The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 6. Bigger and brighter eyes with make up

Big, bright, open eyes – THE ideal beauty standard all over the world! Everybody assumed it, but scientific data provides proof: “According to several university studies, research has shown that men generally find larger eyes on women more attractive.” (– Zidbits article) – and this applies for every region in the world, including Asia, from Japan to China, where a growing trend lets women use cosmetics, contact lenses and even cosmetic surgery to get larger eyes. This isn’t unheard of in the bimbofication culture either: Many girls did enhance their look by letting plastic surgeons widen their eyes. However the illusion of bigger eyes can also be created with special techniques of applying make up, which is something every bimbo should add to her daily make up routines – in combination with all the other bimbo make up rules! But before we come to that, let us talk about the reasons: Why are big, bright, open eyes THE ideal beauty standard, and therefore absolutely the “go-to-look” for EVERY bimbo? Well, there are multiple reasons, either, cultural as well as biological/evolutionary reasons:

1. The Mirror of the soul

In many cultures, the eyes are seen as the “mirror of or the window to the soul” – a physical feature of a living being that allows an observer to get a glimpse at its metaphysical characteristics, feelings or certain concepts like “the soul”, “the spark of life”, “a sign of intelligence” or special properties of its character traits (“he saw the evil in his eyes…” etc.). Big, open, bright eyes are like big, open windows: They let you see what’s inside, they are welcoming, unhidden, uncovered and forthright – the opposite of shifty, devious, secretive and defensive loopholes. People tend to transfer these properties unto the characters of creatures with either big or small eyes – so it is no wonder, that open, bright eyes are favored by the majority. There are many more words we connect to these features, like being “inoffensive”, “childlike”, “harmless”, “worth of protection” – all of which are very compatible to what the majority of society affiliates with “femininity” – the linchpin of bimbofication! So, it is no wonder, that big, open eyes are regarded as “very feminine” – and although these are more or less cultural connotations, there is a direct connection to biology and the human evolution:

2. Neotenous Protection and the schema of childlike characteristics

Compared to adults – small children and babies do have larger eyes in relation to their bodies and heads, because human eyes do NOT grow in size over the development and the process of growing up – they stay the same. The reason why people with bright, big eyes are often regarded as youthful or perceived to be younger than they really are, derives directly from the fact of bigger eyes of small infants in comparison to their heads, and is what we call a neotenous feature: A special characteristic of youth shared by babies and children that humans evolved to retain, to attract “quality mates” with “protection and nurturing impulses”. The evolutionary cause for this is obvious: A mate in possession of these features will most likely protect the offspring and his female and therefore increase the survivability of the procreation – a very strong argument in the sense of evolutionary pressure. Big eyes are therefore part of the “Kindchenschema”, or the “schema of childlike characteristics”, a conglomeration of special key-stimuli which every individual unconsciously associates with new born babies or very small infants in need of help and protection. Apart from the eyes, many other elements are part of the “childlike characteristics” – and we already spoke about some of them, for example, in our article about the perfect face shape for bimbos, where we recognized, that certain shapes with “youthful attributes” are not only regarded as “more beautiful and feminine” as others – but therefore also as more bimbo suitable. The validity of these theses was tested multiple times (as already mentioned in the beginning, mentioning studies in which the sexual attractiveness of solely big eyes was verified!), like, for example, in 2001, when Braun, Gründl, Marberger and Scherber examined if enhanced neotenous features did increase the sexual attractiveness of females overall (English link to the page: here!). The results were absolutely conclusive: Not only did 90,48 % of all experimentees chose a female with “enhanced childlike characteristics” – it was also proven that by enhancing childlike characteristics of an already beautiful female, her sexual attractiveness would be even increased further! This can lead to another evolutionary theory: The Fisherian Runaway Selection, which would arguably be very welcomed if the “bimbofication factor of girls” would be an actual factor of evoltionary pressure… so – you heard it boys: Only accept bimbos!

4. That “Anime/Doll-look”

Within our ongoing bimbo cosplay series, we will talk about “Anime/Manga/Hentai” and what it means for bimbofication. For now, it’s only important to recognize, that ALL of the beforementioned factors may be the reason for “artificial rolemodels in popcultural media” to look the way they look: Big, bright, colorful eyes and MANY more “childlike characteristics”! No matter, if you have a look at all-time-bimbo-icone “Barbie”, random hentai movies, mangas or other media products – huge, childlike, open eyes are THE key-factor, when we talk either about characters, that should be regarded as cute, sweet, worthy of protection, youthful, childish or as sexy, feminine, attractive or beautiful. By adapting to this look, a bimbo is only going after the same features which were the reasons for these characters to be designed that way in the first place – but it has become even more: We already discovered how fictional rolemodels can influence girls and lead them on the way of bimbofication, always letting them go one step further, but it has also become a benefit of its own to “become like one of those fictional rolemodels”! It is absolutely a valid inducement for a bimbo who wants to have the same “huge, beautiful, feminine” eyes like Barbie does! This strengthens the connection to these suitable rolemodels and communicates the desired features and connotations to the environment!

5. Don’t be tired!

Let us not forget the most basic connotations of big, open eyes, or better yet, let us talk about the direct opposite of that: Small, half-closed eyes will always let you appear tired, sleepy, dull, burned-out, or maybe even ill, unhealthy and sick. This is obviously NOT what a bimbo should go for! Every man wants to be with a girl that is healthy, energetic, awake and attentive – a girl that has no problems in dancing the whole night in some sky high heels and a short dress or instead fucking through the same night. Being energetic, healthy and awake – lets every girl appear much younger and MUCH more attractive!

So, we gathered quite a lot of reasons, why big, open, bright eyes are THE go-to appeal for bimbos, and why they are regarded as so much more feminine, beautiful, youthful, healthy and sexy. There are multiple ways for bimbo trainees to get there: Yes, surgeries are a thing (we will talk about that in the far future!), contact lenses (massively used in Asia to achieve these effects!) or just very strict, daily care routines, to keep the skin, the areas around your eyes and your eyes themselves healthy, clean and cherished – but there is also the possibility to enhance this look with make up. This is what this lesson is all about – the correct way of letting your eyes appear big, open and bright with nothing more then the right techniques of applying make up. Add this procedure to your daily make up routines and combine it with all the other rules of bimbo make up!

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