Bimbo role model – Tiffany Towers

It’s been a long time since our last classic bimbo rolemodel – and after this long pause, I surely feel a deficit of big, enhanced tits, as you can imagine – so be prepared for some girls I wanted to talk about for quite some time, but never found the right opportunity to do. We begin with a new article about one of the leading bimbo rolemodels of the past: “Tiffany Towers”. Well, those were different times… you all know how I like to revel in the past when it comes to beauty standards, ideals and the general picture of femininity, but again, here is a girl showing you guys how righteous my frustration with nowadays girls is. Tiffany, born December 19, 1971 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada outclassed most girls of present times and should still be a justificable rolemodel and personal hero for 99% of girls and women today. She shares many features with other bimbo stars from the late 80s to the early 2000s, a nicely shaped body, a flat belly, some wonderful legs, a sexy ass, blonde hair… and of course some enhanced, big tits. But what makes her special – is there something unique or even noteworthy about her, maybe even negative aspects? Let us have a look at some details: First things first – is there something negative? Yes – there always is, or at least something suboptimal, so what might that be? Many of you guys would argue that while her tits do seem to respect the basic bimbo role of breast sizes, she should have had much bigger tits (and that is at least debatable), but that’s not what I have in mind. Tiffany has blonde hair – like every good bimbo should, but is it long enough? No – absolutely not. The hair of a bimbo reaches her ass ideally, but should fall well over her shoulders, halfway down the back at least, which is not the case here. Next thing are her lips: Sadly, Tiffany never seemed to have her lips enhanced, which is a shame, but does reflect common practice in those times (not EVERYTHING was better back then, admittedly), but this is more or less everything we could nag about honestly. So, coming to the unique traits of classic bimbo princess Tiffany now: It is said that Tiffany was one of the only “mega bust models” to have soft “natural breast like implants”, which is, of course, something you wouldn’t be a big fan of, if you belong to the group of “bolt-on-lovers” in the bimbo community, but it surely is a pretty unique property and might have something to do with the “old silicon implants” which were used in those times, something we talked about in our series about the perfect bimbo tits. However, her tits are definitely a benchmark when it comes to the size, and should function as the minimum go-to for every girl and every bimbo trainee out there, no matter if you aim for those blazing bolt-ons or pillow-like, enhanced, big tits like Tiffanies – or something in between. Her style is another thing I would like to talk about – and this is only substitutional for many other bimbo rolemodels of those times, even if that definitive “bimbo styling series” is a thing still to be created in the far future: Girls from these times, girls like Tiffany KNEW how to dress. What is wrong with those fairly high, plain, black, patent-leather pumps for girls today? Or – GOD FORBID! – those same high heels in WHITE! Something nowadays girls seem to hate and avoid like nothing else. Stockings? Yes, please! Tantalizing lingerie? OF COURSE! This is way better than the pragmatic or “sporty” look even todays bimbos seem to prefer. But before I begin to rant about the evolution of feminine styling, let us put that aside until the beforementioned “bimbo styling guide” is released and talk about the one thing I find absolutely unique and noteworthy about Tiffany: Her smile! Behind this disarming, genuine and sweet smile lies an attitude – an attitude that ALL bimbos should adapt: The open, sweet, feminine, warm and happy attitude of a girly girl who may be a little naive, but surely lives a life she is happy with, loving her own femininity and everthing that comes with it. If such a girl enters the room, the sun rises and everyone will immediately experience how it feels when a girl embraced her bimbo persona. That beautiful, sweet, girly, slightly naive countenance, gives Tiffany that extra portion beauty only a bimbo can have. Girls, do not only adapt your body, your tits or your style – adapt this attitude, this girly, satisfied, happy bimbo mindset – without it – you will never become a true bimbo doll. However, like I already said, take those queens of the past, like Tiffany, as your prime examples and guiding lights – try to equal them – and then – try to exceed them – but always respect and honor them!

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