Blog News 07.20.2020

Hey there guys, just a small update on some things!

With the last article about the skin of a bimbo in regards to makeup, we managed to finish one third of the whole bimbo makeup series! So, only 2/3 to go, wohoo – just to let you know.

In other EXCITING news: The Pink Bimbo Academy joined the BAT-Project! What does that mean? Well, hopefully this means we will be a part of the future of the internet. The whole idea consists of two different things: The Brave browser and the BAT-blockchain. The Brave browser is a Chromium based browser I would absolutely advise you to use or at least to try out! It respects your privacy FAR better than Chrome, it is WAY faster than Firefox, very stable and overall a joy to use, at least as far as I experienced it so far! In many rankings it actually takes the cake and gets a better ranking than its competitors. But apart from being a pretty fast, stable and secure browser, what makes it so special? Well, it has a built-in ad-blocker, that pro-actively filters and stops ads on all websites (very much like the ad-blocker you are most likely using in your browser), with which OTHER people are earning money because YOU are watching THEIR ads. Brave tries to change this by letting YOU earn money for watching ads – but only if you want that and opt in. What that means: You enable this function in the browser, so it will still block all foreign ads – but showcase affifilated ads instead, for which you are granted some crypto coins each time. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? It comes even better: For creators who joined the project, it pays off too: Let’s say, you downloaded the Brave browser, are using it right now, here on the PBA and activated the function to showcase affiliated ads: In that moment, YOU are getting some coins for allowing my site to showcase an add in your browser, and I am getting some coins, because the PBA joined the project and presents affiliated ads in your browser! Everybody is happy! You are getting a reward for browsing the PBA with ads – and you are simultaneously supporting ME, for showcasing these ads here! So, if you always wanted to support me, because, hopefully, you like my content, but were never able to – you can do it now, by just using the Brave browser, allowing ads here and browsing the PBA as usual (earning coins yourself). Too good to be true? Wait for it, it comes even better:

The Crypto coins I was mentioning, are called BAT – “Basic Attention Token”. Like I said, you can earn those by just allowing affiliated ads in your Brave browser, but you can also buy them and save them in your wallet – just like, for example, Bitcoins. After you connected your wallet to your Brave browser you can do other cool things (apart from trading etc.): Your Brave browser will actually create little “Tip”-buttons on supported websites like reddit, twitter, Youtube and Twitch. This means, you can tip your favorite content creators for certain tweets, videos or reddit posts – or, if their site supports it (like the PBA does now), you can tip them directly on their personal webpage. Let’s say, you are following me on twitter, and really liked my latest tweet – you can actually tip me with a small amount of BAT (which you earned for viewing ads, for example) for that tweet directly in your Brave browser. Or you can tip me on the PBA subreddit for a special article you really love. Or: You can tip me directly here on the site! This is completely anonymous and a perfect way for readers who like this project and want to support it, but never wanted to join Patreon or spend “real money”.

So, do yourself a favor and give the Brave browser a try! By using my referal-link here, for downloading the Brave browser, I also get a small reward in BAT… so this would already be a little support 🙂

My referal-link to the Brave browser HERE! Thank you VERY much for your support!

Downloaded it, activated ads on the PBA and helping me out, reading this with that new tool? PERFECT – thank you very much! So, last thing: Regarding the latest twitter outrages and an increasingly toxic community, making use of the, so called, “cancel-culture-effect”, I would be very naive to believe my social media channels are unassailable. Recently, tumblr “canceled” the PBA blog there for a day or so (without any real reason, but I believe it had something to do with… yeah… me allegedly being not inclusive or diverse enough or phobic in whatever regard) so it might be only a matter of time until I get deleted from the big platforms, like, for example, twitter. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to support TRUE free speech, which is why we should use and support platforms that actually respect these precious values. Quite some time ago, I already joined minds and BDSMler and I would really love to see you guys following me there – but just recently, I brought the Pink Bimbo Academy to Parler – a free speech alternative to twitter, which already looks pretty cool. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow me on tumblr, twitter, Instagram and reddit – it just means you should also follow me on minds, Parler and BDSMler – just in case and because we should support these projects.

So follow me on Parler here!

That’s it for now. We are returning to the normal PBA broadcasting… do not turn off your… erm… television-computer-thingie. Pink out!

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