Kind regards to the wonderful, beautiful ladies of r/Vindicta !

…you did what nobody else managed to do before 😀

16 hours ago, the charming Grymdolin created an introduction to the PBA post on your wonderful subreddit – and shortly after that, you brought my server to its knees. Even though traffic has declined now a bit, some small advise:

If the website or pictures won’t load, just refresh the page and wait for about 30 seconds, if necessary. If that doesn’t work for you, try to clear the cache of your browser or try another browser, but usually reloading and waiting should be enough.

More than 4000 of you stormed the site over the last few hours 🙂

Let me use this opportunity to welcome you and also – to thank you for your interest and your fair handling of my content (big thank you to the wonderful r/Vindicta mods – you do a fantastic job!). So far, every single one of you has been super nice and your positive feedback is heartwarming – I am honored. You surely have a wonderful community!

I know the whole topic of bimbofication must seem quite strange or even disturbing to many of you, who never saw this before. Let me assure you, everything here is based on respect and nothing but high esteem for the princesses of the bimbo community, who are participating in bimbofication out of their own free will. Grymdolin did a perfect job in chosing some topics that are not “toooo far out there” for your community (as far as I can tell), which is good, because I know my way of writing and the topic itself could sometimes be deemed “problematic” (my beloved Discord mod SylvieSuccubus, who introduced me to r/Vindicta quite a while ago, already told me that my “bombastic tone” could drive some newcomers away). So again, let me tell you: I have nothing but love and respect for females who try to become the best version of themselves – I know it is hard work. For many of you, the links posted might be already enough, but for the visitors who want to know more, and who are willing to overlook my “bombastic tone”, I will try to provide you with a link list of some explanatory articles, basic definitions and some instructions below. Nevertheless, thank you very much for your visit, your interest and your great handling! Enjoy your stay, let me know what you think (I am always open for criticism and ideas) and… maybe until next time? You are all welcome here any time! Also – maybe some of you want to follow me on social media – but:

Content warning for the following links and social media channels: Everything below here should be considered NSFW, adult content and maybe not for the faint of heart (nudity, body modification, “problematic” beauty standards, etc.)

“What is a bimbo” – The basic PBA definition we use here to define a bimbo

“What is bimbofication” – The definition of the process from a “normal” female to bimbo

The PBA FAQ – Frequently asked questions

“What is a gimbo” – Basic definition of the “gothic version” of a bimbo

Introduction to the bimbo mindset

The three pillars of bimbofication

The PBA Campus (with an interactive curriculum. You can access different lesson articles by clicking on the boxes in the tree – but be awar, it is not up to date (I tend to update the curriculum once a year – so there is newer, additional stuff on the site)

Lessons – The lesson papers of the PBA. These can be considered rules for bimbos and lessons to practice to become a perfect bimbo

Rolemodels – Articles about different, outstanding princesses of the bimbo community who can be considered rolemodels in different aspects

Spotlights – Interviews with different bimbos from the community, done by me.

Sitemap – Here you can access every single article on the PBA – use the search function if you are looking for something specific (you can also use the search box on the Campus for that!)

The different, multiple part series we currently have on the PBA:

Series about the perfect bimbo ti… breasts (concluded)

Series about bimbo make up (ongoing)

Series about bimbos and high heels (ongoing)

If you want to, follow me on my social media channels – I would be honored:

The PBA on Instagram

The PBA on twitter

The PBA on BDSMler

The PBA on minds

The PBA on reddit

The PBA on Patreon

Like I said: Enjoy your stay, let me know what you think – and maybe until next time 🙂

To all the other ladies here: Visit r/Vindicta! (Its not for us, gentlemen!)

2 thoughts on “Kind regards to the wonderful, beautiful ladies of r/Vindicta !

  1. hi I love your blog! I’m not a bimbo and don’t plan to be one since I’m asexual but Im a huge beauty enthusiast and my job depends on my looks, so your blog is like a GOLDMINE of beauty tips! thank you so so much. I found the posture tips and beauty tips (hair, makeup) really amazing.

    r/vindicta got me here!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I am honored 🙂 – Glad you can make this project work for you, even if you are not into bimbofication. This is perfetly fine, and I hope you find the upcoming content interesting also. Always let me know what you think and if you have ideas or criticism, let me hear it 🙂

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