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As you can tell, our last style guide regarding hair styles for bimbos lies back quite some time. But this is no wonder, due to the massive amount of stuff I’m working on and the sheer number of different techniques, lessons, items and articles we’re looking into, like our massive ongoing series about “the perfect bimbo tits”, which all take time and energy to create. But here we are again, another lesson about how bimbos should style their hair, this time it’s all about one of the most easy ways to style: Pigtails! As I said, quite easy to achieve, but still there are many things you can do wrong and there are only a few ways for a bimbo to wear pigtails right and in a way that is fitting for a true bimbo doll. So let’s dive right into it:

The effect of pigtails and why they are perfect for bimbo dolls

Obviously, pigtails have a certain aura to them, and in most cases, you can’t talk about the effect of pigtails without having to talk about the “schoolgirl effect”. Schoolgirls and pigtails, two things that often go hand in hand together, mostly with a specific, certain sexual undertone – something that isn’t really surprising if you think about the social connotations both things have in common. In our article about “bimbo schoolgirls” we already talked about those connotations, and why the appeal of a schoolgirl uniform has such a high sexual impact on most men:

A school uniform reminds us of young, inexperienced girls, eager to learn, eager to improve and to become independent from their parents. Apart from many men simply do favor young girls over older women, it is the sweet cuteness and naivety associated with a pigtails wearing teen, in a short, plaid skirt and white knee-lenght socks, on her way to school, to learn some lessons about the important things she has to know in her life. This imagery is not complete without the assumption of a pristine, young girl – though pure-minded and unspoilt, because of her purity and young age, in the middle of a process of sexual awakening, becoming aware of her sexual craving and her own female body.

Pigtails do fulfill the same function as the uniform, which is why those two work so well together. This results from the social experience, that very young girls very often wear pigtails, because their mommies do their hair for them and just want their toddlers and young girls to look cute. And that is the main appeal pigtails do create: It looks cute, it looks innocent, it looks playful, they represent youth (and in our culture youth is attractive) and they can have a sassy appeal to them. This is why pigtails are often regarded as very sexy, something that definitely created a very strong impact in pop culture, for example, the very strong sexual trope of the sexy schoolgirl (in stylized uniform with stockings and high heels) wearing pigtails, like “Babydoll” in Zack Snyders “Suckerpunch” or “Bunny” in Sailor Moon, or Britney Spears in her famous first music video (f.e.). Of course, this is one of the reasons why I recommended pigtails as the default hair style when wearing a schoolgirl uniform in said post about “bimbo schoolgirls”. But not only when combined with schoolgirl uniforms do pigtails have that special appeal! In fact, the effect pigtails can have can be part of the so called “lolita effect”, named after the notorious book “Lolita” written by Vladimir Nabokov (1955), in which the sexual attraction of the very young and eponymous Lolita is the crucial point of the whole story, which got filmed by legendary director Stanley Kubrick in 1962, and which gave name to the “lolita-fashion”-movement in Japan, strongly consisting of many different aspects which represent youth and young girls like schoolgirl uniforms and pigtails. Pigtails as an aspect of this syndrom are mentioned in the book “The Lolita Effect” written by M. Gigi Durham:

“(…) [the idea] that ideal female sexuality is youthful, or even childlike. A notorious ad for Akademiks clothing featured a woman in panties and pigtails (…)” – The Lolita Effect, written by M. Gugu Durham

or in an article by Lexi Novak for

Pigtails are the hair equivalent of a schoolgirl uniform with fishnets.” – Why do guys think pigtails are so sexy?, written by Lexi Novak for

So, while these aspects do circle around the youth of the female wearer of pigtails, “the fetish [regularly] assumes that there’s an adult woman to go along with the pigtails.” (b.m. article by Lexi Novak). These are the reasons why bimbo girls should wear pigtails. They have a special sexual connotation and propagate the before mentioned benefits. Do it regularly!

