Bimbo training – “The bimbo countenance: Always smile – the perfect bimbo smile”

For years now, progressive feminists have told us how deeply misogynistic, toxic, sexist and downright violent it is to “tell women to smile” – a quasi capital offence, if not even a serious, demonic and evil mutilation of human dignity and overall crime against humanity, which should be punished with nothing less than rightful drawing and quartering. These claims never went away, instead, just very recently, they appeared again en masse, because there is nothing billions of females feared more than “being told to smile” when the ubiquitous masks of the pandemic fell. Today, I will do the unspeakable, something that lets every war crime ever committed pale in comparison, confirming that I am, indeed, literally Satan, the Dark Lord himself: I WILL command thee to smile!

Why am I committing such a hideous crime? There are multiple reasons for a bimbo to smile – and not only once or twice per day or in special situations, but more or less all the time – which is why we are making a rule out of it: Yes, a bimbo has to smile ALL the time! (as long as she isn’t using the default bimbo facial expression instead…) But before we come to that, let us first have a look at the reasons for the necessity of such a rule, why it is absolutely stupid not to smile, why it is extremely beneficial – especially for bimbos and what makes “the perfect bimbo smile”. So, let us begin.

Why Bimbos have to smile

When traveling there is one thing that one realizes quite fast: a smile can change everything. It can open doors and the hearts of other people whose culture you do not even know. A smile is the most international language that everyone knows.” – Clemens Sehi, Travel Writer (Better by Today)

Smiling is something humans do from the point on when they are developing babies in the wombs of their mothers. It is a form of body language understood in all parts of the world in all cultures, from the Fore tribe, even when they were untouched by modern civilization, in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, over the far East to all Western cultures – smiling is a universal tool of communication and does the same thing to all humans, no matter where or when you look. It is always interpreted as a positive, friendly, peaceful and de-escalating expression – but apart from its use in interpersonal understanding, it also has significant effects on the internal body and the psyche of the smiling person in addition, which is why we are looking at the reasons to smile for a bimbo in two different categories: Internal and external.

1. Internal

Depression, anxiety and other mental health problems experienced by females in Western societies are skyrocketing, – while their “happiness index” is nosediving since 1972. There may be many reasons for this, many of them may be connected to the progressive, social changes over the years since the 50s, which we will have a closer look at, in our future series about the “Perfect Bimbo Mindset”, including strategies and rules for bimbos to break out and instead experience a life full of hapiness and joy – but today we only focus on a small tool to already influence your own well being: Psychological scientists Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman of the University of Kansas investigated the benefits of smiling and their effects on the psyche. In their studies, they found out that smiling influences the physical state and lowers the heart rate level in stressful situations and the intensity of the body’s stress response. Permanent stress is only one cause for mental health issues, low levels of important hormones in your brain chemistry are another. While smiling decreases stress inducing hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, it increases the level of mood-enhacing hormones and endorphins as well as dopamine and serotonin: Studies conducted by British researchers found out that smiling can generate the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2000 bars of chocolate (without the calories, which is not irrelevant for bimbos) – one of the well known pleasure-inducers. These chemical reactions in the brain triggered by smiling, were examined by neurologist Dr. Isha Gupta from “IGEA Brain and Spine”: “Dopamine increases our feelings of happiness. Serotonin release is associated with reduced stress. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression and aggression.” (- Better by Today). The psychological effects on your own mind by smiling and the influence on your brain chemistry is a scientific fact: Smiling DOES indeed make you happy, less likely to suffer from mental health problems (limiting frowning relieved depression in 27% of the patients studied.) and lets you deal with stressful situations in a better way. Always remember: Only a happy bimbo is a good bimbo!

Of course, mental health is always connected to the health of your body, this alone shows how important smiling can be for your physical state, but there are even more things smiling does for your body health: We already discovered how smiling reduces your heart rate, which is good for your blood pressure and the heart itself. These findings are supported by other studies in addition to the one we already talked about, finding that smiling indeed reduces the risk of heart deseases, but there is even more to the effects we already discussed: The neurotransmitters we mentioned, set free by smiling, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are natural pain relivers that let you deal with physical pain in addition to emotional stress and hard feelings. By smiling you are actively boosting and supporting your immune system and your natural body defense mechanisms, according to Dr. Lina Velikova, MD, Ph.D.: “Laughter and positive thinking increase immune response, allowing us to be less prone to diseases.”. The amount of immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies is actually affected by the fact if you are often smiling or not (something a bimbo should keep in mind, especially before the next surgery!). Always remember: Only a healthy bimbo is a good bimbo!

