Bimbo role model – Haley Layne

Do you guys believe in love at first sight? Well – I do – NOW! When I first saw this doll on reddit, my jaw dropped and I was instantly in love. She came out of nowhere and made it into my personal “Top 5 bimbos” with ease (this is why I post so many pictures of her… I simply couldn’t resist.). I promised you to bring you some more “purebred” bimbo dolls (and we WILL have more of that! The next articles will all be VERY typical-bimbo-related!), after we had so many different topics which might be difficult to understand for pure bimbo lovers, who just expect big, enhanced tits, beautiful girls, stunning bodies, sexy high heels and short skirts and long, blond hair, so let us begin with this remarkable bimbo rolemodel: THIS bimbo goddess is Miss Haley Layne! Just some days ago, I decided to post a very basic paper about the definition of the term bimbo – what makes a girl a bimbo and what special changes does it take for some girl to become a bimbo? We made some pretty bold statements in order to finally get a meaningful definition of what a bimbo is, so maybe we should compare our requirements with todays rolemodel? So where do we start with a girl that does literally NOTHING wrong?

Haley may very well be the embodiment of the PBA bimbo definition: She has beautiful long, blond hair (of course it -could- be longer), respecting the loose “rule” we stated in our article about bimbos should be blondes, often wearing that basic bimbo hairstyle, like good girls do. Haley does support her angelic, beautiful face with heavy makeup – like every feminine being should, as we stated in our five basic rules about bimbo makeup. Always Lipstick or gloss (on her big, puffy lips – which could be bigger ;)), eyeshadow, contouring, a heavy covering (could be more) and so on – this is how a bimbo should look like every day. Often her stunning face gets complemented by big hoop earrings (respecting the bimbo conditions of pierced ears and the benefits of big hoop earrings!) – a simply perfect choice for such a sexy doll! Two of her most striking features are, of course, her 1125cc enhanced tits – fulfilling the basic and general rule for bimbos regarding their breasts AND proving the acceptance of plastic perfection. These huge tits look absolutely STUNNING and are always showcased in a very “bimboish” way, exactly like we stated in our articles about the general rules of choosing tops and showcasing tits. These boobs are an eyecatcher – and are always staged like they should be – VERY good work! Not only that, but she already announced to go bigger asap, aiming at striking 1650cc, which is not only absolutely AMAZING (it will look… PERFECT on her!) but also showcases her strive for bimbo perfection – a basic and general aspect of the bimbomindset, very important to fulfill the PBA bimbo definition. This babe wants to improve and she wants to go for that bimbo perfection, always striving for more, like every girl should, following the statements we made in our article about the church of plastic. Her toned body, her pristine, slightly tanned skin speak for themselves. This girl knows that the body of a bimbo has to be in a perfect condition! A small waist, a flat belly and wide hips ensure the very welcomed hour glass shape and leave nothing to be desired. Her enhanced butt (also involving implants – another prove proof for her plastic positive mindset – a very important element of the bimbo mindset!) is something MANY bimbo lovers will love (also I, by myself, are not a huge fan of big asses…) will surely draw attention wherever she goes, especially because she absolutely DOES respect the very bimbo rules about bending over and wearing appropriate, short skirts and dresses only! The way she poses is absolutely perfect! She respects many of our rules about bimbo postures and showcases how this enhances her visual appeal in the real world. But speaking about bimbo rules and clothes: Haley delivers BIG time! She respects nearly every single rule for bimbos we talked about over the years: She wears stockings (OFTEN!) instead of pantyhoses (even in the correct way!), she wears high heels ALL the time (f.e. she does seem to love those Louboutins…!), she ALWAYS wears skirts and dresses (ALWAYS with the correct length regarding her high heels!) and she pays attention to the correct size of her pieces, the matching of her pieces and even to minor rules! Most important: She ALWAYS pays attention to the most basic rule regarding bimbos and style: ALWAYS DRESS TO IMPRESS! Last but not least, she showcases the benefits of “cosplaying bimbos”, by presenting us nearly PERFECT renditions of a bimbo schoolgirl uniform (which EVERY bimbo should have in her wardrobe) and the “bimbo bunny” – I’m honestly speechless. I could go on forever, talking about this angel, this bimbo princess… her bimbo mindset (wearing that hooters outfit? Yes, please! This tells us a lot of her identifying with the bimbo ideology, by implying a suitable “job”), her strive for perfection – always improving and going for “more”, her fantastic, beautiful, plastic positive bimbo body, her beautiful face, her makeup skills, her way of posing and dressing, her outfits, her giant, enhanced tits, her sexy, long fingernails, her usage of the bimbo related color pink… yes… this is what the Pink Bimbo Academy means when we use the term “bimbo”! This is what a bimbo should be and look like! This is the way to go girls! If you are not on your way to become a beautiful doll like she is… well… you are NOT a bimbo in terms of the PBA definition. We need more girls like this… and to be honest with you, I already see the next Candy Charms in this beauty… the next queen of the bimbo community, and I am absolutely impatient to see what she will do in the future. Her next pictures, her next styles and outfits, her next “costumes“, her next enhancements, her next improvements… Believe me… this girl is far from being satisfied regarding her own bimbofication, despite her already being VERY close to bimbo perfection! A stunning, feminine, sexy, elegant, girly beauty – would marry instantly! This is how a girl looks like if she follows the rules and laws of the Pink Bimbo Academy! I think… it’s a good choice 😉

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