Bimbo Gear: The Slut-Phone

Even if I get me some super necessary “me-time” and stop posting for a while, I receive dozens of messages from you, mails, pms, etc. – mostly asking something like “new stuff when?” or “are you okay?”. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely proud of this community and I am honored to have such a dedicated fanbase and such a big following of readers and people who are interested in bimbofication and the PBA teachings – that even when I am away for quite some time, the PBA continues to be the most important source for you guys out there regarding everything bimbo-related. Reading through everything you guys sent me, I can’t help myself but smile, looking at the standing this project has in the community. So, what else can I do – but provide you with some new content after all these months? One topic still stands out, glancing over all these messages I received over the years: “How do I start?” – this is a question not only asked by girls who are interested in starting their bimbofication, it is also uttered by many men who want to become bimbo trainers and start bimboficating their Sos/trainees/partners. In 99.999% cases, the one and only correct answer is “get into shape – start working out, come up with a diet plan – start working towards a bimbo suitable body, because there is nothing like a “chubby bimbo” or something like that – and there can’t be any other meaningful modification before your body provides a suitable shape!” – But this is something we will have to look at in detail, when we are having our multiple parts series about “the perfect bimbo body”, so we won’t talk about that today. What I CAN provide you with today, is the one thing you should BUY as soon as you start your bimbofication (or get for your trainee, if you are a bimbo trainer): A slut phone!

What is a slut phone? Briefly said, it is your second mobile phone – solely used in conjunction with everything that is related to your bimbofication and your (bimbo mandatory) slut-training. “Why would such a device be necessary”, you ask – and why would it be of such importantce, that it is more or less the very first thing for a bimbo to get when she starts her bimbofication? Glad you asked, because that is what we are going to deal with today.

When a girl starts her bimbofication, there is a lot of things she has to plan, think and care about, and because being a bimbo is a way of life – and not something you can take off like a coat, these life-defining aspects tend to pile up over the ongoing bimbofication, until they ideally dominate not only the daily routine of the trainee – but also her complete long-term way of living as a bimbo doll. In the first stages of the bimbofication, this is especially complicated and difficult to manage, because there basically is a whole life that hasn’t been affected by bimbo ideals so far – a life not every girl is comfortable with changing over night – or a life situation the trainee is dependant on, either financially, socially – or emotionally. So we can already make out two different “problems” a trainee encounters when she made the decision to become a bimbo doll:

1. Organize and manage the process of bimbofication – naturally, with the goal of bimbo perfection in mind. And

2. Being able to follow the bimbo lifestyle and enhance her own bimbo persona by simultaneously being able to maintain her “old life”.

These days, a mobile smartphone is more or less at the center of everything when it comes to keeping track of your daily life – for better or for worse: Your social connections, the way you spend your time, your finances, the way you are perceived by society, communication, your scheduling, your lifestyle – basically everything is controlled by that tiny, little device you are carrying around with you and spend a good portion of the day staring at – so would the idea, that such a tiny gimmick plays an important role in your life-changing bimbofication, be really so far out there? Of course not. In many ways, a dedicated phone can play a crucial role in the ongoing bimbofication of a fresh bimbo trainee – and it maintains its importance in the life of a very advanced bimbo princess too:

3. Refine and perfect your bimbofication with the tools offered by a dedicated device.

4. Manage your life as a bimbo, and

5. Profit from your bimbofication.

Before we talk about the possibilities a slut phone offers to a serious bimbo in detail, let us first define what we are talking about, so it becomes more tangible.

