Style Check

Another style I would call “prom night model”, similar in its appeal to one of our past style checks and something that could very well be made for bimbos explicitly in its complete look and overall appeal! Let’s start by not only examining the dress and the accessories, but as always, the young bimbo who is wearing it all. As most of the times, long, beautiful, blonde hair, casually worn without any definitive styling, but this is acceptable in some circumstances and if the rest of the outfit is mind blowing enough to make up for it. What immediately strikes the eye, is her absolute fantastic and perfect skin tone and appeal. This is what you bimbo dolls and trainees should strive for: Pristine, silk smooth and flawless, solarium tanned skin! The amount of make up she wears is barely enough, and should be increased, but the overall appeal is nice and attractive. The biggest sensation in her face however, are the big hoop earrings, which communicate a perfect bimbo-style message. It could be a design by choice, but apart from those beautiful hoop earrings, no more jewelry is decorating this little doll – a missed opportunity if you ask me and something that could have lifted the overall look to a complete new bimbo level if done right. For example: A glittering, glinting choker, some bracelets and maybe even a sparkling ankle chain would have done wonders! As always again, the tits of this cute, little bimbo princess sadly are way to small. The rest of her body seems to be in a good shape, but the size of her rack should definetly be enhanced, at least until it satisfies the basic bimbo rule. The main focus of attention lies on the absolute beautiful and sexy bimbo prom dress she wears. A sexy, sweet, feminine onesie in a gentle and girly pink color, crested with silver emblems on the straps and the waistband, granting a nice look at the boobs of the wearing doll. This dress is again an absolute convincing and strong argument for my thesis, that prom dresses are something every bimbo should wear at any time to any event or opportunity and under any circumstances! Even if it is just a normal day – wear a pink, girly, feminine, sexy and fancy prom dress!!! You will feel like the princess you are! Bimbos are princesses EVERY SINGLE DAY! They should dress as one. In addition to the welcomed influence to the own mind set, these kinds of dresses will ensure you get the well deserved attention from your surroundings – like it should be for a bimbo doll! The tight underskirt has a perfect lenght and respects the basic bimbo rule regarding the shortness of skirts and dresses, reaching barely over her cute ass, while the thin, fluffy and delicate overskirt creates a princess-like atmosphere and increases the tension due to its contrast in lengths (back: long, front: short – always a good idea!). The high heels are a perfect choice and a cute, little master piece. The light pink color tone, perfectly matches the color of the dress (IMPORTANT!) and supports the girly, feminine and sweet look in the most awesome way! The stiletto heels are just high enough to respect the basic rule in combination with the underskirt of the dress and round out the complete picture. I believe, that this doll might wear some soft, dim, transparent or skin-toned stockings – likewise a perfect choice, supporting the complete appeal and emphasizing her sexy, long legs and the heels. Another viable choice would have been the YSL Tribute peeptoes in a light pink, but I think she may have made the best choice here with the shoes she wears. Overall a beautiful, very cute and girly outfit, that communicates the “feminine princess message” in a perfect way, and should be worn any time and to every occasion. Be fabulous! Every second – every day!

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