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A bimbo has a special variety of clothes, dresses and styles to chose from, depending on her individual preferences, her visual type, her style, the occasion, the event, the time of year and so on. Bimbo dolls, with their exquisite taste in fashion and that very special predilection for girly, sexy and feminine clothes, tend to make very considered selections regarding their everyday-dresses and styles for special events. Why should that stop when the bimbo decides to go to bed? And I don’t speak of any certain actions, taking place in the bedroom, even though, the clothes we are talking about today will be perfectly suitable for these. No, I’m talking about the ordinary times, when a bimbo goes to bed just in order to sleep until the next day. There is simply no reason to let things slide. Even if the bimbo lies in her bed just on her own! It is not like the vocation to be a perfect doll ends when the day ends and our little princess wants to take a nap. As for many other special circumstances, there are certain clothes, very fitting for a bimbo to dive into the land of dreams. We’re going to look at those items in this post, namely “babydolls”, “negligées”, “teddies” and “chemises”. It is not acceptable, in any way, for a bimbo to wear some kind of lazy, boring, baggy shirts, unfitting, ugly, oversized tops or casual clothes, nor is it an option to sleep completely naked, because it lacks the special effort a bimbo has to make, and is put into practice by nearly every other, boring, normal girl – something a bimbo doesn’t want to be lumped together with. In addition, it lacks any kind of special, sexual sensation and is not commonly noted as “bimboish”. Do it for yourself! Do it because a bimbo has to bring in the extra portion effort and sex appeal! And do it, because you do want to be eye candy when you wake up in the morning, the postman rings, or maybe someone texts you during the night, asking if he or she can come over…


The babydoll is the first choice for every bimbo when it comes to proper night wear. It was introduced during WWII, invented by american lingerie designer Sylvia Pedlar, as an offspring of the well known negligée (below), way shorter due to fabric shortages during the war. It really took off in 1956, polarized by the movie “Baby Doll”, a film that made such an impact, it was called the most scandalous thing hollywood ever created, bringing everything with it you might expect, like bomb-threats, evacuated cinemas, angry mobs and so on. The babydoll resembles a negligée in many ways, but is way shorter, usually short enough to reveal the underwear (if worn), so it comes to no surprise that a typical babydoll comes in a complete set with fitting and matching panties most of the time. The babydoll is generally sleevless, with thin shoulder straps or spaghetti straps, accented with lace, ruffles, bows, ribbons, marabou (VERY fitting for every bimbo!) and other frilly appliques, made of sheer or translucent fabric such as nylon, chiffon or silk. The babydoll sits tight around the upper body, often with formed cups called “a bralette” for cleavage and stability, with the short rest of the cloth attached, loose-fitting falling in length, usually between the belly button and upper thigh.

When to wear / How to use

The babydoll is THE first option for every bimbo doll! Nothing compares to this piece in terms of girly sexappeal, feminine cuteness and naughty playfulness. This is a must-have for every bimbo, gimbo and every trainee! You can wear this piece ANY time you are around in the house or if you want to spend a day in bed – no matter if you want to seduce someone or if you want to sleep until the next day. A perfect babydoll for a bimbo would be pink or rose, underlining the girly and playful aspect of the sweet design, fairly transparent, maybe even in a complete see-through version. Other acceptable colors are innocent white and seductive black (perfect for gimbo girls) – but other colors can work too, if they match the overall style and situation. You may wear a matching robe over the babydoll when you are walking around (compare the article about bimbo housewives!) in the morning or the evening, or the temperatures are uncomfortably cold. Matching stockings are a perfect addition to a babydoll (Notice THIS rule!), though you dont have to wear them if you are alone or just want to sleep. If you leave the bed, matching and fitting high heels are mandatory! Try to pick up the style of your babydoll with those heels – not only in color, but in the overall appeal – marabou mules with stiletto heels are perfect! And don’t forget to wear those matching panties your babydoll was most likely delivered with!


Our second choice for bimbos: The negligée, coming from the french word “négligé”, literally meaning “neglected” – meaning a “negligent dress”, is a fairly long, see-through clothing, intended for wear at night and in the bedroom. The negligée was introduced in France in the 18th century, imitating the style of womens day dresses of that era, but changed its appearance in the 1920, when it moved towards the appeal of womens evening dresses of that time. After World War II, the negligée changed again, becoming a piece of nightwear with a distinguished touch of erotic and sensual sex appeal – moving towards the style we know and love today and finaly giving birth to the “babydoll” (above), with a similar but slightly different and much shorter design. The negligée itself, is a translucent, loose and light skirt in various lenghts (longer than the babydoll, sometimes even longer than a chemise, but shorter than a  true nightgown), often with multiple layers, made from sheer materials, sometimes nylon, trimmed with the likes of lace, ribbons, bows and other fine materials. The negligée may have sleeves or shoulder straps, but is tightened nowhere.