The slut phone is your mobile device for bimbo-related things ONLY! This means: No contacts that are in any way connected to your “old life” or contacts that are unaware of your bimbo persona – so no family contacts, no job related contacts (unless you are a bimbo that proceeds to work in her “old” job, but under the terms of her bimbo persona. For example: Working as a bimbo secretary in your office job, “working over time” with the boss on a regular basis), no male contacts you wouldn’t be comfortable to share pictures of your tits with or wouldn’t meet to have sex with, no female contacts that don’t fall in the category of “BBF”, don’t qualify as bimbos themselves or are connected to your bimbo persona in any other way. There are exceptions of course, for example, you would very much like to have the contact data of your stylist, your hairdresser, etc. in that phone – even though you might not jump into their beds. Furthermore – you can not have any of your private accounts set up on your slut phone, that are not connected to your bimbo persona: No unrelated IG-account, no unrelated email-address, no unrelated bank account, nothing. Everything has to be strictly separated between your “normal life” – and your “bimbo life” – even though a good bimbo aims at merging both worlds at some point, letting the bimbo persona and life take over fully. Why is that? Well, we are going to talk about this further down, and there are quite a couple of reasons, but the biggest of them all is, of course, security. No matter how bright and clever you are – EVERYONE fucks something up at some point – and you simply do not want to find yourself in a situation in which you inadvertently shared a picture of you, being dressed up as a bimbo hucow, on a bed, being fucked by different men, with your uninitiated coworker or your family. However, this is exactly what you SHOULD send to every male contact in your slut phone – FROM your slut phone! Furthermore, the slutphone should have all useful and necessary apps to organize your bimbofication, to consolidate all the single steps, to keep track of your progress and to “benefit” from your bimbofication. This includes, but is not limited to: 1. All social media apps a bimbo should use these days (Instagram, twitter/X, tiktok, snapchat, FetLife, etc. – all of them with a dedicated bimbo persona account!) – to spread your content and to get known in the bimbofication community, 2. Workout/fitness-tracker apps to monitor your progress and organize your training and work-out routines, 3. Nutrient-tracking/meal-planning apps for diet plans, weight loss/control and calorie counting, 4. Picture/Filter apps to enhance your pictures and videos, 5. Stylist apps to manage your wardrobe, plan new styles, keep track of your fashion pieces and get yourself inspired regarding fashion and make up styles, 5. Additional apps that can help your bimbo persona to improve, like wishlist-apps, moodboard-apps, porn-apps, OnlyFans, etc. Of course, a bimbo should also make use of the standard functions any smartphone offers in order to enhance her bimbofication process: Use the calendar and planner to organize your appointments (gym, stylists, lip injection, hairdresser, fuck-dates, preliminary medical consultation before your next breast augmentation, photoshoots, aso.), use messenger apps (whatsapp, telegram, etc.) and your contacts to regularly send sexy pics and videos of you to individual male contacts and/or to group chats with multiple men, to text with your male contacts (in a horny way of course) and to arrange fuck dates. Take pics of yourself while playing with your pussy – or let one of your sexpartners film you with your slut phone, while you are at it – content that is very suitable to be posted in said group chats – or as a reason for your trainer/daddy/partner to be proud of you. F.e. There has been a recent trend on tiktok and Instagram, for which girls either undress their panties or take a pic underneath their short skirts (f.e. this beautiful, young lady does it nicely). This would be a perfect case for your slutphone.

Next benefit of a dedicated slutphone is the physical appeal: In the future “bimbo mindset series” we will talk about how different sensory impressions can and will shape and influence your way of thinking and feeling (even though these effects play a huge role in many different aspects we already talked about! I already mentioned many times in different bimbo color theory articles or in styling rules, how you “hack” your own mind by dressing and styling in a certain way – which is one of the most important reasons why a bimbo has to adhere to the PBA styleguides and rules!) – but it already might not surprise you, that different aesthetics of objects you are interacting with have different effects on your mind. There are reasons why a girl can not / doesn’t want to decorate her personal phone in an overly feminine, playful way – because it might raise an eyebrow if her family notices it, or if she uses that phone at her workplace, but this doesn’t count for the slut phone! A bimbo goes all out there with her slut phone: Bimbo suitable phone case (with apropriate textures, like this or this f.e.), cell phone ornaments, glitter, rhinestones, jewelry, stickers, phone pendants – everything to make the aesthetical appeal of your slut phone as bimbo appropriate as possible – GO WILD! “Blingbling” and details – there is no “too much” here! Of course this also applies for the appeal of the digital content as well: Bimbo-suitable wallpaper, girly shell for icons and buttons – and maybe a bimbo suitable ringtone like a Cardi B song? Maybe you have different phone cases, so your slut phone always matches the style of your purse? Who knows – it is only your own creativity setting limits here. Even if you don’t realise it, the way you will interact with a phone styled up like that, will be very different – and that will affect your mindset and the way you are feeling about it. Naturally, it will take some time, but at some point, you won’t be sending pics of you spreading your legs in a coy, bashful way – but you will take out that phone like a Bimbo BOSS Bitch, and send those pics to your male contacts with absolute self-confidence and a wet pussy.

