Bimbo Uniforms – Skirts: White Pleated mini/micro-skirt (Tennis skirt)

It’s getting really cold outside, and because we already talked about what bimbos should wear during winter times (and it is coming indeed…) let us talk about what they should wear when it becomes warmer again (and let us hope it doesn’t take too long…).

Today, we’re having another piece of those “absolute essentials”, an item EVERY bimbo needs to have in her wardrobe, another MUST-HAVE, so to speak. Again, this time, this shouldn’t be a problem, because the item we are speaking of is fairly cheap (depending on the brand and the quality, from about 9,99$ to 49,99$ (higher quality and more renowned brand is better!)) and fairly easy to get. Every bimbo, from the spoiled, luxury bimbo princess to the “bimbo on a budget” can and should get and wear this piece regularly, because it really represents one of those true “standard bimbo fashionpieces”. We are talking about the “pleated mini (or better micro-) skirt in white – often simply known as “the tennis skirt”. So, let us have a look at the reasons for the importance of this skirt for bimbos and at the general rules that do apply for wearing this amazing thing.

If we would make things easy here at the Pink Bimbo Academy, I would just say, that, obviously, this skirts combines all the positive aspects and effects of the “bimbo schoolgirl uniform” and “the color white” – and it would be absolutely true and sufficient to make my point. We don’t do that here – we like to examine everything in great detail. Although I absolutely advise you to read these two articles first, in ordern to get an absolute understanding of why this piece is such a powerful bimbo must-have, we will talk a bit more about these aspects in a summarizing manner: The skirt in question is a VERY short, pleated mini- or better micro-skirt in white. The length of this skirt MUST NOT BE longer as shown in the pictures above, meaning that is HAS to reveal the ass of the wearing bimbo in ANY case, even if only by a little bit. Generally speaking: The more folds the skirt has, the better! We already talked about why girls should wear skirts in general, and all those reasons do apply here – but in addition, this piece goes far beyond that: The cheeky shortness of this skirt is nothing to cover anything, but instead to showcase everything! A bimbo that wears this piece, WANTS her ass to be seen, and wants to let her legs appear as long as possible. This is not only a pretty, sexy piece of fashion, this is an INVITATION to look at what is underneath and maybe even an invitation to go further than just looking. The girly, feminine, cute, sweet and sexy nature of the design comes undoubtably from the close connection to the beforementioned schoolgirl uniform, a piece of clothing little girls wear, with all those connected benefits. In liaison with the color white, the schoolgirl skirt loses its strict uniform-character and gains the already discussed properties of the color white instead: Innocence, purity, lightness, easiness, levity and insouciance – very powerful aspects! This is why it is such an important garment for all bimbos: It is sexy, revealing, inviting, girly, lighthearted, feminine, it showcases the assets of a bimbo, it is playful and exciting, it emphasizes the legs, the belly and the ass of a girl and it respects all general rules of styling for bimbos – one could say, this piece unites all more or less typical defining bimbo traits in just one piece of fabric. However, this comes with some rules:

A bimbo has to make absolutely sure, that her pleated micro skirt is always in PERFECT and pristine condition! The color has to be a bright, immaculate white – without any stains, discoloration or dirt on it! The creases have to be ironed ALWAYS! The more stiff it is and the more stiff the creases are – THE BETTER (using laundry starch is A MUST!)!

In combination with this skirt, a bimbo has to wear a belly top that leaves her with bare midriff! This is absolutely vital and not negotiable (look at the pictures above!)!

Although it was already stated: This skirt MUST reveal the ass of the wearing bimbo! The length of this skirt is not allowed to cover the butt completely! At least a little bit HAS TO be visible (without bending over!)!

A bimbo may choose to wear no panties at all underneath this skirt, but should at least wear machting white or tender pink panties – if any. (In order to know what other colors you could wear in combination with this skirt, have a look at this rule and the article about the color white!)

As always, pantyhoses are NOT allowed! However a bimbo could wear white stockings underneath this skirt, very high, white tube socks or some girly, white, little socks (as shown above).

The perfect match with the color white for bimbos, is of course, the color pink! A bimbo should wear a tiny, pink, waist belt (as shown above) in combination with this piece – next to other pink, girly accessoires.

As Always, high heels are an absolute MUST! Although in this case, it might not be very difficult to follow the basic rule about skirt lengths and heel heights, it can not be stated enough, that higher heels are always better! A bimbo can wear any high heels in combination with this skirt – as long as they are matching the general appeal of the overall outfit and its colors, but the recommended choice are, without a doubt, the default bimbo shoes – the Pleaser USA Adore-708/709 in tender pink or white.

For example, the best choice for this style would be: In combination, with this ultra short skirt in bright, pristine white – a tender pink waist belt with sparkling rhinestones, a very tiny, very tight, semi-transparent, tender pink bellytop – barely enough to cover the tits of the wearing bimbo, a glittering rhinestone choker, heavy makeup, big hoop earrings, pigtails or the single ponytail for bimbos, a very tiny, white thong, small, white, girly socks (NO ankle-free socks!) and the Pleaser USA Adore-708/709 in tender pink. This style is more or less an absolute standart bimbo outfit and can and should be worn ALL THE TIME and every day – under the premise, the bimbo has a free, carefree and sunny, warm day… let us hope summer returns soon…

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