4. BBFs – BBFs can assimilate styles and outfits

We already talked about the positive effects BBFs have regarding the visual appearance of every involved bimbo. We talked about the ritual of borrowing clothes, giving advises concerning make up, wardrobe and styling, and we talked about the effect of BBFs actuating each other to become even better bimbos. Provided that participating bimbos are well trained and informed about what is generally considered “sexy” and appropriate for a bimbo, we can assume, that the best aspects of every part the involved bimbos contribute, will prevail and will be assimilated into the group of BBFs. You can think of it like some “bimboish darwinism” –  For example: If a bimbo trainee presents some ugly wedges to her group, it is very likely that the more advanced bimbos of her group will refuse the new item, because of their knowledge of what men consider sexy and elegant – and wedges are neither sexy nor elegant. The item will be rejected by the group, the uninformed bimbo trainee learnt her lesson and will never bring in a similar item again, due to the mere fact, that she will not risk to let her reputation suffer. On the other hand, you can be sure, that desirable manners and items will be adapted and integrated by the group. This can lead to a slowly growing alignment of every involved BBF, which is a desirable effect, due to multiple reasons:

1. As already mentioned, the visual appearance of the whole group, and every single bimbo, increases greatly, because only the best items, the best make up brands, the best stylings and the best behaviour will survive this selection process.

2. The alignment of involved bimbos may lead to another welcomed effect: The complete, temporary assimilation of styles. This effect begins in a small way, when members of the BBF group not only suggest each other what to wear, but begin to agree in advance on certain aspects of their styling, exalting their outfits from an individual decision to a collective, superior, collaborative mission. This may culminate in a convention of perfectly matching clothes, which marks the ultimate peak of a BBF-collective – and the benefits of this BBF-collective are innumerable! The more individuality is sacrificed in favor of the “greater good” (aka the bimbofication factor of the group) and the power of the BBF-collective, the more individual anxieties, dilly-dallying and sorrows will be annihilated. The effects of this phenomenon are well known: Every military ever since, tried to establish a group identity and feeling of cohesiveness, by letting their soldiers wear identical uniforms, coats of arms and special symbols and flags. This results in a much stronger sense of unity and group identity, making it easier to overcome individual reservations and restrictions. Every member of a group has the feeling to be a part of something bigger. In addition, a form of group pressure might let someone do something, he would have never done on his own. This can lead to horrible and cruel crimes (history has shown us), or to more preferable and desirable effects like in sports teams and civilian groups. Very small effects of this phenomenon can be seen on halloween, where even prim and prude girls dress themselves as slutty princesses, sexy nurses, naughty french maids and lusty catgirls – because: Everyone else does it too. This makes it more acceptable for a puritan girl to dress like a whore. You see why this effect is very welcomed. Another personal example: Once, my bimbo trainees discussed what costumes could be worn on halloween. Being a BBF-collective, they made the decision to dress as “Sailor warriors” from the “Sailor Moon”-anime series (something I always wanted). One of the bimbo trainees, the most insecure and doubtful of them, often quarreled with wearing super short mini skirts and super high heels. The group pressure of the bimbo collective forced her to wear a costume, where her white panties were perfectly visible to everyone under her short Sailor Pluto mini skirt, wearing high, black, stiletto boots. She didn’t regret it and was much more comfortable with wearing such clothes from then on.

3. Apart from the already mentioned benefits, the style alignment of BBFs has another satisfying result: The uniform effect. Multiple girls, wearing the exact same outfits, have an irresistible and irrefutable charme to them. The uniform effect may be another aspect of “why men love girls in uniforms so much” (we already talked about that here and here) and expands from literal uniforms to situations, in which more than one or two girls wear a certain, identical outfit, connecting the individuals to a homogenous group. Why is that so sexy? Again, multiple reasons:

1. The girls sacrificed some aspects of their individuality, in order to show their connection and their will to increase the attraction of their whole group. The sacrifice to renounce some parts of their individual aspects, to increase their sex appeal, is in fact extremly sexy, because every girl considers her individuality less important than her (and her groups) sexual attraction (like every bimbo should do).

2. Multiple girls wearing the same outfit are an eye catcher everywhere! This has also to do with the common fact, that girls hate wearing similar outfits like other girls in normal circumstances.

3. Mens Fantasies! Every man, observing multiple girls with the same outfit will think either something like “This seems to be a  strongly linked group of girls. Maybe they share everything – even their sex partners. If I can get one of them – I get them all. And maybe I can have them all together.” or “This seems to be a strongly linked group of girls. I bet those girls fuck each other every night” – and if those girls are proper bimbos, both assumptions are very accurate and true.

4. And finally, the ramifications of the, so called, “Cheerleader effect”, also known as the “group attractivness effect” will increase drastically. This is the cognitive bias, which causes people to think individuals are more attractive, when they are in a group. Every observers visual system and brain calculate a perception of individual attractiveness towards the average level of a group the individual is part of. This effect gains more power, the more homogeneously the group appears. The whole “uniform effect” shares similarities with the “twin effect”.

We learned why the assimilation of styles and outfits is a very powerful aspect of BBFs, and should be supported everytime! Encourage your bimbos to agree in advance on what costumes they should wear or what outfits they should get for the next party, or what lingerie they should buy and present you in the bedroom. Encourage them to buy the same shoes, the same skirts, the same schoolgirl uniform, the same lingerie and encourage them to dress as Sailor Warriors, playboy bunnies etc.! Every similarity will increase their attraction and sexappeal, deplete their individual concerns and dissents and enhance their commonalities and their strong liaison.

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