So much for the fun stuff, but let’s get serious now. Earlier I was talking about benefits regarding your safety – and there is a lot a slut phone can do for you regarding this. First, I already mentioned how the correct use of a slut phone can prevent you from getting into social trouble, by posting from a wrong account, posting to a wrong group, sending unambiguous messages to wrong contacts, or being caught at looking at your own porn videos in a problematic environment. However, there is much more what a slut phone offers for your safety: By only handling your bimbo persona accounts with that phone, everything is separated from your established “normal” life, including bank accounts, login information, personal contacts, critical data, etc. If you ever get targeted as a possible victim of data theft, phishing, cyber fraud or hacking – or if your slut phone gets stolen – your most crucial, private data is unaffected. This is another reason, why you should NEVER handle your private accounts (main bank accounts, paypall, email, etc.) with your slutphone – but always only have dedicated services for your bimbo persona connected with that device. Do not store private data, like your home address or passwords on that thing! Another security aspect connects directly to some of the other bimbo typical elements, things we already talked about, like the bimbo slut-rule for example: Many of you girls messaged me, that you happily adhere to these guidelines, but are always worried about your own safety. This is very understandable, which is why I put a disclaimer in that article, but there is more you can do, apart from the things I advised you to do in that disclaimer. There are apps you should install on your slutphone, that offer a variety of safety features you should make use of, when you finally release your inner slut, like a bimbo should. Many of these apps allow you to permantly share the location of the device with a selected number of people. If a man approaches you at a club party and offers you a ride to his hotel room, you should make sure, that your location is shared with at least two people: Your Daddy/Trainer/Partner and your BBF! (Provided your Partner is a true bimbo trainer and encourages you to spread your legs for any dick – and provided your “BBF” is a true bimbo or it’s not the SO of your bestie you are going with 😉 ) These apps also have features like S.O.S.-systems, panic-buttons, etc. which should make it MUCH safer for you to release your inner slut. The slutphone should have its own SIM-card – which would enable you to follow the slutrules much more lighthearted and without any concerns, because you are not handing out your private phone number – but the number of your slutphone! The more guys ask you for your number – and the more men get the number of your slutphone – the better!

In the end, we just have to cover some technical aspects. I know the PBA is read by all kinds of females who are interested in bimbofication – from extremely famous bimbo goddesses to girls who just discovered this lifestyle, from well established bimbo dolls with sufficient financial possibilities or wealthy Daddies, to girls who just started their bimbofication without a huge following, donors or financial capabilities worth mentioning, which is why I try to offer you different options to obtain a useful slut phone. Of course, the best option would be a brand new, high end smartphone, with high end cameras (to record your Onlyfans videos, take Instagram pics – or just pics for your male contact list) and its own, new SIM-card. Fancy, new iPhone, newest Samsung, Huawei or Google Pixel – it doesn’t really matter, as long as it is stylish, has good cameras and fits your style and habits. On the other end of the spectrum, if you really can not afford the current bees-knees-mobile, there are a couple of options too, even though you have to be careful with these: Option 1, you could try to obtain a used smartphone, second hand from ebay or another platform. This way you might be able to get a fairly modern device with good specs for a reasonable price. Option 2, you can buy a “welcome phone” from a platform like Wish (or Etsy). “Welcome Phone” is a collective term for no-brand, dead-cheap, trash-devices from Chinese manufacturers. Of course, these items can be regarded as subpar rubbish, often downright scamware – but as a cheap throw-away-device and your first slutphone, they might be an option. In this case, you can’t expect your phone to take quality pictures – the signposted specs are nearly always lies (f.e. regarding screen/camera resolution, processor, battery capacity, storage space, etc.) – but in combination with a prepaid sim-card, a device like this can fulfill the basic requirements of a slutphone and operate as such. But be aware! In both cases, no matter if you buy a second hand phone – or a “welcome phone” – the first thing you should do is to completely delete the content on the device, wipe it and install a fresh, new version of the compatible OS! Who knows what the person who used it before, or the no-name-company which produced this thing, installed on the device before shipping it to you – and you would not want anyone being able to read out your data from that thing once in use!

Once your slutphone is ready, always take it with you and use it as often as possible to support your bimbofication, to kick-start your slut-lifestyle and to become the best bimbo you can be!

One word to the trainers: The content on the slutphone of a bimbo is more or less sacrosanct! What this means is, that you can not be upset about anything she has on that device! As long as it doesn’t violate any bimbo rules – and as long as it doesn’t undermine you as her trainer – everything that makes her horny, her pussy wet and her bimbofication more complete is allowed and acceptable! No matter what she messaged to some random guy, no matter what pics she took or what porn she saved on that device: As long as it follows the bimbo rules, makes her horny and men happy – it is legit!

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