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Many people asked me about why there are only so few girls of color going the bimbo way. I always said, that bimbofication knows no barriers and knows no restricitions. EVERY girl can participate! And yet, most well known bimbo girls are indeed white, don’t ask me why. But there are some very proud and AMAZING non-white bimbos out there! Recently, I was browsing twitter and saw a picture that let my jaw drop. It is the picture you can see above, showcasing a pink choker with some sparkling stones forming the word “DOLL”, blending together with beautiful, long, pink hair. I just had to message that princess… and what can I say: I did not only find a stunning, absolutely amazing, beautiful and sexy bimbo princess, but also a girl so kind and nice… I just had to interview her. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Barbz! Stunning beauty, sexappeal and a style to die for, and I am very happy she took some time to answer my questions:

Hi there Barbz, I hope you are alright and had some nice Holidays, it’s such an honor to have this interview with you. If you are okay with it, we’re going to dive right into it. Would you mind introducing yourself to the community and our readers?

Hi I’m ‘BARBZ’ a UK online model, I am very heavily tattooed and I love all things Dolly, pink, bimbo, cute and girly. 

I have to be honest with you: Before I discovered you on twitter by chance, I never saw anything of you in the online bimbo community, which honestly, perplexes me without end, regarding your phenomenal, and very bimbo suitable style and your overall, overwhelming beauty. Would you mind becoming super famous in that community and claim your rightful place as a trendsetting bimbo rolemodel?

I do not like social media, I prefer to keep my WORK private. I don’t like Instagram and all those other social media sites. I am new to Twitter and only use it to promote my private only fans site.

 I already mentioned your superb style. You are going with an amazing mixture of elegant, sexy aspects and very girly, cute, pink, feminine aspects – a blend absolutely made for bimbo dolls. Did you always like that kind of style and what do you like about it?

I have always LOVED the pink dolly barbie style, but as I got older and grew huge tits and got heavily tattooed… the dolly style just became me and my persona gradually.

I especially love your pink, sparkling “DOLL” choker in combination with your beautiful, colored hair… It looks amazing! Do you think it is important to pay attention to the details, colors and those accessories when you are creating your styles? What are your styling secrets?

I always pay attention to details, I have a studio full of hundreds of dolly outfits and dress ups. I call it my very own SLUT MUSEUM. I own over 100 submissive collars and chokers. My fave one is my CUSTOM DIAMOND BARBZ collar. I always wear pink in my outfits it’s a MUST.

Do you wear those styles even commonly? Are you expressing your “bimbo persona” and that princess attitude daily?

I dress in dolly style EVERY SINGLE DAY, even if I wear gym wear I always make sure I look sexy and have a low cut top to show off my huge tits.

How do you complete your styles? Do you wear stylish or cute dresses, sexy miniskirts, high heels and low-cut tops often?

I always make sure I wear something TIGHT, my clothes have to be tight as I have a very small size 6/8 waist. I have been waist training for over a year and love the small waist huge tots pornstar look. 

What are your five favorite pieces of clothing or your five favorite accessories?


Enough with the styles for now 🙂 – Let’s come to your striking body and beauty: As we all know, being a bimbo is not only about suitable styles, but also about body perfection and true, feminine beauty – especially achieved with body enhancements and certain augmentations. Would you mind telling us what you have already done to enhance your body and your beauty?

I have been waist training for over a year and have got my waist down from a size 10 to a size 6. Which is a size ‘XS’ waist trainer. They are very hard to find online as they are so small and not all stores make them. I wear my waist trainer 6+ hours a day. Sometimes painful but worth it. My tits are a natural 34D but look huge cause of my TINY WAIST. I have naturally plump doll lips and a round ass.. made to look bigger by my small frame.

Are there further plans for the near future? Are there things you want to upgrade next, or procedures to enhance your body and beauty even further?

Maybe in the future as I get older I might get botox… 

Apart from your other enhancements, I saw that you got nipple piercings – something we talked about in our series about the perfect bimbo tits. Would you recommend getting nipple piercings to our female readers and bimbo trainees?

Yes I have 4 nipple piercings, I got them as it gets me more business being in the adult work industry. My followers seem to like them. Deffo would recommend getting pierced nips, must warn they are VERY painful.

