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Hello everyone, good evening, and welcome to the last real blog update this year – this is PBNN and here are our news:

New blog posts in the making

There is plenty of stuff upcoming the next year: We will continue our ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits, diving deeper in related items and techniques to achieve perfect bimbo tits, as well as the main feature there: Implants! In addition, I’ve got some new, pretty sexy rolemodels upcoming, some of them directly related to our mentioned bimbo tits series, directly following our last rolemodel
Olesya Malibu
. But the next rolemodel post will be a gimbo rolemodel again, and I bet someone you will not expect. Speaking of gimbos, I will start an ultra short mini series about “gimbos and stockings” and “bimbos and stockings”, somewhat consisting of not more than 3 – 4 different posts next year early. Other blog news: More lessons are about to come in, some of them being “basic bimbo rules” complementing our last two different basic rules, and some of them, finally, related to sex, as many of you guys wished. The “bimbo color theory” will continue, as well as stylechecks, making sure we have a good mix on the platform. As you may have noticed, I did a pretty big Q&A on the blog over the last few days, because my inbox is still stacked and there are many more questions, I decided to continue answering some more of those, just to skim the ones you asked me quite some time ago. Remember: Ask me anything, just be patient, I will answer anything, it just takes some time!

Support Candy Plastique! Her big, bimbo tits are inbound!

Guys who already follow this blog for quite a while will know, that I am supporting bimbo trainee Candy Plastique and already asked you to show her a little support if possible to complete her mission in becoming a perfect bimbo doll. Well the time has come, we’ve made a big step and Candy is getting her 1050cc tits THIS january! This is just because of you guys who donated and I wanted to say thank you very, very much for that. However, Candy still needs donations, because she wasn’t able to collect enough money to completely discharge these silicone implants. So, she promised everyone who donates to her, some exclusive pictures of her big, fake, bimbo boobs once they are done in january, you still have a chance to show some support and reward a girl who really wants to fully go the bimbo way. Until tomorrow, you can get some direct post-OP pictures, if you donate just a small amount. Have a look at her patreon, she already uploaded hundreds of pics, and absolute stunning material like videos and is always ready to have a chat with her supporters. Or give her just a small christmas present and have a look at her deliverycode site (you can donate there too – just dont forget to add an email address, so she is able to give you those pics). Thank you again guys, you make it possible that young girls can become perfect bimbo dolls!

Are YOU a goth girl? Or even a gimbo?

I plan to bring you guys some special posts about gimbo girls, but have some questions to girls of the gothic subculture. If you are, by chance, a goth girl, please contact me here on tumblr – or on twitter or on reddit. If you know one or more goth girls, please ask them to think about participating. After you contacted me, you can decide how you want this to happen: I can assure you, not to mention even a word about your persona, keeping everything completely anonymous if you want that, or if you prefer, can promote every of your social media accounts or pictures, just as you wish. Just these factors have to be fulfilled:

– You have to be a girl.

– You have to be goth.

– You have to be able to prove your persona, just to make sure you are no fake (this is absolutely necessary, especially after that “Leia Parker drama”.) – this can happen with pics.

So, I hope plenty of goth girls will participate. Please contact me.

Thats it for today guys, I will say “Marry Christmas” tomorrow to you – until then, cya!

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