pink or gimbo black), that identifies you as a good, submissive bimbo/gimbo, with a heart that represents the positive, sweet and girly nature of the bimbo/gimbo mindset – all of that with a sleek and simplistic design, that can be combined with nearly every style for every occasion, for an incredible price. You can not go wrong here!

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