The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 22. Fake Eyelashes / Semi permanent fake eyelashes

You already learnt about the importance of eyelashes for bimbos and the perception of femininity in general – in the end: What differentiates Disneys Minni Mouse from Mickey Mouse – when you just look at their faces and get rid of the hair bow? Exactly – nothing but the eye lashes. So, after reading that introductory article, you already know about the basic tools to enhance your lashes and let them appear as feminine and beautiful as possible, namely mascara, lash serum and eyeliner. In this article today, I will explain to you, what else there is, to bring your lashes to a bimbo appropriate level – and why it is absolutely necessary to do so. For this, we briefly have to talk about some facts about eyelashes, that would belong to the future “the perfect bimbo face” series, but are mandatory to understand why it can’t be enough for a bimbo to just make use of the basic tools, even though, these provide the essential foundation for everything else.

Depending on the source, the length of the human eyelash lies somewhere between 7 – 12mm, with individual lashes ranging from typically 3 – 10mm (upper eyelash). With this in mind, the question arises, if the actual length of lashes has something to do with the percepted “level of femininity” we talked about in the beforementioned article, or if it is JUST about pronounced lashes that let you differentiate between a male cartoon character or a female cartoon character. Furthermore, we can ask the question, if the length of lashes is somehow connected to the perceived level of attractiveness and therefore sexappeal. Of course, you wouldn’t read the PBA, if I wouldn’t provide some answers to these questions, as always, backed up with actual science: A study, by Pazhoohi and Kingstone, for “Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences”, examined how eye-lash length affects ratings of beauty and attractiveness. Psychology Today introduces us to the results:

Thick and long eyelashes are associated not only with beauty but also with femininity—hence the idiom “fluttering one’s eyelashes,” which means to flirt. Women use a variety of methods to emphasize their eyes and enhance the length of their eyelashes: eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliners, eyelash curlers, eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes, and even eyelash transplants. Some drugs have also been used to help grow longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.” – Psychology Today, “What’s the Most Attractive Eyelash Length?” – Psychology Today, “What’s the Most Attractive Eyelash Length?”

The results of the study pretty much prove what most of you already assumed: Yes, the length of eye lashes DOES affect perceived attractiveness, yes, it does differentiate between perceived masculinity and femininity, and yes, it does “generally” tells us, that the longer the lashes, the higher the level of perceived attractiveness of females – to a certain degree:

Individuals ranked males faces as higher on attractiveness than females at the smaller eyelash length ratios [0.00 and 0.04], and they ranked female faces as higher on attractiveness than males for the larger eyelash ratios [0.30, 0.36, 0.40, and 0.50].“ – Psychology Today, “What’s the Most Attractive Eyelash Length?”

But also:

The findings do not support the view that increasing the length of eyelashes will always increase the attractiveness of female faces. Yes, attractiveness increases, but only up to a point, after which it declines. For female faces, long eyelashes are certainly more attractive than very short eyelashes (being the least attractive) but they are also somewhat more attractive than very long eyelashes” – Psychology Today, “What’s the Most Attractive Eyelash Length?”

By looking at the data, we can see that the preference for eyelash length follows an inverted-U function (as stated by the paper in the APA PsycNet), but there is much more to take away from this:

First and foremost, the “factor” this paper used to determine the length of the lashes, is the width of the human eye. Not the eyeball, not the eyelid – the whole eye you see when you look someone in the face. This means, a factor of “0.50”, for example, represents lashes with the length of half of the width of the human eye. While the actual width of the eye varies from ethnicity to ethnicity and from individual to individual, in average, it is somewhere around 40 mm (25 – 35mm from Medical Commissure to Lateral Commissure (basically “from corner to corner”) – without outer extend of the Medical Canthus and the Lateral Canthus). The lash length with the highest approval rating (Factor 0.24) would therefore be ~10mm. Second highest score goes to a factor of 0.36 with a length of ~14.4mm. Third place is a factor of 0.30 with a length of ~12mm. As we can already see, the highest beauty-ratings were given to lashes, longer than the natural average, looking at females. However, there is much, much more we can extract from this data:

1. Lashes, femininity and masculinity.

Like the data gathered from females, the preference for eyelash length on males follows an inverted-U function as well – however, in the exact opposite direction! The longer the eye lashes – the less attractive men are perceived – and the shorter they are – the more attractive, to the same extend as we already saw with the females. There is a strong argument to be made in favor of the discoveries we already made in regards to the theory, that the length of the lashes is directly tied to perceived femininity, not only attractiveness. With the fact in mind, that bimbofication is all about hyper femininity – and that a bimbo should represent PEAK femininity, it can be extracted, that a bimbo should have very long lashes – eo ipso: The longer the lashes, the higher the perceived femininity!

