Bimbo role model – Olesya Malibu

It’s time we talk about Pam. No, not her… The one and only bimbo rolemodel and queen Pamela Anderson will be subject of our next “bimbo rolemodels anniversary post”, today we’re going to talk about Olesya Malibu, often referred to as the “russian Pamela Anderson”. And this is not far fetched, considering her showbiz name “Malibu” has not sprung from nowhere. For young Olesya Kozhevnikova, the big titted, blonde lifeguard in the red swimsuit always was the leading rolemodel, and exactly what she wanted to look like! “Baywatch” has always been her favorite series and Pam has always been her guiding light. Olesya started to model and got her second breast augmentation immediately after school. With 18 years of age, she already had several plastic surgeries, stacking up to six breast OPs, her lips pumped with silicone at least twice and many things more only a few years later – total dedication to the bimbo lifestyle! As every bimbo should, Olesya considers herself the standard of beauty and sexuality, and considers the criticism of envy, but admits she is far from perfection. Her bimbofication transformed this average and indifferent girl into a dream that came true: Especially her silicone enhanced lips are an absolute jawdropper, and resemble what is often called “cock sucking lips” in the bimbo community – THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD LOOK GIRLS. But that’s not all. Her long, platinum blonde hair, her big, enhanced tits (slightly under the bar of the golden rule for bimbos regarding perfect tit sizes), that perfectly tanned skin, her tight and shaped body, her long legs are an eyecatcher and absolute head-turner. I would say she is in no way inferior compared to her famous rolemodel, in fact does some things way better! In addition, Olesya simply has a stunning sense for beauty and fashion – like many russian girls – always dressed up in flattering, emphasizing, tight and short dresses (in leo print or pink f.e.) and insanely sexy high heels or stripper heels – this girl has style! Olesya starred in many tv programs and talk shows, always having to justify her look and the decisions she made, with a virtuous and pharisaic audience judging her, completely overlooking, that this princess not only did very well in school, was a pretty successful model but also studied at the correspondence department of the economic faculty in Queen City and worked at the agency of real estate… all that by maintaining that stunning appeal and look! Take her as your perfect bimbo rolemodel, girls, this is how it is done! Addendum: You can see in the pictures above, Olesya recently got married, and marked her big day as a perfect bimbo bride!

Sadly, I do not know any social media channels of this rolemodel. If you know one or more – please let me know, I will add those here.

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