The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 10. Face shapes and Makeup

When discussing the beauty of women, there are always different oppinions and perspectives, depending on the involved individuals, the culturual backgrounds and epochs, but there are also certain constants and commonalities to be found. Of course, it also has to be questioned “what beauty really is”, something we already tackled in our post about “the bimbo religion”, a question that employs scientists and philosophers likewise and should engage us too, because about what else is bimbofication at its core, if not about feminine beauty? In general, this whole project can be seen as a treatise concerning feminine beauty, but within the means of our series about bimbo makeup, we will examine only a tiny, but most important aspect of what makes a girl beautiful: Her face. Like I said in the beginning, in general, there are always some constants and commonalities to be found when you ask arbitrary groups about their concepts of ideal feminine beauty, a conspicuity which led beforementioned scientist to investigate if there might be the possibility of an ideal face, which would be regarded as the most beautiful by most people, the epitome of beauty so to speak. Turned out, that there indeed are many aspects which are considered beautiful and feminine all over the planet no matter who you ask. This leads us to the conclusion, that there is indeed “an hypothetical, ideal, feminine, beautiful face” – something a bimbo should go after and regard as one of her most important goals naturally and without a question, which shouldn’t surprise you, if you already read our articles about the bimbo religion, bimbo perfection and the bimbo mindset. However, these aren’t any news for already established bimbo dolls, who do everything they can to reach that perfect, feminine, beautiful face, undergoing repeated rhinoplasties, jaw- and cheekbone surgeries, cosmetic procedures, injections of hyaluronic acid and botox, permanent makeup and protracted makeup- and beauty-routines, always with that one goal in mind. Even “normal girls” who try to enhance their visual appeal with makeup do this in an unconscious strive for visual perfection and feminine beauty. While all those surgical beauty enhancements are absolutely vital and mandatory for every bimbo girl (no girl could reach true, feminine beauty and perfection with makeup and cosmetic procedures alone – no matter what a “natural beauty” she might be!), makeup is always likewise mandatory and important and we will only pay attention to the makeup part for today, but nevertheless have a look at the goals we are trying to reach with the involved techniques. So, we already do know about the basic rules regarding bimbo make up, and we learned about the importance of these rules and makeup in general – but why is that so, or better yet, what are we trying to achieve here? In order to answer that question, let us have a look at what those scientists discovered during their search for true feminine beauty:

Regarding the ideal, beautiful, feminine face, there are some general aspects and important features that attracted attention and seem to decide if a face is regarded beautiful or not. These are the features that seem to be essential for a face to be considered feminine and beautiful:

  • Large eyes
  • High cheekbones
  • Slim face
  • Slim and small nose
  • Full lips
  • Oval but sweet face shape
  • Arched eyebrows
  • Smooth and regular jawline with small distances between the upper lip and nose

Nobody who is into bimbofication should be surprised here – we all do know these features and we could have predicted these features without the slightest doubts. However, by now you should know about what we are talking today in regards of our bimbo make up series – yes, that’s right, this is part 10 about face shapes. But why do we antedate this? Well, understanding faceshapes and therefore the primary goals of applying bimbo make up is virtually essential for every other step, especially the actual “next part” of this series about “contouring”, because this and almost all the other chapters depend on understanding these basic principles. No bimbo would be able to achieve bimbo makeup perfection, without knowing about her own face shape, therefore weaknesses and strengths, the need to apply different techniques and strategies with makeup and the goals she has to go for, no matter if we are talking about basic makeup theory or special procedures like contouring or applying blusher or eyemakeup. The how and what changes depending on the face shape of a bimbo! So, first things first – every girl should know EXACTLY what she is working with and therefore should determine her own face shape. How this is done, is explained in the lesson paper above. Next step is to understand the general features and the nature of the different shapes and especially of her own. Third step is to understand the general nature of the hypothetical, perfect, feminine, beautiful face and to learn about its features – the goals she should always have in mind. Last step is to learn about how to get there, practice and learn all the different techniques to counteract her facial shortcomings and to support her facial strengths – many of these techniques will be examined in the future of this series.

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