So, mental and physical health are both influenced by smiling. To what does this lead? Of course to how long you might live – and this is obviously also affected by smiling: Multiple studies, for example from Wayne State University suggest that people who smile regularly live five to seven years longer than people who don’t. So, following these research papers, you are not only able to live a happier, healthier life – but a life that is even longer, if you just follow todays rule.

Lastly for the internal benefits, we have something every bimbo trainee needs: A confidence boost! No matter how insecure you feel, going down the street in your ultra short miniskirt, your sky high stripper heels, tons of make up and that ultra low neckline for the first time: Just smile! The chemical cocktail in your brain produced by that gives you an extra dose of confidence which changes about everything of your posture, body and appeal: When people smile they carry themselves straighter, their walk is sure, they hold their head higher and they appear more confident. It’s impossible to express a genuine smile without boosting your own happiness. If it’s authentic, your eyes will glisten with a soft, gentle grin as well as with a big beaming smile. (Dr. Gayle Friend – How to Increase Your Confidence and Happiness with a Sexy Smile)

2. External

Undoubtedly, smiling has a huge impact on your visual appeal and how you are perceived by people. It changes literally everything, from the way you pose, your body and posture down to your overall charisma, and there are many reasons for that:

Smiling brightens your face and opens it up. We know how important it is for a bimbo to have a glowing and attention drawing, beautiful face, we talked about that in out PBA make up series article about highlighting for example – and a sexy, girly, cute smile makes it shine even more. Of course, this is not only because of the pearl white teeth a bimbo has to have – it also results from the positive, embracing and friendly nature of such a facial expression, a sign of agreement, light heartedness and general good vibes everybody all over the world understands, like we discovered above. But this effect does not only result from the universality of a smile everybody interprets in the same way, it is also “contagious”: Human brains have “mirror neurons”, firing whenever a relatable action is perceived – leading to a mirrored behaviour and a connection between two individuals, because the observer is able to put him/herself in the place of the individual that performs the action: “As its name suggests, mirror neurons enable us to copy or reflect the behavior we observe in others and have been linked to the capacity for empathy.“ (- Better by Today). Jasmine Wang, communications manager ar “Smile Train” puts it like this: “Smiling is contagious not just because of how a smile looks from the outside, but also because of the intention and the feeling that is put behind a smile. When someone smiles at you, you feel the good vibes from them, which makes you want to pass a smile on the next person, and so on and so forth.” (- Better by Today). A smile brightens up you face, lets it shine and is understood universally as something positive, joyful and open minded – in addition, it leads to positive energies between you and observers who are themselves influenced by it to feel positive emotions towards you. No wonder people will treat you differently, when you are smiling! Can it be even more bimbo suitable? Yes, it can:

A japanese research group, led by Satoru Kawamura and Keiko Kageyama, conducted a study about the perceived level of femininity and masculinity, showing participants photograps of both men and women, smiling and looking more serious, and found out that “the results indicated that smiling faces significantly more frequently gave the impression of being more feminine.”. So there you have it: Smiling does indeed increase your femininity – something VERY relevant for bimbos, because as you all know, bimbofication is all about hyper-femininity and there can’t be a greater goal for a bimbo than to be as feminine as possible. It is no wonder, that this changes the way how others see you: Like we discussed before, femininity is usually associated with aspects like beauty, innocence, joy, lightheartedness, elegance and so on, aspects your are supporting with that extra cute smile you should wear all day long – People will notice and your perceived femininity will skyrocket.

But not only your level of femininity will rise – even your sex appeal will increase:

As you know being a bimbo is not ONLY about being as feminine as possible, it is also about being as SEXY as possible – and even there a smile does wonders: A study published in the American Psychological Journal Emotion, directed by psychology professor Jessica Tracy at the University of British Columbia, found out, that a female who smiles, is perceived as vastly more sexy by men: “Women who smile are absolutely very attractive. That was by far the most attractive expression women showed.” Professor Tracy said in an interview (- Reuters, “Brooding men, smiling women seen as sexy: Study”). Even the other findings the team made, especially that men who smile are regarded as less attractive by women, support the thesis of the study we discussed above, that smiling itself has something very feminine – which makes it VERY bimbo beneficial and bimbo suitable. If you keep these things in mind, it won’t surprise you to hear, that a smiling woman appears vastly more approachable to men: It’s welcoming, open and friendly appeal suggests that “(…) you are approachable, personable, and trustworthy. In fact, smiling connotes positivity in general. Psychology has shown that smiling makes you more attractive to others. This is because a smile is an inviting facial expression which eases tension and makes people feel comfortable around each other. People are more likely to engage socially with someone they perceive to be friendly, and a smile is the perfect way to demonstrate this.” (- Evening standard “5 Reasons why smiling is good for your health“). As you can see, a smile can very well be the opener for a situation in which the “Porncharacter rule” takes over and a bimbo gets her chance to actually behave like a good bimbo doll should behave. Make use of this!

