11. BBFs – BBFs can temporarily step in for the trainer

This is our last chapter about BBFs – and with this one last topic about best bimbo friends and the final conclusion next time, the series ends, having covered up everything regarding the benefits of BBFs, and why you, as a trainer, should do anything to support your bimbo in getting to know some likeminded girls and why you, as a bimbo, should give your best to make strong connections to dolls that are just like you, or could become your next BBF. The final topic we will look into, is something we already briefly mentioned in several parts of this series: The fact, that BBFs can jump in for the trainer in many, different situations, making it a lot easier for the trainer to maintain control over every situation, expand the influence sphere, guaranteeing the preservation of every rule and bimbo behaviour, securing the dolls, sustain the bimbos in a constant state of sexual tension and arousal, forcing and supporting further bimbo progression and…….. giving him a breather, a short break and some time off. Training bimbos is – and should be – a fulltime job 24/7. This is one of the many reasons, I’m not convinced of personal online training (apart from a supporting role) or long-distance trainings, but do only suggest face-to-face, real-time bimbo trainings. Of course it is exhausting for a bimbo to always look like a perfect princess, doing work outs, always paying attention to her style, her make up, her poses, her behaviour, her postures, walking in high heels, performing different bimbo moves and so on. But it is not easy for the trainer too! The trainer has to constantly remind the bimbo trainee of all these aspects and factors – when she is negligent, oblivious or sometimes downright lazy. According to whether she did the misconduct on purpose, because of idleness or laziness or because she is a dizzy, forgetful girl – or did not understand something she was told, even determine between a friendly rebuke or a true punishment. The trainer has to constantly enforce his rules and the bimbo code of conduct, in order to maintain a certain standard and ensure the further progression of his trainee(s). In addition to that, always making sure his doll(s) are the best bimbos they can be, and always go one step further, he has to make them comfortable in their status and position, has to reward them everytime they do something right, has to encourage and praise them and has to defend and protect them as well as he has to keep them in a permanent state of sexual tension and arousal. This is important because it works as a reward and is a tool and an indispensable part of any bimbofication. This costs time and energy. A BBF is absolutely capable of relieving the trainer and unburden him in different situations. Apart from all other situations where a BBF is able to help you out in supporting your doll(s) (encouraging, helping, supporting, pushing, defending, recruiting) – we already talked about the possibility for a trainer to have some free time, while the BBFs takes care of the other girls in sexual terms: In a club, where the trainer might want to have a beer with his friends, or just wants to relax a few minutes, BBFs can maintain a high level of sexual arousal by themselves! No trainer is always in the mood to kiss with his girl(s) for hours – but if you are on a party with several trainees of yours, they might push themselves to these states on their own and keep the level of heat. This becomes really interesting in two different situations:

1. If one or more BBFs of your doll(s) is/are way further in her/their progression than your girl(s), enjoys your trust and lives the bimbo lifestyle in a strong, confident and ideological way – devolve her power, authority to decide in certain situations and supervision over the other girls. Think of this BBF like a “political commissar” of the WWII era soviet troops: She is your extended arm, the ideological officer of your agenda, making sure the bimbo code of conduct is held up high, the bimbo ideology is strong and powerful, the girls are always the best bimbos they can be and the moral is high and persistent. She will always ensure the regard of basic bimbo rules, the height of the heels of her fellow bimbos, the overall style and that outfits of different bimbos do complement each other. Further she will increase the fun and girly atmosphere and try to keep herself and the other girls in a high state of sexual arousal. Support this girl and learn to trust her. If you made a connection, she will always foresee your expectations and take care to fulfill them, keeping the bimbos in line and maintainig a high, fitting level of bimbo awesomeness. If she is not your primary bimbo (girlfriend, wife, number one), your “princess” – she definetly is your fist officer – maybe even something like a wing-girl!

2. If one or more BBFs of your doll(s) seem(s) to have a slightly higher position regarding the sexual hierarchy. This is loosely connected to another topic we have to cover in the future: Bimbos and BDSM, but this is always a topic when two or more bimbo share sexual experiences, one bed, one partner or one trainer. Even though, in most situations, bimbos tend (and should) to be submissive to their trainer/partner/master, it is very unlikely two bimbos will be equally submissive in bed when they either share some lesbian experiences or have fun together with their trainer or another man. In the unlikely event that both bimbos truly are on the same level (happened to me only ONCE!), they are happily free to “switch” positions in the hierarchy fluently and often during the sexual intercourse. In most cases however, one bimbo has a more “dominant” nature than the other one. This opens the door to uncountable adventures and hours of fun – something we will take a closer look at in a future series (bisexuality and bimbos), but also gives the trainer the possibility to relax in sexual terms. Often in the BDSM culture, there is a difference, where the submissive girls are slaves, and the girls standing on a higher position are something like “abigails” (german: “Zofe”). These girls, though submissive to the master, perceive tasks regarding the subordinate girl, like spanking their asses or bringing them to heel. To even more dominant bimbos, these abigails function like maids, dressing them up and heating them up – with their tongues or toys. Anyways, these are special topics for the series I mentioned above. In non-BDSM relationships and adventures, these slight differences in the sexual hierarchy can manifest themselves in a supporting role of the abigail for the trainer. She might grab the hair of the bimbo you are fucking, pulling her head back, telling her what a hot whore she is, or she might pick up the slack, when you need a small break or just want to deal with your third bimbo…

However, there are many different reasons for you to set an advanced BBF into charge over the others. But don’t make the mistake to select one, that won’t be accepted by the others as a leading rolemodel. She has to have the backing and respect of the whole group of bimbos. A first officer bimbo can be very benefitial for you and your whole group of dolls, because she might coordinate all the other benefitial effects BBFs usually have. Support you girl(s) in getting to know those bimbos, and encourage her to make strong connections to these dolls, ideally becoming a BBF to them, and gaining true BBFs in return!

Our journey regarding BBFs is coming to an end. Next time we will have a small recapitulation and draw a conclusion >>> (Coming soon)

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