How do you maintain such a perfect body? Are there any secrets you want to share with our female readers and bimbo trainees? Do you work out regularly or follow a diet plan? How often do you use skincare to maintain that absolutely PERFECT skin? What else do you do regularly to maintain your level of perfection?

I WAIST TRAIN EVERY DAY, I do not leave the house without one of my waist trainers on, hoping to down size from ‘XS’ in 2019. Even though ‘XS’ is one of the smallest sizes I have found online.

I don’t know if you came into touch with the bimbo ideology before – even if you created such a suitable style and such an amazing body and such a stunning, sexy beauty. But let’s talk about that: When and why did you decide to go for that look. Was there a significant moment in the past when you thought “Yes, I want to become such a perfect princess!”?

The look just became me, I started becoming very busty in my early 20’s and tried a few cute submissive looks. Gradually just turned more pink and doll like. Which is where we are today. Pink is life now.

Many girls in the bimbo community say that “being a bimbo is empowering” and “embracing true femininity” is very uplifting – like, for example, bimbo rolemodel Alicia Amira. Would you agree to that?

I enjoy my style and have thousands of men lusting after me, which is nice I guess…

What does the term “bimbo” mean to you? What is it all about?

BIMBO TO ME MEANS.. Anything slutty, cute, dolly, pink, tight, anything that is going to get me noticed. I am all for it. 

I don’t know if you know many other girls fitting the term “bimbo”. Do you have female friends who are accompanying you with those ideals?

No I don’t have any friends with the same style, some people don’t approve of the slutty bimbo style I have. But I enjoy it so I don’t care.

What do you think of those very famous bimbo rolemodels, propagating the bimbo ideology, the lifestyle and the visual appeal, like, for example, Alicia Amira, Candy Charms, Sarah Marie Summer, etc. ? Do you have a rolemodel yourself?

I don’t follow anyone else’s style, I have my own.

I saw you are from the UK – like, literally MOST other perfect dolls, girls and bimbo rolemodels. Candy Charms, Aysha Soper (ASX), EssexBunny, Lucy Zara, Chloe Mafia and many, many more come from the UK, often from Essex. What is the secret behind that? Are the girls from the UK more accepting or embracing regarding true femininity and even surgical enhancements, sexappeal and body optimizations, than girls in the rest of Europe? If so – why?

No idea, I just do what I enjoy doing.. I don’t follow anyone else.I think my secret is that .. I am mixed race and I have never seen another woman of colour heavily tattooed and with my dolly submissive style. So that makes me different to other girls online.

Let us get a little bit more personal, if you are okay with that: How should a man be to impress you?

A man has to be DOMINANT and have his shit together to impress me.
How does a date have to be, in order to be considered “perfect” by you?
Has to be fun, and always start or end with a GIFT.

Do you like only men… or would you take another girl with you too if she is hot?


How do you like to spend your free time? Partying, going to the clubs, shopping, etc.?

I am always shopping, Whether it be adding to my slutty collection or shopping for trainers. I have a weakness for trainers and have over 100 pairs all still in their box’s. I don’t smoke or drink and I don’t enjoy clubs

Are there possibilities to support you? Can fans donate or support you otherwise in your striving for perfection? Do you have a wishlist for admirers to buy you gifts?

ONLYFANS.COM/BARBZJoin my fan site and become a BARBZ FAN.

What can we expect in the near future? Do you plan to publish more pictures, videos or something else? Can we expect to see some professional photoshoot? I would love to see some high quality pictures of you! Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

2019 I hope to keep growing and keep enjoying what I do for a few more years, I would really like to get into pet portrait photography. I have my own studio so it would be VERY EASY for me. 🙂

Thank you very much Barbz, it was a pleasure and honor for me. I hope to see much more content from you in the future, and I hope you achieve everything you strive for in the future. I wish you all the best and a Happy New Year already 🙂 May all your dreams come true!

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2 thoughts on “Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #6 – Barbz

  1. I’m so happy to see this. I recently became bimbofication and it’s so hard to find other black girls
    Please post more

    1. Oh you will love one of the next rolemodels I’m going to write about 🙂 – Just you wait! Glad you found your way to bimbofication and the PBA! Happy you like the content here 🙂 Enjoy!

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