Happy new Year 2019!

2018 is ending – and in front of us lies another new year here on the Pink Bimbo Academy! And boy, what a year that was…

This year, the PBA website started and I am very satisfied how it turned out. However, there will be some major updates in the near future. I plan to officially introduce the members area for my supporters – because now, after I released the first book, a special lesson and some testpapers, I got the feeling that we have enough content there to… “advertise” it. What this means is that there will be some more additional stuff also, maybe some new exclusive lessons, some more test papers… and maybe some surprises – who knows? 😉

We released the first PDF book and concluded the biggest multiple parts series yet: About perfect bimbo tits. But we will start right away in the new year with the next gigantic multiple parts series about bimbo make up. And you guys won’t believe some of the surprises I will bring you there 😉

Don’t forget: The PBA merch store will be wiped in January, and completely new stuff will be available there. So, if you want to get some of the current merch: DO IT NOW! It will be gone.

Of course we will continue with rolemodel posts, lessons, articles, item-posts, gimbos, bimbos the cosplay series and also more spotlights – even though I just brought you the interview with Barbz as the last major post this year.

Not everything went that good this year. Tumblr effectively killed my blog, the site where it all started. I will continue to post there, but I could use some support… please reblog, share and like my stuff there – otherwise it really looks dead 🙁

So, what else is left to say? I am very happy with the project at the moment, and I am very sure I can improve it even more in the coming year. You guys have been awesome, I love the interaction with you, please always let me know what you think. Of course I want to give a special “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” to my supporters, who make all this possible. You rock guys! I hope you continue supporting me next year also! There is some awesome stuff coming up – I promise you that. So… let’s get together… grab your dolls, open that bottle of sparkling champaign, recapitulate the whole year, reach out to the ones you love, make your good resolutions for the next year (especially you bimbo trainees! Become better bimbos next year!) – and have a good time! Let’s party… and think about the good things in life and everything we can do to make it even better. Love you all guys, Happy New Year, wherever you are – we see each other in 2019. Pink out.

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2 thoughts on “Happy new Year 2019!

  1. Is there a chance you’ll arrange your post pages with the posts in order? It seems random right now and is hard to navigate.

    1. Well… If you click on “blog” up there in the menu, the content will be shown in the order I posted it. How should I arrange the stuff, considering there will always be additional content which has to go “in between”?

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