The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 11. Aspects: Skin

Against some experts opinion, the skin of a human is, in fact, an organ. Now, that this is clear, let us get serious and start with the article.

The skin is the biggest organ of the human body, with a surface area of 1,6 – 2 m² and many different functions. However, because this topic is such a huge deal in terms of bimbofication, we will deal with it in its own series sometime in the future, when we break it up into 5 different topics: 1. Skin care, 2. Hair removal, 3. Tanning, 4. Make up and 5. Surgical/Artificial enhancements. Within the PBA makeup series, we will only talk about the skin of a bimbo in regards to makeup:

In another part of this series, we stated that the eyes are often called “a window to the soul”. If that is true, the skin is the mirror of the soul. At least it gets awarded with that label sometimes. This designation results from the fact, that the skin showcases what we put ourselves through. Our body bears marks on its surface that tell a story of what we have experienced and undergone. What story does a bimbo want to tell with her skin? Well, in order to find an answer for that question, we just have to look at the basic bimbo definition and very related articles like about the Church of Plastic and the necessity of plastic. Done that? Good. What did we find? Perfection, femininity, flawlessness, artificiality, plastic, beauty, sexappeal and evolution. The story of bimbofication is a story of progression and enhancing, towards the goal of bimbo perfection through hyper-femininity. But because this isn’t the dedicated series about perfect bimbo skin, we’ll just ask a very simple question here: What does this mean in terms of bimbo makeup? Easy!

The skin of a bimbo has to be flawless, smooth, even, pristine, healthy, young and perfect – and, of course, tanned. Apart from the other, already mentioned, elements – skin care, hair removal, tanning and surgical enhancements – makeup alone can enhance all these necessary skin-aspects already, which is only one reason, why every bimbo should pay attention to the five basic bimbo makeup rules and especially to the rule, telling the trainee to ALWAYS wear makeup. The hypothetical skin of a perfect bimbo would be exactly like a smooth, uniform, perfectly even surface, artificially made from plastic by an infallible machine: No bumps, no blemishes, no imperfections, no skin pores, no visible veins, no fine or small hairs, no subtle fluff, no wrinkles, no creases, no folds – just a smooth, porcelain-like, pristine surface… but with a strong tan. This should always be your goal!

How to achieve this? Let us summarize:

1. Although this will be a separated part within the future “perfect bimbo skin” series, always think about skin care! Just some basic advise here for now: Treat your skin like you would treat a precious but fragile piece of jewelry (because that’s exactly what it is!)! Consult a dermatologist and ask there for advise for your special type of skin. Remove your makeup before going to sleep. Keep your cosmetic articles and your workplace clean and well maintained (like explained in the first article of this series!). Always wash your skin regularly (especially before you apply makeup and after you removed it)! Keep your skin hydrated – drink water and use moisturizing skin care products. Apply suitable skin creme AT LEAST two times every day (in the morning and in the evening)! Support your skin by paying attention to your diet plan and make use of skin supporting food supplements. Regularly visit professional visagists. Regularly, give your skin extended beauty-treatments, like, for example, face masks, mud packs, anti-aging products, massages and Spa-visitings. Avoid situations and/or acts that can damage your skin, like hard, physical labour, extensive, uncontrolled tanning, harmful substances and subpar conditions, environments, stress, etc..

2. Use makeup to cover up ALL imperfections and flaws of your skin on your whole body! Moles, pores, scars, impurities, wrinkles and veins! This is further explained in the third part of this series “Covering – Skincare, Primer, Foundation, Make-up and Powder”. Remember: A body made of plastic, the perfect surface of a bimbo, doesn’t allow any forms of impurities or imperfections! Use the described methods to get rid of these flaws and try to achieve a perfect, artificial-looking skin surface! Make sure, you applied your makeup in a way, that doesn’t add flaws, like, for example, powder-dust, crumbs and texture. Always keep in mind the picture of a porcelain-like, artificial, smooth and slick surface! This is the goal! Essentially, the skin of your whole body (including the face!) has to look like some professional media-designer has extensively done everything he is capable of in Photoshop to let it appear as smooth, artificial and pristine as possible.

3. While makeup has to be used to cover all imperfections on your whole body and to support other effects (like, for example, your tan – or the shading of your tits to let them appear even bigger), there is one part that has to be covered with a thick, extensive, perfectly applied but heavy layer of it: Your face. Following the five basic rules of bimbo makeup, you ALWAYS have to wear heavy and strong makeup, for which there is never a “too much”! Some would say, that this resembles an artificial mask – but for a bimbo, THIS is her TRUE face! A bimbo doesn’t accept the natural condition of herself – she knows about her imperfections and her limits, and she doesn’t take it. A bimbo “creates herself” in the way she wants to be – striving for bimbo perfection! Makeup is one of the most important tools for a girl to achieve that artificial, doll-like look, far superior to every natural face and ultimately her true self. Make sure your facial skin is ALWAYS covered with a thick, heavy and perfectly applied, flawless layer of makeup! THERE IS NEVER TOO MUCH!

4. Use makeup on your whole body not only to cover up imperfections, use it to PERFECT it overall! You skin-appeal profits from applied makeup that supports your tan or from products that let it glow and shine! Make up is a tool, a magic wand for a bimbo, that lets her not only cover up subpar elements – but that gives her the opportunity to let her body appear closer to perfection in the way SHE wants it to be!

Your skin is a likewise, a fragile and costly piece of art and jewelry and the mirror of your soul – a possibility for a bimbo to tell the story of her superiority, her striving for perfection and the need to be as pristine, feminine and sexy as possible. Treat it like that. Use makeup to support this story, this appeal and your bimbo persona! Sure, MANY other aspects are VERY important for the skin of a bimbo, like the right treatments, artificial enhancements – like Botox and liftings, skin care products, diet, supplements and many more we will talk about in the future perfect bimbo skin series, but for now, realize how important makeup is to let your skin appear as perfect and bimbo suitable as possible! Make use of this powerful tool! Be a perfect bimbo doll!

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