High and low. What does what

If “normal girls” dare to wear pigtails at all (which they won’t very often, because they fear the sexual arousal and the “cute little girl appeal” they would create), they tend to wear “low pigtails” in a very loose variant most of the time. This is because wearing pigtails that way, has a more casual look to it and the strong “sexy schoolgirl effect” is somewhat moderated and therefore way less striking and conspicuous. While it is also perfectly acceptable for a bimbo to wear low pigtails, if she doesn’t want to create the sexual overdrive in certain situations or isn’t going for that special “sexy schoolgirl brat” appeal for a certain occasion or style, she should walk the extra mile and go for “high pigtails” more often. High pigtails are a very strong statement and solely strive for that special appeal we talked about. This is in most situations the right way to go for a bimbo doll. Low pigtails do cover your ears and start on the upper tip of your ear! High pigtails are positioned ca. 5cm above that point! Make sure your hair is long enough to at least fall over your shoulders when wearing high pigtails. The longer your hair – the better! Another absolutely amazing effect pigtails for bimbos have, is the use they can have when having sex! Pigtails are perfectly made for your man/master/trainer/partner to pull your head back while he fucks you from behind. This is something most men and many bimbo dolls absolutely love! Give it a try! So, long story short: Express your sexy, cute and girly bimbo persona, and wear high pigtails regularly, often and proudly! If you want to tone it down a bit, sometimes you may wear low pigtails instead, if the situation demands you to, or if your hair is simply not long enough for high pigtails. Things a bimbo doll should NEVER do: Wear pigtails in such forms as braided pigtails, french braids, etc. – You are a high class bimbo doll! Not a hippie or a farmgirl from the 19th century!

Messy or straight? What about accessories?

Pigtails can be combined with the “default hair style for bimbos” we already talked about in our last lesson about bimbo hair styling! While “normal” pigtails have to be as straight and clean as possible (and are more useful for pulling while having sex), “messy pigtails” do have some slight curls or loose, curly wisps and waves. This can create an appeal of visual extra sensation and is perfect for a night in the clubs or wild parties. This is mainly a question of the style you are going for and depends on the type of girl – both things are possible and very fitting for a bimbo. Regarding accessories: Choose the hair elastics or the ponytail holder with the rest of your outfit in mind! Don’t just pick “any” hair elastics! Have a wide variety at hand, some for every outfit to match in color and style. If you are wearing a black short cocktail dress, pick plain, black hair elastics. If you wear a cool silver/blue make up, pick some fitting, cold-blue colored, sparkling hair elastics. Of course, the default color to pick is pink for every bimbo girl! Wear some big, pink hair bows as often as possible! This underlines the cute, sexy and girly expression and supports your bimbo persona (items like these, shown in that style check we had some time ago)! The bigger and brighter – the better (other good examples shown above!). In addition, you may want to use other fitting accessories, which underline the girly appeal even more. Notice: Big hoop earrings are a perfect addition to high pigtails!

Pigtails for gimbo girls and goth dolls

A special case are goth girls and furthermore gimbo dolls. Pigtails do work exceptionally well on goth girls! Especially if the goth doll in question has a bangs hairstyle (as shown above in some examples!) – this dramatically increases the cuteness and the overall sex appeal. Goth girls tend to have a more “naughty girl” and “sexy brat” appeal than most other girls, something that shines in a remarkable way when the girl in question chooses to wear some kind of “naughty goth schoolgirl”-style. In addition, goth girls may want to wear some strands of hair in a loose way in front of their pigtails, which creates even more sex appeal, like shown by our gimbo rolemodel
Sambalina Roselli / Samantha Chambers
. But even other gimbo rolemodels, like Starfucked prove how amazingly sexy this can look (in out style check with Starfucked this gets really obvious, by wearing loose strands of hair and high pigtails). I can’t think of any men who wouldn’t want to “punish” a cute, sexy gimbo doll like the ones shown above for being naughty and sassy, by pulling their head back while fucking them from behind and slapping their ass. Gimbo dolls wearing high pigtails and a matching, sexy outfit, create a stunning and exciting contrast of the visual appeal of a cute, little, girly girl and the naughtiness

of a sassy, little brat! However, how well this does work, is shown by the fact, that even this trope has had its impact on pop culture, shown by the “gimbo like character” “Draculaura” from “Monster High”, which is why I want to strongly encourage every goth girl and every gimbo trainee to give that look a try. Choose the hair elastics you are using with the color of your outfit and/or (if dyed) the color of your hair or your highlights in mind! However – most gimbo dolls should do it like Draculaura and go for pink (or just black)! In addition you may want to use cute and girly, matching accessories like big ribbons, hair bows or items like this. Express your gimbo persona, and wear high pigtails more often! Be the perfect goth doll and a rolemodel for all aspiring gimbo trainees!

Tutorials and how it is done

Do as shown above with the rules mentioned in this text in mind! In addition, you might want to have a look at our basic paper about perfect bimbo hair and especially about the “default bimbo hair style” if you are going for messy pigtails, because the same techniques apply! Furthermore, I give you two links to some youtube video tutorials, one about high pigtails and one about low pigtails. Very good examples of how it is done! So, what are you waiting for? No matter if you are a bimbo or a gimbo trainee – give it a try and pay attention to the attention YOU will get from men, and the envious looks from girls who don’t dare to express themselves. Be proud and express your bimbo/gimbo persona!

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