Bimbo Fans is here! The Bimbo network by Alicia Amira

Good things come to those who wait – at least if someone is dedicated enough to make it happen. Luckily the bimbo community has leading rolemodel Alicia Amira – one of THE de facto public figureheads of our community and prime example of what a true bimbo should be. Like many of you know, Alicia already pushed the bimbo community with her fashion brand “Be a Bimbo” – but apparently, because she is a relentless, tireless missionary for the bimbo spirit, she thought “that’s not enough, what else can we do?” – which resulted in her new project, after nearly 2 years of long and hard work: “Bimbo Fans” is here!

Since the movement gained some speed and more and more girls did not only discover their true nature and the truthfulness of hyper femininity – but also made the decision to become true bimbo dolls and express their bimbo personas, there were always some questions and problems. Let’s face it, modern society is outspokenly toxic and antagonistic towards femininity and especially hyper-femininity. Nowadays, females are obliged to deny their sex appeal, beauty and femininity – as well as their slut-nature! Instead, women and girls are brainwashed to become androgynous creatures, make up, high heels, short skirts and beauty-enhancements are regarded as sexist, despicable relicts from the past and overall borders between “femininity” and “masculinity” are more and more blurred and distorted. Does it work? Sadly, yes. Most females these days wear pants, flat shoes, jeans, little to no make up at all and find no more joy in being feminine. Of course, these attacks against femininity and sex appeal culminate in hateful actions against females who DO stand up against modern society – but also in censorship online – where hashtags like “#bimbo” or “#bimbofication” (or everything that is connected to hyper-femininity) are blatantly shadowbanned on social networks or where bimbos are banned or deleted (especially if they speak up against modern brainwashing). “Bimbo Fans” aims to provide a safe haven for TRUE bimbo dolls and their fans! As Alicia puts it: “On BimboFans you will be celebrated for your plastic fantastic sexiness, NOT censored. On BimboFans you will be supported for your bold lifestyle, not shadowbanned. (…) It’s time to take the word bimbo back & show the world what it really means to be a bimbo! We finally have a place where we can be safe to be who we are while not having to fear getting deleted or censored.

So – bimbos now have a platform for posting content, expressing themselves and showing what it means to be a bimbo – fantastic! What else can we expect. Well – as far as I can see, bimbos have to opportunity to actually sell content on that platform – which means, that there is a way for bimbo lovers to support their favorite bimbos – and maybe even newcomers, in their bimbofication efforts and provide them with the means to make even more progress. It’s a bit like Onlyfans in these regards? But for bimbos only? Sounds good, if you ask me. However, there seems to be even more… (remember, I am not affiliated with Alicias project, so I don’t have any insight knowledge and can only guess here): Apparently, it is necessary to “apply” for a model account on Bimbo Fans, which would be a good thing, if done correctly:

1. No fakes! As many of you will know, the bimbo community is FULL of fake bimbos, roleplaying idiots, fantasy accounts with stolen pictures and other frustrating “impostors”. A process that evaluates everyone who wants to create a model account, would ensure that there would be no fakes, no roleplayers and no impostors – just real, true bimbos!

2. Gatekeeping. Now, don’t count on it, but my personal expectation is, that, hopefully, we won’t see any “pseudo bimbos” or “bimbo wannabes” there. Gatekeeping is a good thing (we will talk about this in our upcoming bimbo mindset series) and I practiced this for years in order to keep the heart of the bimbo community pure and true to its origin and its means. I don’t know if Alicia and the Bimbo Fans team will stick to the PBA bimbo definition (I would very much like to see that!) – but I trust Alicia in separating the wheat from the chaff – so we don’t see “weekend bimbos”, “roleplayers” and copycats there – only true, real bimbo dolls who deserve this label, living the bimbo spirit 24/7!

What else do I hope for? Well – most likely some things that are simply out of scope for this project, for example, the possibility for bimbos to find a trainer and vice versa (many, MANY bimbos asked me where they could find a suitable trainer – and many bimbo trainers asked me where to look for a bimbo trainee – I mediated whenever possible, but in most cases, I had to suggest going to the usual subreddits or Fetlife), but who knows, maybe there are more features planned and maybe this could be one of those. Let’s not forget – Bimbo Fans is somewhat still “in Beta”, but already, some of the leading rolemodels and most perfect bimbos already signed up and can be found on the site, like, for example, the other undisputed queen of the bimbo community, Blondie Bennett! If more and more true bimbos join, and bimbo lovers keep coming in, supporting these rolemodels, there might be a bright future ahead for the followers of true bimbofication, especially if more features are getting added and more girls discover their true bimbo identity. So, what are you waiting for – visit the site and create an account – let’s support Alicia in her efforts to bring the bimbo community forwards and defend the true bimbo spirit! Let’s become Bimbo Fans fans!

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