When to wear / How to use

The negligée as our second option for a bimbo girl, is not much behind the babydoll. It has a lesser girly and playful look to it, but certainly some different, other benefits. If you are alone, the negligée is a valuable option if temperatures are low and a babydoll would not offer much fabric to cover your body. As I already said, the negligée has a more “grown up” appeal than the babydoll, but is not less tempting: You should use it in romantic situations, in the evening, when candles play a role and you want to tease your partner until he/she is not able to restrain him/herself anymore. Perfect colors for a negligée are red (alluring, romantic), white (innocent, pure) and black (mysterious, compelling) – even though other colors are acceptable too, if fitting. Transparent negligées are the way to go here too! Like the babydoll, the negligée can be combined with a matching night robe (first choice for bimbo housewives in the evening and the morning), stockings (basic rule) and fitting high heels: Stiletto mules are the best choice here again too.


The teddy is very different from the other options, because it is more of a “body” than a skirt, like the other items. As a one-piece suit, the teddy covers the torso and the crotch, but is way looser and more sheer than a bodysuit. Like the babydoll, the teddy has its origins before WWII, in the 1910s as an appropriate garment to wear under shorter dresses, but really kicked in during the great war when women who served in military-related duties wore trousers instead of skirts and had to wear something underneath it. After it lost some popularity, the teddy came back in the 1960s as a piece of lingerie and still remains a rival to the negligée in those terms. The teddy is tight, compared to the negligée and the babydoll, but wide enough to be pusehd aside in the area of the crotch, so it doesn’t have to be undressed for sex. It is usually made of nylon or cotton, decorated with ruffles and bows like the other pieces.

When to wear / How to use

The teddy can be chosen if you are not comfortable with wide pieces like the negligée or the babydoll, or if you expect to do some physical work in the morning or the evening, before going to bed, that wouldn’t profit from a negligée or a babydoll like, for example – yoga. Doing things like that, would look silly in a negligée, but making the bed and fluffing up the pillows would look very sexy in a negligée. Best colors for teddies are white and black. Make sure it isn’t to tight in the lower regions, so you don’t have to undress it when someone can’t restrain himself. I wouldn’t suggest stockings in combination with a teddy, but it is possible to wear some. Best choice for heels are matching pumps.


The chemise is the most “practical”, less sensational and, therefore, last option for a bimbo doll regarding nightwear. The chemise originates in the European Middle Ages, developed from the roman tunica, being nothing more than an unisex garment, worn by men and women, made from simple linen and cut from a single piece of fabric. Nowadays, the chemise is more of a piece of lingerie, made from fabrics such as silk, rayon, cotton or nylon and is much more sexy and delicate than the original pieces from the Middle Ages. The chemise today is a fairly tight fitting, sleevless piece of lingerie, unfitted at the waist but fitted at the waits and the breasts. Usually it is shorter than a negligée, but longer than a babydoll. This is the most common garment “normal girls” wear, and therefore nothing special for a bimbo doll and, as already said, her last option, because of the absence of any overemphasized girly and sexy attachments.

When to wear / How to use

The absolute minimum and the very basic choice for a bimbo when it comes to nightwear. This is better than a baggy shirt, but not much. Try at least to pick a chemise, that has multiple ornaments and/or some bright, strong colors: A powerful “shocking pink” is a great choice, but any other color that fits the overall style will do. Stockings are very advisable (basic rule!), as well as fitting high heels.

Other Nighties / Nightgowns

As already stated above and talked about in the bimbo housewives post, those items can be combined with many different items. Best thing to have is a matching see-through nigh/morning robe and some complementing stockings. It is very advisable to have at least a fitting garter belt and matching lingerie around (Pay advise to the basic rule!)! I tried my best to describe the four acceptable nightwear pieces for a bimbo above, but often the lines are blurred, and a negligée might have some aspects of a babydoll or a chemise. These pieces are acceptable if they fulfil the criterions I mentioned above and do complement your bimbo persona and style. Try to obtain several, different pieces, one for every situation you can think of – and always remember: You have the duty to be a sexy, perfect bimbo princess – even while you are asleep!

By the way: Take a look at the Fembots above (last picture) – they are doing it quite right…

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