2. The longer – the better – in general

We all know, that in many cases, the phrase “more is more” holds absolute truth in bimbofication: Bigger is better – the bigger your tits – the more perfect you are as a bimbo, the higher your heels are – the higher is your sex appeal. And of course: Make up. The more make up you wear (heavier than heavy), the better you are as a bimbo. Well – all of these things do know boundaries, of course. At some point, there is an “enough” and same goes for the length of lashes, apparently. As you can see, looking at the data, there is a steady drop in perceived attractiveness at a length-factor of 0.40 (~16mm). We can come up with an explanation for this – and will talk about this dip very soon, but there is still one more thing we can get out of the pure data: While the beforementioned factor of 0.24 ranked 1st place in this study, with an approval of ~13,61% – there is still a very high approval of longer lashes: The perceived attractiveness lies at ~49% for lengths beyond the factor of 0.24, but only at ~37,5% for shorter lashes. So, AT LEAST, there seems to be a tendency for a higher attractiveness of even longer lashes.

So with these information, you might think, with a lash length of about 10mm, you have found the perfect bimbo lash length, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong – and I will tell you WHY this is the wrong conclusion, by providing you with two explanations, and further scientific studies:

The beforementioned study was performed by using computer simulated faces without any make up enhancements at all. Any assessment regarding attractiveness, made by the recipients are therefore based on a natural, neutral face without any beauty-enhancing support. So, these results mainly tell us something about the preferred natural lash length without any make up at all. However, as you know, EVERY bimbo ALWAYS has to wear full make up – heavy and complete! Why should this change something regarding the results? Well, there are two reasons for this:

1. Many of the preceded make up lessons we talked about in this series have similar goals in enhancing desired facial features. All of the lessons covering eye-related make up had multiple objectives, but always one common goal: To let your eyes appear as big and open as possible. When applied correctly, all of these steps will let your eyes visually appear much bigger, which of course, makes it absolutely necessary to increase the length of your lashes as well, to maintain the desired ratio. Do not forget: The essential basis for the perceived attractiveness in the beforementioned study was the ratio of the length of the lashes, compared to the perceived width of the eyes! Bigger eyes = longer lashes – no matter if this increase in width is achieved with “artificial methods/illusions” or not.

2. It is only logical to assume that the acceptance of longer lashes increases, when combined with a full face make up. This has something to do with the effect of the uncanny valley and the human desire to see their expectations fulfilled, especially with a completionist mindset. What this means is, that us humans subconsciously know, how long the natural lashes of another human being are on average – and this is what we expect to see, looking at other humans, hence the preferred length from the study, in the upper spectrum which is still theoretically possible to occur naturally – even though there is an aesthetical desire for even longer lashes. A full face make up in addition to false, long lashes, helps us to “accept” a length that exceeds what can occur naturally, because we know that it is an “artificial” enhancement and not a natural curiosity. In addition, a complete, full face make up in combination with enhanced eye lashes, satisfied our completionist mind, which longs for a “perfect”, entire and plenary pattern. So – a complete, full face make up, increases the perceived attractiveness of even longer lashes.

So, do we have further data to back up all these claims? Are enhanced lashed perceived as more attractive compared to natural lengths? Yes, we do: About one year after the first study, Psychology Today released another research project: “What Impression Do Long Eyelashes Make?” – by Aimee Adam, who compared perceived levels of attractiveness between natural and extended eyelashes. In the magazines conclusion, it reads:

She found that women (but not men) with longer eyelashes were rated as more attractive, healthier, and more feminine. (…) Adam’s research demonstrated that the same women were found to be more attractive when their eyelashes were augmented than when they were shorter, corroborating eyelash augmentation as an attractive enhancement strategy that has been practiced for over 4,000 years. She notes her research suggests that longer eyelashes “may serve as an external cue to health and femininity and thus may be used as a proxy of fertility,” rather than merely an “arbitrary cultural preference,” and are specifically preferred in women. (…) Adam acknowledges that her findings confirm that eyelashes can impact social interaction (…)” – Psychology Today – “What Impression do long Eyelashes make?”

So – enhanced eye lashes it is – preferably with a complete, full and heavy make up, which is why we finally come to the main topic of todays article: False/Fake eyelashes (Only took us ~3 pages to get here…)!

