Bimbo role model – Kimberly Kupps

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Alright, lemme see… over the last 3 months, we had three defining, practically perfect bimbo rolemodels (Haley Layne, Paulina J. Candy and Kristhin Gomez), one defining, nearly perfect bimbo cosplay rolemodel (Adriana Alencar) and one defining, nearly perfect gimbo rolemodel (Lurcifera)… sooo… are we missing something? Well yes, of course, a defining, nearly perfect classic bimbo rolemodel! Let me introduce you to one of my all-time-favorites (although THE most perfect classic bimbo rolemodels would of course be Lolo Ferrari, Wendy Whoppers and Lisa Lipps, amongst others, which we already covered): Kimberly Kupps! Like the beforementioned classic dolls, Kimberly is a blond bimbo from a better era, a time when feminine girls weren’t looked down upon, when all they wanted was to get even bigger implants, giant silicone tits and outstanding bodies – when those girls decided to become bimbos dressing in short dresses, wearing high heels (which was far more common back then) and just being completely happy with the idea of becoming a perfect, sexy, feminine bombshell – “the Golden Age of Porn“. Like many of the classic bimbos from those times, Kimberly knew how to dress: Extremely short skirts and dresses, revealing, low-cut necklines, massive amounts of jewelry and makeup, voluminous hairstyles – and lace stockings with garter belts in different colors, lace lingerie and ALWAYS high heels – something the majority of girls nowadays seems to have unlearnt. When she was young, Kimberly was an absolutely stunning beauty (sadly there aren’t many pictures of her to be found on the internet from those times), but even as she grew older, she maintained that typical, sexy bimbo appearance. But let us have a look at the peak of her career: Kimberly had beautiful, long, blond hair – like EVERY bimbo should, framing her sweet and pretty face with those blue eyes, that well shaped nose and her red lips (which should have been much bigger, but were at least covered with red lipstick ALL THE TIME!). Kimberly maintained a nearly flawless body, a flat stomach and of course, those enhanced, big tits. Yes, we already spoke about classic rolemodels with bigger tits, and of course, her boobs should have been much bigger – but they were at least touching that basic rule for bimbos and the necessary minimum breastsize, which is already one of the most important aspects. Since those times, Kimberly had both of her nipples pierced, something we talked about in our series about the perfect bimbo tits and something that lets her appear even more kinky. Her beautiful, sexy, long legs were covered in silky, smooth stockings, most of the times, in combination with lace lingerie, exactly like it should be and exactly like a good bimbo should handle it, as well as adapting her determination to wear high heels all the time. But there is one more thing I love about this doll. One thing we haven’t talked about ever before here on this site: The way she “sounds”! This is quite a confession I have to make: I HATE how most of the girls sound nowadays – especially in porn. Listening to modern productions, one could get the assumption, that there is currently some girl being raped. Constant, jarring screaming, swearing and cursing – it’s total torture. A bimbo DOES NOT SWEAR! I don’t want to hear a girl screaming like she’s being skinned alive, only interrupted by tourette-esque attacks of swearing like a trooper, that would make Pazuzu ashamed of him/herself: “AHH! FUCK! SHIT! OHH FUCK FUCK! SHIT!” – STOP IT! Shut the fuck up! Do these girls even enjoy the stuff that’s happening? Because it sounds like the background noise in a fucking torture chamber and/or a horror movie! Listen up now: A bimbo ENJOYS being fucked. She enjoys sex. It is something she wants, it is something she craves – and that’s how it should sound like. A bimbo doesn not swear, a bimbo does not scream hysterically like she is flailed with a bat wrapped in barbed wire or tortured to death! And this is what Kimberly did amazingly well: You heard that she was enjoying everything that was done to her. Her elongated, appreciative “Uhhhhhhh’s”, combined with a corroborative moaned “yes! Oh yeah!” were exactly like how a bimbo should sound. Maybe… just maybe… there has to be a PBA series about “how a bimbo sounds” in the far future… maybe…

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