Merry Christmas! The new PBA testpapers are here!

Already a Merry Christmas to all of you and Happy Holidays! After I gave you my first two Christmas presents this year (First and main one the first book, the complete PBA Guide to the Perfect Bimbo tits (PDF more than 150 pages!) and the article about X-Mas Bimbos), here is the third gift for you! I present you the new PBA testpapers, to put your bimbo trainee to the test, quite literally. There is already one test there in the members area of the Pink Bimbo Academy, but this time it’s all about tits (no wonder)! So, if you want to make sure your trainee knows everything she has to know about her boobs – print the six pages and find out! This is again quite an opportunity to let her dress in that bimbo schoolgirl uniform and either get her reward or her punishment after she participated. For every trainee who followed the PBA series about the Perfect Bimbo tits series on this site, who read the beforementioned book or who got a dedicated trainer, it shouldn’t be a problem to pass this test.

This gift is again for my fellow supporters. If you are a Patreon supporter, you can download the PDF directly there on Patreon (5$ upwards), or, if you are a Tier IV supporter (10$ upwards) you can access the testpapers in the PBA members area here on the site.

So, Merry Christmas to all of you from the Pink Bimbo Academy – I’m glad you are all here, I wish you Happy Holidays and hope you had a great year 2018. There will still be one Christmas surprise for you and MUCH more stuff to come after Christmas is over, and, of course, in 2019! Have some nice days with your families, unpack those gifts and X-Mas bimbos, have fun, and let us come together again soon. I’m really happy to have such amazing fans! Merry X-Mas guys!

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