Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #8 – Cathy_B


Here we are again with another bimbo doll, coming out and answering some questions. But this time, there is something special… Today, I present you Cathy_B – a German doll, who works as a camgirl (which means you can get her videos, pictures, chat with her and maybe even meet her, by simultaneously supporting her further bimboication! Visit her on Mydirtyhobby!), wears Alicia Amitas “Be a Bimbo” clothes and just wants to become the perfect bimbo doll. So, let us begin:

Let’s start right away – you say it would be your absolute dream to become a perfect bimbo – a bold statement – what does that mean to you, what do you mean with the words bimbo and bimbofication?

Being a Bimbo is perfect for me, as it is my desire to radiate femininity! A woman should be sexy and drive men crazy, like a hot, sexy doll is supposed to.

How did you first come into contact with the term “bimbo” and what did you think of it? What was your start – when and why did you decide to move in that direction? Was there a certain moment or did you always want to look like this?

Well, regarding the term… First I heard it in some porn movie, so I was curious when I checked it out and knew: That’s me! I always wanted to look just as perfect as such sexy dolls with that urge to have this kind of femininity. I think is should be the desire of every sexy woman to set her focus in that direction.

Have you always been a “little doll”, or have there been times when you could not do much with femininity?

I’ve always been a bit naughty with my dress style and personality.

Obviously, you already enhanced your body. May I ask what you have done so far?

Of course! I am proud to say I already had 4 breast surgeries, now with 1050cc round implants and would like to have them even larger – but unfortunately I still have to wait a bit. Regarding my face, I have actually done a lot, for example my lips. I get injections regularly. Furthermore my cheeks, chin and jawline for the perfect doll face. I had an eyelash-extension for a sexy look and an eyebrow-extension. A woman should have long hair, manicure and pedicure – so I pay attention to that too.

Are there plans for the future, what do you want to do? I know many of my readers would now like to hear you get your tits even bigger again, as well as your lips, and other things … but what are you thinking about?

There is a lot I can think of… but first… Yes, I would like to have even bigger fake tits.

What are you doing to maintain this body? Do you work out regularly, do you pay attention for skincare three times a day, do you follow a specific diet – what is your secret?

Ehm, workout… does workout in the bedroom count? If yes, then regular workouts :D. Yes I’m applying skincreme every day anyway, going to the solarium every third day to have a sexy tan and regarding a diet… yeah, you have to pay attention to what you eat, that’s how I see it 😉

In Germany, there seems to be a problem with bimbos – and not only that: Even “normal”, feminine appearances, dresses, styles, etc. seem to have a very bad reputation here. Normal girls do not bother, prefer to wear comfortable clothes and are scared of being called a slut when they wear a short skirt or they keep claiming they can not walk on high heels. Why do you think that is. Why is it so disreputable in Germany to be feminine and sexy for a girl? Is there a problem with Bimbos here?

Unfortunately, we live in a society where everyone likes to point a finger at someone, not like in a society that exists, for example, in big American cities where everyone is allowed to express him- or herself. I hope this old-fashioned thinking and anti-feminine mindset will soon come to an end here. Every woman should be free to put on sexy clothes without stigma, because that’s basically what all men want to see and every woman wants to have attention.

What advise would you give to girls in Germany who are interested in going this way? How can one override these social hurdles? How does a girl start when she wants to become a bimbo and what does she have to consider?

My personal advice or motto is “just LIVE the life of a bimbo” in Germany and ignore what society says. “Do not care what people think or say – live the dream of a bimbo”. A Bimbo is femininity incarnate, she has the power to enchant a males and actually get everything that is important to her. My advice in the beginning would be to read the chapters and articles on this site – that helped me a lot. 🙂

What would you advise men who would do anything to either get a princess like you, meet a developed bimbo, or even do anything to transform their girlfriend into perfect bimbo?
That’s easy to get someone like me! It just needs someone who likes to have a lot of sex with me, someone who stands behind his bimbo girl and likes to go shopping… like hig heels, clothes, cosmetics, and so on… soooo… a full wallet would be important, because if you want to have a sexy bimbo with sexy outfits and cosmetics you should always be up to date regarding cash.

Mostly Bimbos are blond … that’s part of the stereotype … did you even think about making your hair blonde? Would you see that as a possibility?

I do not think that one must necessarily be blond, but it is more about the attitude and lifestyle of a bimbo. I’m just a sexy blackhaired babydoll 😉

You are a reader of the Pink Bimbo Academy, as you have told me. Are you telling us how you discovered this project, how you found it and why you became a fan?

