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Long announced, but here it finally is: Bimbo queen and rolemodel Alicia Amira released her very own fashion brand “Be a Bimbo“, directly targeted at bimbos, bimbo trainees and sex workers who are proud to express their lifestyle. Of course we have to take a look at this, but before we start, let me clarify that, as usual, I am reviewing this objectively and didn’t get any invitation to do so and I don’t receive anything for that. I’m just doing it because I feel that these products could be benefitial when it comes to spreading bimbofication propaganda. In addition, it is of course something special, when an established bimbo rolemodel releases her own bimbo fashion brand – and maybe these items are also benefitial for that special bimbo appeal of you bimbo dolls or, if you are a trainer – your trainees? Oh, before I forget it: I have to stress that none of these items are present to me or my girls at the moment, so take everything I say as an assumption based on the pictures that got released. I will do my best to examine the current state of the brand in terms of bimbo usability and benefits – but as always, these are only my opinions.

I have to say, I am a bit disappointed. After the initial announcements and months of teasing, I expected…… let’s say I expected “more”. Please hear me out! I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to produce these items and get everything rolling, including shop, website, business, production, etc… but overall, the current assortment feels kind of underwhelming, and this hasn’t necessarily something to do with the quantity of different items. But let us first look at the line of goods in general:

The current collection consists of seven different, printed crop tops and sweaters, one choker, one rhinestone-belt and two different, custom necklaces. Maybe I just was hopelessly naive and irrational when I heard of Alicias idea about creating a real bimbo related fashion line, but if you were looking forward to the result like I did, maybe you expected something more elaborate and special – like I did. I wouldn’t say that I was thinking about bimbo suitable prêt-à-porter “high fashion”, like the Moschino “Barbie Collection” – but yes, I was expecting something more laboured than printed shirts. Some unique, tailored styles, skirts and dresses – custom made and tended to let the body of a bimbo look the best way possible (tight, short, etc.)? Maybe something similar to the “Oh Polly” “Bad Reputation dress” we talked about a few days ago? Complete sets of pieces, including short jackets, a short skirt, a belt and a tight top? A true collection of complete bimbo styles? Stuff like that, you know. Okay – this is not what we got. What we did get instead?

The crop tops and sweaters

Alicia separated her collection in three different categories: “Bimbo Family“, “Limited Edition” and “Sexworker“. The “Bimbo Family” section contains a babypink crop sweater with the printed logo of the “Be a Bimbo” brand and two crop sweaters (white and black) with the figurative mark of the brand set in rhinestones, likewise, these two pieces are also the only two items of the “Limited Edition”. The “Sexworker” section contains four different crop tops, one in black with a printed “live on cam” slogan, one in pink with “Pornstar” written on it, one in white with “Slutlife” written on it and one last in pink with the slogan “Stripper Queen” in white. Telling from the pictures, the quality of the tops looks very promising and convincing, the fabric looks upscale, the colors are nice and the actual style-pattern is VERY bimbo suitable. Although nothing too special, the tops reveal the belly of a bimbo and might emphasise her tits, if bought in the correct size – like it should be. Sadly, there isn’t a top with a low-cut neckline, so there are still better ways to showcase some tits. Let us now come to the real letdown here: Apart from the “Limited Edition” tops, the four pieces of the “Sexworker”-line are nothing more than printed shirts with a rather uninspired message on them. Typo, some very minor graphical work, nothing really bimbo related, sometimes in a stock “German type”, sometimes in another very basic font. In all honesty, this is something I could provide on my PBA merch shop, without making a great effort. To take it even further, perhaps you could design something very similar in one of those online “shirt-print-on-demand-shops”, without even having to use a graphic program, just by using one of those online design kits and provided fonts – and maybe that would turn out even less expensive (Be a Bimbo price atm: ca. 35$). The two “Limited Edition” shirts are a bit more elaborate: I like the idea of rhinestone prints and appreciate the enhanced design work. Rhinestones are VERY bimbo suitable and a good choice in general. Sad thing here: These sweaters are only available with long sleeves. Of course, Alicia herself models with every product and gives us some pretty nice pictures by doing that, though the real “bimbo appeal” is not really generated by said products, but more so by the stunning doll herself and that fantastic, short, pink, vinyl mini skirt she wears (a product I would have wished to see in the assortment of “Be a Bimbo”…)

The jewelry

Let us first have a look at the two different necklaces: Both are made of an unkown material, most likely some kind of silver white alloy, one representing the beforementioned logo of “Be a Bimbo”, the other one a custom typo saying “Bimbo”. Though it is fairly difficult to say something about the quality of these items, I have to say, they look fairly solid and substantial. If you want to propagate Alicias fashion brand, I would encourage you to wear that logo pendant – it looks quite nice and transports a bimbo suitable message. The “Bimbo-typo” pendant is a little “less special” and I’ve seen some more exciting, similar pieces, but also nice. Last but not least, there are two pieces of jewelry made of rhinestones: A choker saying “Bimbo” and a decorative suspender belt with the same slogan. As you all know, I am a very big fan of rhinestone slogan chokers – we talked about those in a special article, so if you want to know why these are VERY bimbo suitable, I would refer you to that post. The belt is also a very bimbo suitable product, a shiny accessory that would complement any bimbo outfit. HOWEVER: Both products don’t only look quite fragile, but at least the choker has a striking resemblance with some of the chokers we talked about, which would let one make the assumption, that these pieces are produced in China (which would put a new light on the fairly high price) and might not be of indestructible quality. Again, sadly, there is no real unique, custom design work noticeable – but apart from that, both of these pieces can be considered a very bimbo suitable, sexy addition to any bimbo outfit and can work as a nice, attention grabbing accessory with a proper message.

So, there’s that. Perhaps you got the idea why I am a little disappointed. But let us look at the big picture here: Alicia and “Be a Bimbo” just started and this is quite an ambitious and hefty project. Who knows with what they will come up next? I fully and absolutely support the idea of a bimbo focused fashion brand – and I admire Alicia because of her courage to start the whole thing. Maybe we will get some REALLY, unique and elaborate fashion pieces in the near future – complete collections, custom patterns, bimbo related designs and more. So, while all these pieces are no sensation by any means, the concept is great and definetely worthy of support. If you are a fan of Alicia, and her constant crusade of bimbofication, you should definetely go shopping there and by that support her. If you just need some nice additions to your wardrobe – maybe there are better options, but by supporting “Be a Bimbo” you would signal an interest in bimbo focused fashion and help them to improve. If enough dolls buy this brand – maybe they will come up with more and more impressive products. So, let us all be curious and look forward to what they will come up next.

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