Lastly, there is one controversial point… Well… controversial for “normal females” – but not for bimbos! Let us see what we are dealing with: In 2016 a study came up with test results saying that “smiling lets you appear younger than you really are”, so far so good, right? Well, in 2017, another study with the same question (“Does smiling let you appear younger or older?”) came up with completely contradicting results: They found out, that, if you smile, people tend to guess that you are older than you really are. So what now? Obviously a bimbo wants to appear as youthful as possible (as we discussed in many articles before, f.e. here and here) – so… do you smile or do you step away from it? Easy answer: Of course you follow our rule and smile! Why? Let me explain why the different results of these two studies are only a problem for normal females, and not for bimbos: The tests of the first study used computer generated images of a person with different facial expressions – the second study used pictures of real, existing people. If you have a look at the visual appeal of the computer generated images used in that study, you can see that it is anything but photorealistic. One of the key points is missing – something that most likely influenced the results of the second study: “Perhaps, [the researchers suggested], smiling makes the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth more visible, increasing the perceived age of the smiler. (- Anchorage smiles “Does your smile male you look older, or younger?“). This might be the key difference between those two studies and the reason for the contradicting test results: The computer generated images don’t have the resolution and quality to simulate the wrinkles and laughter lines, which is why they didn’t affect the age guessing, while, on the other hand, the photography of real people obviously showcased wrinkles and laughter lines when those people were smiling, leading to a higher perceived age. So, what can we take from this and why is it not a problem for bimbos: The reason why someone would guess that you are older than you are when you are smiling is just based on the existence of your wrinkled and laughter lines – without these, a smiling face appears younger than it is. Bimbos however, make heavy use of Botox, hyaluronan, age-care cremes and heavy make up – so they simply do not have these wrinkles and laughter lines. No doubts here: Smiling lets a BIMBO appear YOUNGER than she really is! By the way: This was not the last time I mention Botox in this article… there are more connections between this magical substance and the perfect bimbo smile – but more on that later.

There are many, many more reasons why smiling is extremely beneficial for a bimbo – and extremely bimbo suitable, for example, it lets you be more durable, it makes it more likely to have better long term relationships, it lets you be more creative and so on and so on – but the important thing is, that you now understand WHY I am demanding you to smile, WHY it is bimbo suitable and therefore WHY we have that rule now: “A bimbo has to smile – all the time!” – so let us now have a look at what it takes to get that perfect bimbo smile and how you can get there:

The perfect bimbo smile

The perfect bimbo smile consists of the following elements: 1. The perfect technique, 2. The perfect bimbo (lip) make up, 3. The perfect bimbo lips, 4. The perfect bimbo teeth and, in parts, 5. The perfect Bimbo face.

  1. The perfect technique

Smiling is easy. A natural-born bimbo does it every day – and even normal girls who have to learn to do it constantly, do it every now and then. Like we already established, even babies do it when they are still in the womb. However – there are ways to make your smile even better, which is why we are talking about techniques to equip you with the best bimbo-suitable smile possible:

Lower your head slightly, so that you seem to look up to the person you smile at. This enhances the “submissive appeal” and lets you appear more vulnerable and cute – also it lets your eyes appear bigger. In addition to lowering your head, tilt your head to the side, this looks very endearing, sweet and visually lessens imperfections and slight asymmetries of your face (the brains of observers can’t identify such imperfections that easily when the axis of symmetry is tilted). Tilt your head towards the person you are smiling at, looking up at him/her by lowering your head. Preferably, the side you are turning towards the observer is the left side of your face. Scientists found out, that usually, the left side of a human face is considered more attractive:

