2. Bimbo cosplay – The benefits & Bimbo cosplay theory

It took quite a while, but long after I posted the initial post of our bimbo cosplay miniseries and its roadmap, here is the next part, which mainly deals with the reasons why you as a male trainer should actually be interested in cosplaying girls and bimbos and why you should support your trainee in doing so. Many of you male trainers might be completely uninterested in the topic of cosplay or cosplaying bimbos. “What would that be good for?”, “I’m out of this age”, “That childish stuff isn’t for me”, “I don’t see any benefits in this” or “I take bimbofication way too seriously to be convinced of this silly stuff” – might be thoughts many of you have, but hear me out. There are actually many valid reasons why bimbos should cosplay and why you as a trainer should support this:

1. Introduction of fictitious rolemodels in favor of bimbo ideals.

Without a doubt, many fictitious, female characters in media productions (videogames, movies, animes, tv-series, comics, mangas, books, etc.) correspond to certain ideas of femininity. While this has caused quite some trouble, emanating from very special parts of a certain movement in society here and there, it is still undeniable that characters rendered in said ways are massively favored by “normal” consumers – male AND female. What we are talking about, are of course oversexualized and traditionally very feminine characters, both regarding their bodies, psyche, proportions and their styles, iconic ways of dressing or general appeal. Starting from cute, girly and sexy outfits, with short miniskirts, high heels in minor cases, leading to overly pronounced, female body shapes with virtually PERFECT bodies or proportions absolutely unachievable without surgical procedures (one of the benefits of ficticious rolemodels: They can be way better than anything nature would allow!). It is safe to say, that many often roleplayed characters are not only idealized figures of how girls and women should look like and even behave like – but also that many of them correspond with very ambitious bimbo ideals and criterions. Young girls, consuming these media products from an early age on, will accept these ideals easier, preparing a future bimbofication as some sort of “early bimbo education”. But even if a girl beyond her early 20s consumes said media products, she is very likely to accept said features as just “character aspects” of her beloved protagonists. This is a very effective way to normalize said features and expectations on girls and women or even create the desire to BE like that character. You wanted to be He-Man when you were young? Well, a girl should want to be like the famous Jessica Rabbit or Tionishia from “Monster Musume”. We will have a closer and more detailed look at this topic in our future parts 3, 9 and 16, but keep in mind that, being introduced to characters who represent bimbo ideals (introduction), getting to know and accept them (normalizing) – wanting to be (like) them (internalizing) and finally roleplaying/cosplaying as these characters (familiarizing) are very helpful steps towards the final level – BECOMING one of those characters (transmutation / bimbofication).

2. Cosplaying girls dare to do things they would never do otherwise.

If you have a look at many girls in the cosplay scene (which you should do), you would come to a simple conclusion: MANY of the participating girls, dress and behave in a way they would NEVER do outside the world of cosplay! While it is quite normal for a bimbo (and absolutely necessary) to be styled and dressed like a girly stripper or high-class call girl, most “normal” girls are very detached from using suitable clothes. You will find, that many of these girls would make an absolute drama out of the idea to wear a fairly short skirt and some mildly high heels in their normal lifes (or even wear stockings – GOD FORBID!), but are suddenly absolutely okay with wearing a skirt that doesn’t even cover their asses and some very sexy high heels or other inviting outfits, when they are within the framework of cosplaying. Of course, this has multiple reasons (which we will examine closer in the upcoming part 6 and the next paragraph of this article) but also many very welcomed effects: Girls participating in wearing extremely sexy outfits based on suitable characters will always generate attention – no matter if they do this on cosplay-events or just on the internet. They will learn that dressing like this and showcasing themselves in these ways will not only generate much attention and consolation, but also a very large number of fans/followers, admirers and male takers. Because nature works as intended here, these experiences are highly addictive. The generated attention, positive reception and sudden popularity will work as a psychic reward, working as a learning effect: It just feels good! And her brain wants more. She already learned that it feels good to dress that way, to have a feminine sexy style and that these aspects will give her what she wants. By cosplaying she makes herself familiar with dressing in a slutty way and by that drawing attention to herself to which she gets used and needs more of. Cosplaying can be regarded as a very effective way to prepare a girl for bimbo suitable outfits and styles, to make her familiar and comfortable with wearing sexy clothes and to get her used to the attention she will receive as a bimbo doll – without the concerns and trouble you would have under “normal” circumstances.

3. The cosplaying bimbo persona

“I’m not bad… I’m just drawn that way” – Jessica Rabbit (Who framed Roger Rabbit)

One of the reasons why many girls only dare to do things under special circumstances, they wouldn’t do normally, was already talked about in our article about bimbo names: Many girls find it easier to correspond to their “inner bimbos / inner sluts” when they are able to come up with excuses for it. Every girl has the, more or less burried, need to express her inner slut and to become what she often unknowingly wants to be – a sexy bimbo doll. Her consciousness, her social awareness and her acquired moral understandings will always react in a repellant way, unable to accept her true nature, constantly trying to come up with excuses if she behaved in a way her mind actively deems unacceptable. Of course it is a very welcomed excuse to dress like a slut “because that’s just how that character dresses (deal with it)”. While objectively, there is no difference if a girl dresses like a slut in her normal life just because she likes to do so, or if she does it because she cosplays a certain character – the power of this flimsy excuse is not to be underestimated! Most “normal” girls in the cosplay community absolutely DO follow this spurious logic, reacting furiously if someone tries to reveal the true nature behind it, which is obviously a form of self protection. However, with this in mind, you can see where the benefits are regarding bimbofication: Wearing a slutty outfit is all the more so acceptable for any girl if she can reassure herself, that she “does only cosplay a character which happens to be dressed in that way” instead of facing the facts that – she is dressed like a good little slut – like she is supposed to dress. Also, by detaching her cosplaying bimbo persona from her “natural persona”, which remains unsullied (because its not REALLY herself who does or says this or that or dresses in that way 😉 ) she is suddenly able to do and say things she would never do and say “out of character”. Keep this in mind and proceed to the beforementioned article about bimbo names and transfer all the statements there to the concept of cosplay.