Fake, fault or faux -eye lashes are part of the complete bimbo make up and have to be worn at all times (as described in the according rule post). As always, we are not talking about an “either – or”! Like all other aspects of bimbofication (fake tits and the need to care for your natural boobs – or the necessity of long, platinum blond hair AND extensions – or having huge implants AND making your boobs appear even bigger with make up, etc.), there is only an “AND”! In this case, this means, you have to care for your natural lashes, let them grow as long as possible and keep them in a perfect state, apply make up (mascara) – while at the same time, always make use of false eye lashes! Only the combination of both aspects will result in the perfect bimbo look. But let us talk about the special benefits fake eye lashes provide:

What eyelashes do is like what lipstick does, and eyelashes may actually even do it more.” – Prof. Marianne LaFrance ( – 5 Reasons Why Women Love to Wear False Eyelashes)

1. First and foremost, obviously, false lashes have to be MUCH longer than your natural ones – we just talked about the reasons. Longer lashes = More perceived attractiveness and more perceived femininity. These are two of the most important goals for a bimbo.

2. False lashes can have multiple layers (have a look at the provided papers), which, in combination with the additional length, increase density and let you appear much more healthy and youthful.

3. False lashes fulfill the function of artificially enhancing natural beauty (same as extensions and implants) – which is a must for a bimbo. This is more or less following the “necessity of plastic“.

4. False, long and dense lashes increase the contrast between the “frame” of your eye and the sclera (the white of the eye). We are still missing our VERY important bimbo color theory article about contrasts, but just believe me for now, when I say, that contrast is one of THE most important things a bimbo has to pay attention to! This is one of the reasons, why “smokey eyes” are part of EVERY complete bimbo make up – and EVERY bimbo should ALWAYS make use of heavy eyeshadow! Again, the importance of contrast (especially when it comes to the eyes!), was scientifically proven in studies that investigated the connections between perceived femininity, attractiveness, contrast and the appeal of the feminine eyes! Remember: Always (!) Eyeshadow, eyeliner, smokey eyes, mascara AND false lashes! ALWAYS! Do NOT leave any of these aspects out! EVER!

5. False lashes can provide a boost in confidence. Apparently, some women state, that false lashes give them more condifence, which could be explained by guessing that every female subconsciously knows about all the provided benefits and the results they provide. The “more dramatic look” false lashes give, might also positively influence not only the mind of any observer – but also the mind of the woman who wears them.

6. False lashes are “heavy”. Well, obviously this is relative, but for the relatively weak muscles of your eyelids, even these feathery objects represent a serious weight. Why is this a good thing? Very easy: The added weight will make it more difficult for you to keep your eyes fully open. This inevitably results in “bedroom eyes”. Remember, when we talked about the default bimbo gaze and why it is sexy? Yes – we are talking about THAT! False lashes will it not only make it easier for you to maintain that look – they will also enhance it drastically! The benefit of enhanced “bedroom eyes” with false lashes is nothing new and well known. So remember: Heavy, false lashes are a very good thing!

7. False lashes protect your eyes. This might be a minor factor, but for the sake of completeness, I added it here. Long lashes protect your eyes from dust, dirt and direct sunlight, preventing irritation and redness. This might be the original, evolutionary reason, why men perceive women with long lashes to be more attractive.

Last but not least – you have to decide what you want: There are the very well known strip-lashes, false eye lashes you can apply and remove whenever you desire – and there are “semi permanent eyelashes”/”individual lash extensions”. These lash extensions are semi-permanently glued to your natural lashes, one by one, typically lasting for about 6 – 8 weeks. Obviously, for a bimbo, again, this is not an “either-or-question”, but something you could do combined. However, these semi-permanent-lashes are not a “must” for bimbos – quite in opposite to using strip-lashes – but it could be something to think about to make your daily make up routine easier and faster.

So, as always we talked about the objective facts and the scientific reasons, why every bimbo should adhere to the PBA teachings in this specific aspect. Have a look at the papers provided above and follow the PBA rules: EACH and EVERY day – go for a COMPLETE bimbo make up – which ALWAYS includes mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, smokey eyes and false lashes! Take care of your natural lashes and provide them with the necessary care and essential nutrients (Vitamin A, Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc and Iron – make use of a lassh serum!). Chose the correct false lashes for your bimbo persona (VERY long, VERY dense and VERY heavy! See papers above). Be prepared, the next three articles of the PBA make up series will again deal with your eyes – so make sure you read and understood everything so far, practice every day and perfect your bimbo eye make up to this point!

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