Our results suggest that posers’ left cheeks tend to exhibit a greater intensity of emotion, which observers find more aesthetically pleasing. Our findings provide support for a number of concepts – the notions of lateralized emotion and right hemispheric dominance with the right side of the brain controlling the left side of the face during emotional expression.” – Kelsey Blackburn and James Schirillo from Wake Forest University, – EarthSky, “Which side of your face looks better? The left, research says”

You may smile with your lips closed, but it is considered to be a less powerful smile like that. Smiling with your lips closed, should be the continuous, standard facial expression you have to maintain each and every day, all the time – even if you are alone. For the full effect, if you smile AT someone, open you lips slightly by smiling, revealing your teeth with a gap between your upper and your lower lips, that is about as broad as your thumb. Keep a small space between your two rows of teeth for a soft smile. Teeth that are pushed together, clamped down on each other or even simply touch, make your neck muscles tense in an unflattering way. Establish eye contact with your observer(s), but try to maintain “bedroom eyes” by doing so. You are free to wink at your observer(s) to round it up. Proceed by following the porn character rule and then the slut rule. FYI: Practice this is front of a mirror regularly! You will not achieve the perfect bimbo smile in one day! Remember: Even the PanAm stewardesses had to practice the key-signature “PanAm smile” regularly!

  1. The perfect bimbo (lip) make up

As you already know, following the PBA perfect bimbo make up series, there are a couple of things you have to pay attention to for the perfect bimbo (lip) make up. In general, your make up needs to be complete, perfect and “heavy”, following the basic rules for bimbo make up, but I would like you to read the following articles and lessons with great care and attention in order to achieve a perfect lip make up for that perfect bimbo smile:

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 12. Aspects: Lips

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 8. Making your lips bigger with makeup

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 19. Lipstick / Lipgloss / Lipliner

As you can see, the perfect bimbo lip make up lets your lips appear as big as possible, as “plastic” as possible and in an “O”-shape. Once you achieved this, you can (and should) try to combine this lesson with the following ones:

Bimbo training – Attention Drawing Techniques for Bimbos: “How bimbos should apply lipstick to draw attention”

Bimbo training – “The bimbo mindset: What would a porn character do? – Rule”

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So, try to achieve perfect bimbo lips – then make use of putting on lipstick in public to draw attention. Once you got the attention, use that perfect bimbo smile in order to interact with your observers the way a porn character would (flirty, open, etc.) – lastly commit to the slut rule. See? Everything is coming together again…

  1. The perfect bimbo lips

The perfect bimbo lips consist of different aspects again, about which we will talk in a corresponding, future series about “the perfect bimbo lips”. But let me already give this away: Perfect bimbo lips are big, puffy, enhanced, dick-sucking lips with a plastic appeal, always covered with glossy lipstick/gloss in an “O”-shape. The important elements include: Make up, Botox (wrinkles, etc. around your mouth), hyaluronic acid (lip injections and/or silicon implants), proper treatment (peeling, size-increasing cosmetic/care products) and the correct techniques.

  1. The perfect bimbo teeth

Again, something we will deal with in another series. But let me already asure you how important this is: The teeth of bimbo should be healthy, pristine, straight, clean and pearl white. The appeal of teeth is usually understimated when it comes to bimbofication, but nevertheless very important: Teeth give away your sex, whether you are male or female without any doubts: The incisors, the four central teeth in your smile, tend to be larger in men and have a squarer shape, with a hard and angular appeal, while in women they have a more rounded shape and are smaller. The canines, the most visible teeth, tend to be the most distinct between men and women. Men have larger and sharper canines, while the ones of women are smaller and rounder. Identifying these differences made possible to classify human remains as male or female, even if the body was mummified thousands of years ago. There are many more reasons why this is important – so make sure your teeth are in the most healthy, most representable state possible until we come around the corner with that future series about the perfect bimbo teeth. But just so you know how important this is for the perfect bimbo smile: There are even procedures to get things right and improve your smile!

