Gimbo rolemodel – Synthproject

As tradition demands, after a part of our series about gimbo substyles, I present you a fitting rolemodel for said substyle (god… how happy I am when this is over… goth girls are disappointment left and right…). Does she have adequate tits? No, absolutely not. Does she have the enhanced look a gimbo should have? No, certainly not. Does she have the right attitude? No, most likely not. Is she a gimbo at all? NO! Not at all! But what am I supposed to do… I know this is beyond frustrating, but goth girls are just a huge letdown and we have to work with what we have. So, why is she here? Well, after I already presented you the leading rolemodels regarding the gimbo-fetish-look, Starfucked and Dani Divine, I thought it might be interesting to give you a girl who does at least everything right regarding the style in regards to the part of the series we were talking about. And this is what this series is all about: To give future gimbo girls, who in fact earn this label, a rolemodel in terms of styling – nothing more, nothing less. So, I present you German fetishmodel Synthproject – a goth doll showing how a member of the fetish-gimbo-look subculture should dress and style. In fact, she does something not many of her genre-sisters do: She brings a little bit of variety to the table, which is always good. Sure, mainly she wears black, latex bodysuits, like I described in the article about the fetish look, but she does also wear outfits with silky stockings, combined with short latex skirts, a combination that works exceptionally well, especially if combined with sky high pumps or gimbo suitable stiletto boots. Synthproject does a very good job in using the typical fetish-clothes and the best of the other goth substyles, always respecting the most important rules of dressing for gimbo girls. Corsets? Sure thing. Always sky high stiletto heels? Boots? Of course! skin tight catsuits or bodysuits, made of PVC or shiny latex? Absolutely! Short miniskirts and even shorter minidresses? She does that. Stockings? You bet! She does everything right in regards of how a gimbo fetish doll should dress and her makeup style also supports the doll-like appearance, aiming for a smooth, perfect and pristine look. This is how a member of this subgenre should look like, a pristine doll with a slightly arrogant touch, always showcasing her body, her legs, her curves and her shape. If you, as a gothgirl, aim to be a fetish gimbo doll, this is the way to go in terms of dressing and styling – always! Before I plunge into depression, thinking about how this girl could look like if she would get some giant, silicone tits, some enhanced, puffy lips, blonde hair (she seems to have gone blonde recently… at least.. but I mean.. like… platinum blonde, you know? Red hair everywhere in the gothic culture… yuck! Doesn’t she look WAY better with blonde hair? ), an even better body shape and so on, I tell myself that not all hope is lost: Maybe I can motivate some of you goth girls out there to go this way. Maybe there is only a handful of you girls, who do earn the label “gimbo” in the future, going for perfection, big, enhanced tits, pristine bodies and maybe some of you decide to become fetish gimbo dolls. Then this was not in vain. Until then, I will continue to present you rolemodels that do at least -something- right – a flickering guiding light in the darkness for you to follow. But… wait… in fact… there is still hope… Just wait for one of the next gimbo rolemodel posts…

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