Yes, as written in one of the previous questions, I was curious about the term Bimbo and then found your site on the Internet. It helped me a lot to show my real self to the world ;).

What do you think is best about the PBA – do you have a favorite article, special lesson or something else?

There are many articles that I like, for example, the general bimbo style, regarding how to dress. My recent favorite is “The bimbo countenance: Ahegao for bimbos” did not know that before, but it was very helpful to implement then;)

The Pink Bimbo Academy sets some rules, or better, laws when it comes to bimbos and bimbofication … never wear pants, the breasts must be at least as big as the head of the trainee, a bimbo should be blond, she must never wear flat shoes, just high heels, always skirts that are extremely short … how do you think about these rules and do you follow them?

Well, I wear 95% high heels a day, I was used to it even before I became a bimbo, I’ve always worn heels at home. I rarely wear skirts… I think the complete, personal appeal must fit the person. But in general, this should not be a rule but more like a standard to be sexy;).

Does the Pink Bimbo Academy help you with your bimbofication?

Yes definitely, there are always new articles to improve as a bimbo.

A bimbo is promiscuous, can you apply that to yourself? Are you missing opportunities to sweeten the day for men? Would not you take every opportunity to sexually live out your bimbo persona?

Haha, in any case! I am always in a good mood and I like it when men look at me because yes, as a woman you want to see how men react to your visual appeal.

What’s the most important thing about your style personally? Do you like wearing feminine clothes and styles often? Skirts, dresses, high heels, stockings, makeup etc.?

Most important in my style is my way of walking and if I wear a low neckline, of course my tits. It also depends on the mood of the day or the weather what style I wear outside but I’m always wearing heels. Skirts and dresses rather only when I’m out in the clubs ;).

Do you have girlfriends who are also Bimbos or at least interested in this lifestyle?

Yes of course, my best friend! (BBF)

What do you think about the famous international bimbo role models like Candy Charms, Amy Anderssen, Sarah Marie Summer, etc.?

I know only Amy Anderssen and I like her style and the way she performs in porn, for example. I would LOVE to get there where she is, but I think in the US, it is way easier to get there.

Do you have any role models or girls in the field that impress and inspire you?

Well, not directly… I like the style in general that some well-known Bimbos have.

Now let’s move on to a couple of more personal questions: How does a man have to be to impress you?

Haha, well I’m not telling you exactly, but he should definitely support me in my plans to become a sexy bimbo in private as well as in my career.

What was the a) best sex you ever had and b) the most forbidden sex you ever had?

Ok, the best sex I had… since there are a lot of sweet memories this is difficult, but let me think … oh yes .. that was when I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. I was already a Bimbo doll and enjoyed it with my girlfriend. Of course, we celebrated and then, when it was already late, we ordered the room service. The order was: “Two bottles of champagne and two large blacks, please!” I think they didn’t understand it… but we explained it at the door;)) Yes won’t forget that night. ;))) I believe with that, I already gave an answer to question b), haha!

How many pairs of high heels do you own, and which is your favorite pair?

A wardrobe full;)! Mostly from the brand Pleaser, they look sexy and you can walk well in them. My favorite heels are from Pleaser: Bejeweled-812RS Sexy Platform High Heels Sandals with about 11600 Rhinestones 🙂

Are you only into men or do you not say no to another girl? How about another bimbo?

Well, I’m really only into men or sex toys but with another bimbo… I can imagine that.

What is it like to work as a camgirl? Would you recommend this to girls who may be interested in bimbofication?

Well, to work as a camegirl has its pros and cons – it takes a lot of time, but it is also great fun so it is worthwhile in my opinion ;).

What advise would you give to girls who would like to become Bimbos, but who are deterred by the high costs, or who do not know how to afford breast implants?

I can only say that I needed a long time to get it all the way until I finally got my sexy breasts. Of course it is a tedious process, but where is a will, there always is a way. If you have a goal then be strong until you reach your goal!

How can the community support you? Is there a way to donate for your further bimbofication or can we support you differently?

You can support me and I would be so thankful, because I want to be a sexy starlet in porn and make the breakthrough and come to the US. Currently I have a separate page on mydirtyhobby. If you buy movies from me or in the chat, you get this 100% sexy bimbo on your screen and I get the support I need for my next steps in bimbofication ;). I would be happy to please you, so visit me:

Would you like to tell the readers something else?

For all women, remember: “Do not care what anybody else thinks or says – live the dream of a bimbo!”

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