5. The perfect bimbo face

Your smile happens in your face, it is more or less the canvas on which your smile is painted – so it IS an extremely important factor! Again, there are multiple different factors, which will, when combined, result in the perfect bimbo face: The perfect bimbo skin, the perfect bimbo eyes, the perfect bimbo nose, the perfect bimbo lips, the perfect bimbo face shape, the perfect bimbo make up, etc. etc… – A very complicated topic – but we will come to that in another future series about the “perfect bimbo face”. For now, try to follow all the respective rules and lessons you already know. Especially:

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 10. Face shapes and Makeup

The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeuo – 2. The 5 basic rules for bimbo make up

So, now you know what the perfect bimbo smile is, you know how to achieve it and you know WHY you should achieve it – and why you should use it basically all the time. In the end, let us come to some strategies that will help you to maintain your perfect bimbo smile:

  1. Fake it till you make it

Even the simulation of an emotions tends to arpuse it in our minds.” – Charles Darwin, 1872

“Fake it till you make it” – something you will hear many, many, many more times, in our upcoming series about the perfect bimbo mindset. This is all about self conditioning and influencing your own brain to function according to the perfect bimbo mindset rules. However, today, you will have first contact with this concept in regards to the perfect bimbo smile. “Smiling can trick your brain into believing your’re happy which can then spur actual feelings of happiness” (Better by Today “Smiling can trick your brain into happiness – and boost your health”) – this is a very reasonable procedure: Forcing yourself to smile, activates certain facial muscles which in turn lets the brain release fitting endorphins and chemicals in reaction to an apparently positive situation. These chemicals lead to an increased feeling of happiness and joy which again – lead to you smiling. Of course, it might take you a while until you can trigger your own brain to react to this trick, but that is not a problem, because another effect will occur if you just force yourself often enough: If you deliberatly force yourself to smile in any given situation often enough, at some point (in addition to your brain supporting you with chemicals), this behaviour will become a habit – which really is what we are going for! Constant, deliberate repetitions over a long time will get you and your brain used to this behaviour, until it becomes your standard modus operandi – which is exactly what we want. We are not talking about a few days or a few weeks – do this for MONTHS and years – until it really is your default facial expression. Remind yourself to smile when you get up in the morning, remind yourself to smile when you are alone, when you go to work, when you are at work, when you talk to others, when you are shopping – when someone says something you dont understand, when someone says something nice, when someone says something interesting or if you are just interacting with people at all. Smile until you go to bed – ALWAYS remind yourself – ALWAYS force yourself to smile – each and every day, no matter in what situation you are, until there is nothing else. This will change your mindset and your brain over time, and reward you with a happy, joyful, more fulfilled, more bimbo suitable life. START NOW!

  1. Botox

Didn’t I say I would come back to this? We didn’t cover Botox as a mandatory and essential substance for bimbos YET – and this time we are only covering the connections between Botox and the perfect bimbo smile, so let me tell you why it is so import for todays topic before we come back to this magical chemical in the near future. Of course Botox makes a bimbo happy… why wouldn’t it? You are leaving the building with a much younger face (No wonder this substance is also called “elixir of youth”), all wrinkles are gone and nothing but smooth, immaculate, tight skin lets you look like a refreshed teenage bimbo doll – of course it makes you happy. But apart from this very psychological effect, there is something else: Experts at Cardiff University found out that the Botox effect which prevents you from frowning, ACTUALLY makes you happier, so that this substance could find a way to become a new treatment for depression!

Botox works to make people beautiful by paralysing the frown muscles. We know from research in the past that if you make someone smile, they feel happier. So if you stop someone from frowning, you would think that they are going to be less sad or unhappy. (…) This research may help the development of a new treatment for depressive illnesses. Unlike other treatments for depression, which have significant negative side effects, the main side effect of a Botox-based treatment would be a younger-looking face.” – Dr. Michael Lewis, Cardiff Universality, University’s school of psychology senior lecturer. (Wales Online “Research claims Botox makes people happier”)

So, Botox provides you with a multitude of benefits and bimbo suitable effects, a younger, fresher face without wrinkles and imperfections, the good feeling of looking awesome and sexy AND it freezes your face to a permanent bimbo smile, which lets you not only follow todays rule automatically with all the benefits it brings – it also makes you happy in addition. What a deal! Like I said – enough of Botox for this day, but we surely will come back to the topic in the near future and discover even more reasons, why Botox treatments are absolutely mandatory for every bimbo!

  1. Carry a talisman that reminds you to smile

Buy a new piece of jewelry – don’t take something you already have, it has to be something new – something that your minds only connects to your “duty” as a bimbo to smile. Chose something that is bimbo suitable (an elegant or cute looking bangle, ring or key-ring) and fits the purpose to make you smile (f.e. something “Hello Kitty” related). Focus on this talisman and try to concentrate on its purpose: This item only exists so you remember to smile! Wear it every day, all day long. Every time you see it, touch it or play with it – it will remember you to smile!

