Bimbo role model – SaRenna Lee

After our last “classic” bimbo role model is a little way back, and we covered different “modern” bimbos (here and here), I think it is time to speak about a true bimbo of the good old times again, the late 80s and the early 90s, when big tits were getting bigger and bigger, busty, blonde girls in high heeled pumps ruled the porn industry with perfectly shaped bodies and tried to surpass each other, regarding who could get the biggest silicone implants – ah, great times, when girls knew how to dress and saline and silicone did flow indeed. SaRenna appeared 1992, modeling for men’s magazines and underwent her first breast augmentations to enlarge her already D-cup sized, natural breasts. SaRenna is indeed a typical actress of the 90s, like Lisa Lipps and Brittany O’ Neil (girls we will cover in the future) and a truly perfect bimbo rolemodel, even for the trainees today. Have a look at this stunning, blonde beauty, with her pretty face always covered in make up (red lipstick anyone?), her big, enhanced tits (This is what you girls should go for at minimum! Do it like the dolls back then did it!), a tight, slim body, long legs and an outstanding taste, regarding clothes. This girl is always to be seen in high heels, stockings, short skirts, revealing tops and feminine styles. As much as I love her with her long, blonde hair, I absolutely adore her interpretation of Marylin Monroe (proving me right about the perfect connection between that superstar and early bimbo role model and the bimbo style in general), a resemblance that didn’t come from nowhere and became soon a gimmick SaRenna used for her first years. You can see how much SaRenna appreciated the look and perfect, pink style of Marylin by looking at the fourth picture set above or by having a look at this incredible reminiscence of her, performing in best bimbo manner, as Marylin in one of her most famous moments. Another thing I simply had to show you guys, is her perfect rendition of the bimbo secretary in the last picture above – yes, I know, she is supposed to be a teacher, but in terms of outfity and style, there’s not much of a difference – just perfect. Even though her breasts are a little low hanging (only just acceptable), the sheer size of them make up for that little flaw and SaRenna still remains as a perfect doll of her time, and should still be a guiding light and role model for every bimbo trainee today.

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