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Wow, the last style check lies way back again – I really don’t do these so often anymore, do I. But every now and then, I see a picture of some girl or of some item and lightning strikes: I just HAVE to make a post about her or that! And here we are again, saw that picture and knew – it’s time for a new style check! Again, I will use this style check as an opportunity to ask you guys if somebody out there knows who this doll is, or if there are any more pictures of her. In that case – please drop me a message, thank you. The outfit we’re talking about today is simply remarkable and a perfect start for EVERY new trainee. Overall, we’re looking at a incredibly and perfectly well done combination of the main two bimbo colors: Pink and white. In both of our bimbo color theory articles, we stated that combinations of these two colors work amazingly well and can be regarded as the default color combination for bimbos, combining the benefits of both elements in an exceptional way, creating a very distinct visual effect. The execution we see here is absolutely flawless. Modest – but effective and expressive! Let’s examine this style from head to toe, shall we?

First and foremost, this young trainee is an absolute rolemodel herself, marking the best possible start for a young bimbo trainee on her journey: An amazing body, flawless, perfect legs, a very good body shape, a beautiful face, fairly long blonde hair, a perfect skintone… how could you possibly top that? But now on to the style: Like I said in some stylechecks already, a pink ribbon on top of your head, is always a good idea – it looks cute, girly, feminine and it’s a definitive eyecatcher. Her hairstyle is done really well and supports the girly attitude – some extensions would be nice, and/or longer hair at all, but this is already nagging at a high level, regarding such an early trainee. While I think the makeup of this little cutey could be a little bit more expressive and stronger, she has done a pretty good job, and the overall look matches the style she is going for. Not bad at all. The white/pink top with its iconic “Barbie”-logo is not only a perfect choice for evey girl and bimbo out there, it is also a statement: You make a crystal clear statement what look you are striving for and who your rolemodel is – it even increases in brilliance because of her having it knotted underneath her boobs, revealing her belly, transforming the already fairly tight top into a tummy shirt – PERFECT and exactly like I explained in my lesson about tops. Now on to the crux of the matter, the main attraction, the pivot around which the complete outfit is created, the major eyecatcher: That pink, tight vinyl miniskirt with that white belt. It is AMAZING! Absolutely perfect! That super tight, very short miniskirt is a guaranteed attention drawer! Not only super sexy, but with that material and in that color, it is matching the style perfectly, emphasizing her sexy legs and probably her ass in a perfect way. The fairly big, white belt gives a necessary and magnificent “punch” to the pink skirt, making it even more powerful. You just HAVE to look there! This is a perfect example of how a girl should draw eyes and attention to her ass and her legs! Last but not least, we have her white, high heeled, stiletto sandals – Likewise a perfect, magnificent choice! Possibly without even knowing, this girl has respected two of the most basic and fundamental styling rules for bimbos (rules we haven’t even talked about yet on this blog!): 1. Don’t ever combine/mix more than two different colors and 2. Alternate between both colors! That is how this doll achieved this stunning, extremely sexy look. Is there something I would change or add? Well yes, in my Opinion, she could have worn some big hoop earrings in addition, as well as generally more sparkling and shiny jewelry – maybe even a crystal choker, even at the risk of drawing attention away from that amazing skirt/belt combination. But – look at that picture and admit: This is extremely well done, a perfect bimbo outfit and super sexy. A styling many established bimbo dolls can learn from.

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3 thoughts on “Style Check

  1. Its maybe the Light, but I have a Problem whit the Hair. Sould be smoother and brighter and the Ribbon sould be a little smaler? lateral?
    But overall a wonderfull body, and design.

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