4. Live in a bimbo suitable bubble

THIS will be a crucial part in the upcoming bimbo mindset series and one of the most important key-stones of a working bimbo mindset overall! Because this factor is so extremely critical and decisive, it will get its own, long article in that future series, which is why we are only going to talk very briefly about this as a digestible introduction: A bimbo is a happy, joyful, lighthearted female – a princess and sweet female without any negative emotions that bring her or others down. Remember “only a happy bimbo is a good bimbo”? Well, how can a bimbo be happy if she constantly deals with depressing, dark, sad and problematic topics and persons? Right, she can’t – which is why a bimbo DOES NOT do this! Stay away from all things that make you unhappy, sad, depressed or angry! There are reasons why the PBA doesn’t deal with politics, and you shouldn’t either! Be lighthearted! A bimbo shouldn’t carry the world on her shoulders! Be ignorant – life is about your well-being and making men happy! Don’t deal with complicated and difficult matters – life is already complicated enough and the most complicated thing a bimbo should deal with is the question if she wears her pink stiletto pumps for the party later or the pink stripper heels! Avoid people who try to involve you in other peoples problems! These are NOT your problems! You shouldn’t deal with all the evil in the world, neither with civil rights movements, the current outrage on twitter or climate change! The most important goal for you should be to be happy and making men happy! Have REASONS to smile! Do nice things, with nice people – have fun, go shopping and party all night long. Drink dance and fuck – get those shoes and the make up, drive men crazy, fuck some more – you only live once – get all the reasons to smile – avoid everything else. Things that make you happy, no matter if certain people or topics – things that bring you joy, WILL make you smile. DO more things that are fun and get all the pleasure you can get.

So, now you know nearly everything there is to know about the perfect bimbo smile and why bimbos smile at all. No matter what the situation is, smile, be flirty and a joyful bimbo doll. No matter if you are posing for your next Instagram picture (Don’t be one of the girls trying to look “cool” or “tough” or “deep”, by grimacing in a “gritty”, “dominant” or “fucked up” way – that is not what bimbofication is all about – a bimbo is sweet, girly, sexy and cute all the time – being “deep” or “though” is everything BUT feminine!) or if you are interacting with other people or if you are on your own. Always smile.

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One thought on “Bimbo training – “The bimbo countenance: Always smile – the perfect bimbo smile”

  1. Hey there,

    First of all, I’d like to sincerely thank you for all the time and effort you put into the blog/site regularly.

    Secondly, stepping outside the “bimbo-sphere” for a brief moment in order to reply to the first paragraph of this particular entry: You probably know yourself that the resentment isn’t stirred by the act of smiling itself but rather by the form of request which, depending on the tone and situation, can suggest a certain attitude of the addressor: An attitude of being the sole person of interest – the navel of the universe – while everyone else does merely exist to please, serve or appeal to the protagonist. (Thus, the criticism applies to all constellations irrespective of the sex/gender of the parties involved – no matter whether a woman, man or a non-binary person is “told to smile” by whomever.)
    What about simply appreciating people who give one a friendly smile instead of expecting them to smile as if one had a legal claim to it? And if one really wants to make another person smile in specific, what about just giving them a reason to do so? Like smiling at them oneself initially, paying them a compliment, making a face, telling a joke or telling them about the whole pile of psychological and physical benefits and other reasons you listed in the entry above – to only name a few examples?

    And lastly, about the general antipathy towards feminism you uttered in some articles before: Feminists are a group as heterogenous as it gets. There are sub-groups who are overshooting the mark in my opinion as well, but all in all, I deem many of the points currently brought up still valid.
    Furthermore, I can’t see how enabling every human being to live their life how they want (unless third parties are harmed) would prevent some of them from choosing to be(-come) a “bimbo” in one way or the other since there are arguments which can be seen as “tempting” – and doing things by choice rather than by force lets people be more dedicated anyway.
    Therefore be assured that, even as someone who would consider herself an active (queer-)feminist if asked, I enjoy reading your “lessons” and blog as a whole – in order to learn about different opinions and convictions, to find aspects I can or cannot agree with etc. – and hence dare to say that both feminism and the “bimbo movement” aren’t as incompatible as one might think at first glance.
    As long as you fully respect people who don’t commit themselves to the “bimbo lifestyle” and as long as you treat “bimbos” as more than “plain objects in a human shape”, everything’s fine.

    Take care, have a nice day or a good night and I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes!

    Kind regards

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