4. Cosplay and bimbofication – a fluent passage

We will talk about some very remarkable “cosplay rolemodels” here in the near future, girls you could call “bimbos” by any means – even if (some of) those girls would never agree with that. This is pretty easy to explain: On the one hand, many characters that are often cosplayed do have exhibit bimbo related features and aspects. In combination with the beforementioned effects (1, 2 & 3), a girl who is cosplaying regularly will move towards these specifications. This is also because many of these cosplayed characters were designed with the same ideals in mind one would have, thinking about the goals of bimbofication: Extremely feminine features, girly attitudes, high sex appeal, a virtually perfect body shape and a likeable character. Adapting to these features is no wonder (to increase the resemblence to a character, to generate more attention (a fat Sailor Mars will not generate positive attention) and to maintain the steady source of self-affirmation) and will lead to a very usable template for a further bimbofication. On the other hand, girls who are unknowingly but actively being trained by their partners, can be introduced to the whole topic of bimbofication through the ways of cosplaying: In the early stages of bimbofication it might be destructive and unconstructive to clear things up or even mention the topic of bimbofication and above all, to induct the lucky, future bimbo doll in the plans of her own bimbofication. If roleplaying in the bedroom was established beforehand, it might be an option to bring up the possibility of her “cosplaying / roleplaying” a bimbo just for fun and just for personal amusement in bed. The unaware trainee will contemplate this far more likely than deciding to become a full blown bimbodoll from the getgo. A blonde wig, heavy make up, a pink, short and tight minidress, some stripper heels and some non-permanent fake tan – Just for one evening, just for one night of wicked fun and exuberant sex… why not? Her significant other was so nice to her that day… why not doing him a favor… and who knows… maybe it’s fun? Surely it will be naughty and thrilling! So yes, let’s do it! Before she knows it, she has been introduced to the world of bimbofication! Of course, a trainer should reward the everliving crap out of his trainee and make it an unforgettable experience for her. She will learn that she does look better with long, blonde hair, which her significant other seems to love and adore… that her partner can’t hold himself back when she wears that much make up and that short pink dress, that he goes crazy when she poses with those stripper heels… and so on. This could be the beginning of a VERY successfull bimbofication…

5. It is fun to fuck Sailor Venus… and she likes it too…

Depending on when you grew up, you were exposed to different overly feminine and bimbo suitable female characters: Disneys Snowwhite or Alice in Wonderland? Sailor Venus or Sailor Mars? Jessica Rabbit or Lula from Wet the sexy Empire? Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Marilyn Monroe or C.J. Parker? Super Sonico or Princess Peach? Well – Do NOT tell me you never fantasized about fucking your fictitious crush! Well, with a cosplaying bimbo, you absolutely can do that! Stop telling me you are too old to participate in roleplaying, your inner thirteen year old will have his “got ya moment” when you pound the big titted, bimbo version of Sailor Venus into oblivion, exactly like you’ve seen it in those hentai adaptations, including her begging for mercy when you keep pumping in her little pussy – because you know what: She’s seen those hentais too. In the same way you are fulfilling your nostalgic dreams, she does exactly the same. In contrast to the widely held view that young girls don’t have naughty fantasies when they consume said media products, empathizing with the female characters and continuing to do so when later on they watch the hentai or porn version of the story they used to enjoy as a little girl, they absolutely DO have those fantasies. Encourage her to fulfill these fantasies and combine it with her bimbofication process. The fun she experiences will encourage her to continue with her efforts and increase her ambitions. We will talk about this in greater detail in part 4 of this series.

6. Acquiring more bimbos

Apart from beforementioned cosplay rolemodels who could be considered bimbos without even knowing about this topic, there are even examples of girls who quite deliberately committed themselves to bimbofication, originally coming from the cosplay community. This is not too odd, if you recall all the aspects we have talked about. However, the cosplay community offers a vast pool of bimbofication suitable girls and candidates for future bimbo queens we should not overlook or neglect! As I already said, cosplaying girls are a very usable template for bimbo dolls, and it is always advisable to support the creation of more bimbos. Not only for yourself (1. Get yourself a pretty girl, cosplaying Holli Wood at Comic Con 2. Invest minimal effort in bimbofication 3. Get a full blown bimbo queen 4. … 5. Profit!) but for everyone else! The more bimbo dolls there are, the more everyone wins (See article about that). You can even support these efforts, just by participating in online cosplay communities and by paying attention to the rules for bimbo trainers and lovers for interacting with girls on social media. I follow MANY girls of the cosplay communities, always encouraging them when they do something right (“Love those heels”, “That skirt should be shorter – but wow!” etc.) which will multiply when all of you do so too. Let us spread bimbofication in the cosplay community together! We will talk about this in great detail in part 18 of this series.

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