Bimbo Uniforms – Shoes: White “Fuck-me-boots”

Let me tell you of an urban stereotype from central Europe – more so, from Germany, a stereotype, I am not quite sure about its existence in other regions of the world: The stereotype of white, knee high, stiletto, leather boots, with tight bootlegs. What is associated here with these fashion-pieces, you might ask? Well:

I find white boots almost up to the knees absolutely terrible. Better use black or brown ones.

First of all, white boots in general belong on the streets [meaning: only usable for streetwalking prostitutes – translation note] in my opinion… it ALWAYS looks cheap, no matter what shape, heels, height, etc.

Sry, but I think white boots always look totally cheap, no matter how you combine them.

Hooker boots!!

I hate white-fuck-me-boots.

Under no circumstance white boots – at all. It’s better to use gray or beige if you really like light boots.

“(…) however, people’s general opinion is that white boots are slutty.

For me, white boots are a real no-go!

“(White boots) look cheap… no matter how expensive they are… ALL of them look cheap.

We could go on and on and on with this… As you might have expected already, these are quotes from German girls, who were asked about “white, high heeled, knee high, leather boots” (quotes taken from here, here and here – you have to use Google-translate!). These self-proclaimed fashion experts (surely VERY feminine, sexy and beautiful girls) don’t seem to have problems with either the fact, that the boots in question have high stiletto heels, nor that they are knee high or are made of (artificial) leather… the problem seems to be the white color solely! But why? Well, first and foremost, these reactions don’t come out of the blue, because there really is that stereotype about white boots and it goes somewhat like this:

White, high heeled, knee high stiletto boots made from (artificial) leather, with tight bootlegs are often called “fuck-me-boots” here. They are associated with cheap, “lower class”, uneducated, young girls (about 15 – 19), especially in combination with skin tight “Miss Sixty” blue jeans or pitch-black leggings, heavy fake- or solarium tan, heavy makeup and visible tramp stamps. This stereotypical type of girls, resembles a mixture of the chav-girl look from Britain, the “Essex-look” and a poorly executed “Jersey look” – but not as sexy/cool. But where does this come from, and why is it the color white that seems to be the problem, among all the other aspects? To be absolutely honest with you – I haven’t got the slightest idea. I did some researach and tried to come up with an explanation, but I couldn’t find ANYTHING about the origin of this stereotype, nor the reason for the problems regarding white boots. Nobody provides any explanation WHY these boots are slutty and cheap – but EVERYBODY agrees upon that, which is… frustrating. However, we can make some assumptions, and after that, I will explain to you, why this type of boots is exactly what every bimbo needs to have in her wardrobe (if you still need another reason, apart from a generic, common, German girl telling you NOT to wear something – which is a dead sure, absolute guarantee for the item in question to be sexy, feminine and stylish)!

Since the early 90s, white “high heeled shoes” in general have become increasingly rare (we already talked about this), which is a shame. One of the main reasons may very well have some validity, namely the impractical nature of snow-white shoes: Your shoes touch the ground, which is, in most cases – dirty and dusty. This will very quickly result in an ungainly visual appeal – which is important to avoid. I get this criticism, however, every bimbo is contrained to care for a pristine and flawless condition of her high heels at all times nevertheless – so this just adds a small extra effort to a regular process of maintenance. The other possible points of criticism just have to come from the usual anti-femininity, anti-bimbo, anti-sexappeal attitude of nowadays society: White boots are just attention drawing! Because absolutely most people wear darker colored shoes (maybe because of practicality), white boots WILL stand out! As you might already have expected, this is absolutely NOTHING to worry about for a bimbo – quite the opposite: It is VERY welcomed! These white boots will draw all eyes on her and make her stand out. Combined with all the attributes of the color white, the general “sexy” nature of these boots will form a very arousing, attention drawing and very special visual appeal. And – I am very sure, you also anticipated this too, another reason for a bimbo to wear these shoes IS the existing stereotype! A bimbo embraces the toxic, femininity-hating indignities of society and reinterprets them as something to be proud of! Yes – A bimbo IS the attention drawing, “slightly” slutty, hyper-feminine doll everybody is talking about! Yes, she has MUCH fun in being “cheap” from time to time! Yes, she loves to stand out, and she loves to be special! These shoes are sexy, they are special, they are feminine and they are the perfect choice for a bimbo!

Please keep in mind, that there isn’t THE definitive pair of white boots for bimbos! There are many different variants and different brands (although these and these from Tajna are very suitable and nearly perfect) – however, there are some aspects you have to pay attention for:

The boots have to be knee high! They have to be snow-white! The heels have to be at least 13cm high (13cm – 19cm)! They have to have stiletto heels! The bootlegs have to be tight! They have to be made of (fake) leather!

Do not wear them in combination with jeans or leggings (because!), but instead, you may wear silky, smooth stockings (white, nude, glossy/transparent or even dark). Try to combine them with a cute, sexy skirt like this – or a dress like this.

So, what did we learn from this? Easy: Always do the exact opposite of what a common, German girl tells you to do, regarding fashion, sex appeal, femininity and style.

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