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The legs of a bimbo mark one of her biggest visual appeals (alongside her tits, her lips, her face in general, and so on…), so it is no wonder that we already had multiple inspections of the various possibilities and options a bimbo has to showcase them in the best way possible. The presentation of her legs is of the utmost importance and is mostly done by different techniques of walking, standing and sitting and by the correct selection of different clothes and accessories, namely short skirts, short dresses and high heels, which visually lenghten the legs and give them tension and feminine excitement. Though these are items that indeed emphasize the legs of each doll, they can not be considered as “legwear” – a category which is thin on the ground, as we already stated in our one and only legwear post so far. While it is true, that stockings are one of the most important items of a bimbo regarding her legs (we will discuss this topic in detail in the near future!), there are other accessories that can function as a visual hotspot and draw the attention to the rack of a bimbo. Quite recently, fashion media spotted “ankle chains” as a top trend among the stars on the red carpet and as a sexy and playful accessory. We are going to analyze the importance for anklets for the bimbo culture and the possibilites a doll can chose from to express her inner bimbo persona correctly as desired. In Egypt and South Asia, ankle chains were worn by woman long ago, around 3000 BC, when this jewelry did not only decorate the -let’s say: least attractive part of a girl- feet of a woman, but could be of high value and give an observer details about her social rank or the identity of her tribe or family (There is an epic of Tamil literature about such an ankle chain, called “Cilappatikaram” (“The story of the anklet”)). In India, anklets are part of the marriage ceremony, like the wedding ring in western countries. Today, in the western world, the anklet has a small revival: High class designers like Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and others equip their female fasion ambassadors with these items. But why should a bimbo wear these things? Well, initially the need to cover oneself with glistening, sparkling and fancy jewelry is a profoundly female one. That has to be supported and is absolutely understandable: Flashy accessories are an eye catcher and attention drawer, showing the class and the exclusivity of the wearer. Every possibility to perform those behaviours which are generally and strongly regarded as feminine should be perceived, as well as the need to attract attention and to stand out. This is naturally true bimbo behaviour! In addition, the anklet draws attention to the legs of the bimbo, as well to her high heels, supports her look and her styling and creates a sexual tension that is highly wanted. Our last rolemodel, the amazing and stunning, classy, elite-high-class bimbo doll Loredana Chivu has strong sympathies for this accessory, as you can see in the two pictures above. And what Loredana Chivu does, can be considered as the basic 101 for every aspiring, classy and elegant bimbo doll and trainee. There are some basic guidelines you should pay attention to:

Go for golden or silver anklets! Golden anklets are a luxury indicator, especially when they are decorated with precious stones (ankle chains designed like the Swarovski Crystal Choker are also perfectly fitting!), designed as a single thin chain or a two layered one. This is highly recommended for every high class bimbo or classy ones. Silver anklets are a little bit more casual and can always be worn. These are the only materials you should think of!

Do not go for tribal anklets, beaded anklets and everything that can be linked with words like “bohemian”, “ethnic”, “hippie” or “casual”. A bimbo girl is a high class doll with a pop cultural background and has no connections to such themes! The anklet should underline the exclusivity of the doll, not challenge it!

While there are some theories in certain circles, regarding the meaning of the choice on which ankle the ankle chain is worn, generally it is fair to say that it doesn’t really matter and is up to the bimbo doll. For the sake of completeness, if you want to play safe, these are the most common opinions about the position of the anklets:

Anklet worn on the left ankle: Indicates that you are single and happy to be approached by members of the opposite sex.

Anklet worn on the right ankle: Indicates that you are in a relationship.

Anklets worn on both ankles: Indicating that you are in a relationship, but still open to approach.

In some theories, wearing the anklet on your left ankle, means you are a lesbian, based on the handkerchief code. Nevertheless those theories can, as I already stated, be ignored or neglected.

Like we already picked up on the chokers we discussed, there is also the possibilty for anklets to carry small danglers with slogans or symbols which can transport a message to an observer. The slogan anklets are available with many different readings like “bimbo”, “slut” etc. and should be chosen wisely, suitable for the certain bimbo persona and the character of the doll. This can greatly increase the expression of a bimbo doll and arbitrate a favored idea that supports the bimbo effect.

There is a special version of these items, strongly derived from the ritual anklets of certain cultures, which are of special interest for an undercurrent culture of the goth / gimbo scene, namely the “tribal goth” or “tribal fusion” community, often called “gothic bellydance” scene, where these items are of great importance – we will have a close look at those sexy gimbo possibilities in the future! But be advised that ankle chains are a perfect accessory for gimbo dolls as well! Though the overall design of the item may adjusted to special needs of the dark sub culture.

Some basic and golden rules for bimbos wearing ankle chains:

1. Wear high heels! It cannot be repeated often enough!

2. If your high heels are plain or just modest – choose an anklet that is fancy and exceptional, maybe even over the top. More is more!

3. Yes, you can wear stockings AND an ankle chain. Be advised: The anklet can damage your stockings!

As a bimbo doll it is your duty to be the eyeturner and jawdropper in any given situation! Classy ankle chains can draw attention, emphasise your legs, your high heels and your overall look. Take advantage of that and get different anklets for different styles, outfits and occasions – and wear them often!

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