Bimbo role model – Sabrina Sabrok

If not now, then when? Our new rolemodel is certainly a very suitable girl in regards of the current series “the perfect bimbo tits” – her rack absolutely deserves to be in the hall of fame of perfect bimbo tits, with an amazing volume of 2500cc each, satisfying the basic bimbo rule with ease (like shown in our last post in the series) and a flawless and absolutely stunning visual appeal and shape. The ongoing series about perfect bimbo tits, is the reason why I decided to introduce you to Sabrina Sabrok, not a decision that was taken lightly to be quite honest with you guys. “But why?” – you may ask – “She is blonde, has a perfect body, has perfect tits and is an overall beauty! She should have been a rolemodel from the very beginning!” Yes, I can agree to all these statements, BUT, there are some factors, namely three, which always made it difficult for me to see her as a real, perfect bimbo rolemodel. Let me explain: Sabrina is not only sexy and beautiful, she is an absolute multi-talent! Sabrina is a successful model, actress and TV -star, she runs her own show, she is an amazing porn-star and adult-entertainer (which is always great for a bimbo doll!) and she has her own punk-rock band, starring as the band-leader and singer (even on some big festivals). This variety of capabilities and talents is of course not a problem, but the last element I mentioned is an indicator of the difficulty I have seeing her a real bimbo queen: You see, by nature, the kind of music she is creating has a very aggressive, brutal and “masculine” tone to it, sometimes reminding me of some Arch Enemy songs (with another beautiful girl giving the vocals, which is also a shame) or even thrash metal legends like Destruction. THIS is a real problem for me. Of course, every girl is free to do what she likes, but I have a hard time seeing her as a real bimbo princess, when the music she is creating reminds me of death, destruction, masculinity and power, even if her music videos can be quite sexy. We already talked about bimbo rolemodels, making music and singing, like Sophia Vegas or Sarah Marie Summer, where I had no problems combining it with “the bimbo factor”, no matter how good the performance turned out to be. There might even be a benefit to this, because Sabrina could serve as a rolemodel for many girls in the metal/gothic culture (so if you have a girl coming from those areas, introduce her to Sabrina and her band!), even showing some facets of a gimbo, which is also pretty useful. However, the real problems start with the attitude coming along with these personal preferences, taste and style, when we look at her pictures: Most of her pictures show Sabrina in a passive aggressive manner, wielding a whip or a BDSM-crop, indicating dominance and power, which is absolutely NOT compatible with bimbo ideals in my honest opinion! By looking at her photos, you have no choice but coming to the conclusion, that this girl is dominant and not a lovely bimbo doll. Often she has a saturnine look or a rather aggressive, unruly, restive or embattled facial expression, baring her teeth, which is a huge no-no for a bimbo doll imho. Of course, this is a matter of personal taste and preference, but for me, this attitude is an absolute killer and diametrically opposed to the bimbo ideals, which is why I am going to only show you pictures of her, where she is looking relatively lovely. The last problem I see, is the fact, that while she often wears some really hot and sexy clothes, sometimes she makes some bad decisions regarding her look in terms of styling (like her love for fishnet-pantyhoses or hotpants, sometimes strangely contrasting makeup and lipstick or “aggressive, masculine” accessories, like ammunition belts, etc.) which is also a shame, because on other pictures, this girl looks absolutely stunning, sexy and beautiful, combining certain elements of bimbo goddess Pamela Anderson and bimbo rolemodel Sophia Vegas. Have a look at the third picture above, isn’t that a cute and mischievous smile? A little, big titted, sexy beautiful bimbo girl… this is how I like to see her. She should release her inner little girl more often I think, embracing femininity…

Well, enough of that, let’s see what does qualify her as a bimbo rolemodel. Like I said in the beginning, Sabrina is a true stunner. A blonde beauty and a girl with a nearly flawless body. A very beautiful face (which looks amazingly cute and lovely – when she’s not behaving like a dominatrix or a pissed off saber-tooth cat), very long blonde hair, full lips, her amazing tits, a nearly perfect body shape, a flat belly, an ass to die for and sexy, long legs. What else could you ask for? This girl, apart from her sometimes rather aggressive and dominant attitude and some bad style choices, is a true rolemodel for every girl out there, especially for gimbos, goth- and metal girls, who might enjoy her music also. Her tits are a very good example in terms of our series “the perfect bimbo tits” because of their size and the perfect shape. This is how it should look girls! The level of bimbo perfection and beauty she achieved is even more astonishing if you have a look at where this girl has come from in her beginning! The incredible and absolutely staggering transformation she made during her bimbofication is one of the very best I have seen so far and the results are more than just amazing. She started as a short haired, flat and average looking girl, not very sexy and not very remarkable… today she is a beautiful and sexy icone, a bimbo queen and a prime example for every other girl! A real bimbo rolemodel, with perfect tits and a pristine body. This is how it is done girls!

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