Bimbo role model – Elizabeth Starr

November is over, the year is reaching it’s end and our series about the perfect bimbo tits is nearly completed. The next part of that series of articles will be the last one, which is why todays rolemodel is also the last one within the series about said perfect bimbo tits. Will there be any more bimbo rolemodels with perfect, big, enhanced, fake tits – even after this series is completed? Well, hell yeah – of course! My queue is very, very long, with dozens of awesome and amazing bimbo dolls, breathtaking rolemodels and also stacked with many more girls with perfect, giant, enhanced, fake tits – very suitable for our ongoing topic. Big, augmented breasts will always be a very important and major part of bimbofication and of this project also, so expect many more boobs to come. But I feel we all could use a little break over the holidays and start the new year with our new series about bimbo makeup and fitting rolemodels there, so there will be a little bit more variety in the near future. Having said that, I feel I provided you with a fairly good intersection of different “perfect tits rolemodels” over the last year, with a triumphant finale, namely “Pamela Carolin Blond” last time. To crown the closure, I bring you something we didn’t have seen in this series yet – although it got mentioned in our post about the different types of implants: String-implants! I already announced, that we’re going to have a look at one of the co-stars of bimbo rolemodel Lacey Wildd, someone who stars besides her in the Russ Meyeresque movie “Blonde Squad”: Elizabeth Starr! Elizabeth, born in 1969 is a veteran of the porn- and bimbo-culture and most well known for her giant breasts. The estimated size of her rack is assumed to be a 36O / 80O, whereby her natural starting situation was a  36D / 80D – slightly more than normal for a caucasian female in the United States. This impressive gain in size without having to go through multiple surgeries results from the type of implants she received back in the days: Polypropylene breast implants, also known as string breast implants. We talked about this type of implants, and I already told you not only how they work (they continuously “grow”) but also that there is most certainly no more an opportunity to get this type of implants – so see this as a reminiscence of what was once possible. Elizabeth always maintained a fantastic body shape, absolutely impressive and imposing, especially for a woman that left her early 40’s behind her and never slacked when it comes to her visual appeal. Even her way of dressing and styling never let down and never disappointed, always showcasing bimbo-suitable, sexy, revealing and hot pieces of clothing, as well as stockings, high heels and short skirts – often in pink! So not only women who left the 30s and 40s behind them can learn something from this doll: Never let your age dictate you how you should dress, style and if and how you can express your bimbo persona! But also very young trainees can take this doll as a guiding light: Always try to reach bimbo perfection, never slack, never give up and maintain this attitude forever! I already mentioned this in the rolemodel post about Lacey Wildd, but if you want to see this MILF in action – have a look at the beforementioned movie “Blonde Squad”! So, now let us conclude this section with a look at a rolemodel with impressive dedication and a bimbofication dream come true: Breast implants which simply won’t stop growing.

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