The PBA Guide to Bimbo Makeup – 12. Aspects: Lips

You’ve already guessed it – after we had PBA trainee Jessy explaining how she treats her lips to let them appear as big as possible and we talked about the techniques in detail to support the visual size with makeup, we will now have an overall look at bimbo lips in regards to makeup. The lips of a bimbo are more or less her most important facial feature in terms of bimbofication, despite simps often swaggering about “how your eyes are the most striking and beautiful aspect of your whole body/face” and despite most girls actually wishing for this to be true – we all know better. Yes, beautiful, dreamy, big, open eyes ARE important too (especially in combination with big, puffy lips) – but the lips of a bimbo have far more value, especially when we think about enhancements and factual sex appeal, they are nearly as important as her tits. In fact, they are so important, that there will be a dedicated series about “the perfect bimbo lips” in the future, in which we will talk about ALL the important features, techniques and elements that define true, big, bimbo DSL (“Dick-Sucking-Lips”). This series will contain (like the future series about “the perfect bimbo skin”, of which we already talked about) chapters about surgical enhancements, injections, products, lip care, natural enhancements and, of course, makeup – the part we are talking about today. So, don’t expect a fully detailed introduction to bimbo lips this time – we will get to that in the introduction post of that beforementioned series, apart from a small primer to the whole topic here.

“DSL” – you may have heared that term if you regularly roam the expanse of the online bimbofication community, and no, they are not tallking about a “Digital Subscriber Line”, but about “Dick Sucking Lips”. Preferably about “Big, puffy Dick-Sucking-Lips”. What does this conundrum of a term actually suggest? The lips of a girl are a very sexual part of her body and THE most sexual aspect of her face. First and foremost, big, full and red lips are a strong sign of good genetic quality. People having perfect teeth and a perfect bite often do have full, healthy lips in combination – this is by no means a coincidence: These things are indicators of genetic health, showcasing that the jaws and the whole facial region of the mouth have grown correctly without misalignment and that there are no obvious flaws, injuries or deseases involved. Apart from that, the lips of a girl are “one of her three holes” of significance when it comes to the one thing men are most interested in, looking at a women: Sex. Yes, attractiveness is surely influenced by the way you smile, by the way you talk and by the way you laugh, when we just look at the lips, but in the end it all comes down to two things for a man: Do I want to kiss these lips and do I want to put my dick between these lips? For a bimbo, these questions do not even arise – instead, a bimbo does aim at the effect, that the man in question can’t even think about something else than kissing her lips and putting his dick between them. Like I already said, there are many ways for a bimbo to enhance the impression of her lips, but what can we do with makeup alone and what are the essential aspects we have to pay attention to in order to achieve the goal of men thinking about nothing else than kissing your lips and getting a blowjob? Let’s have a look:

Big is not big enough

This shouldn’t be a surprise for you. Want me to scientifically back up this claim? No problemo! The BBC reported on the earth-shaking discovery that “scientists have found that the size of somebody’s lips plays a key role in determining whether they are sexually attractive to other people. Basically, the bigger the better [sic!] (…)” (BBC – Lip size key to sexual attraction), directly quoting Professor Michael Cunningham, psychologist from the University of Louisville:

Generally speaking, big is better than small

– which may be even expressed carefully, more or less saying, that huge, puffy, pouty lips are THE keyfeature of sexual attractiveness altogether. What does this mean for a bimbo in regards to makeup? Of course it means: Let your lips appear as BIG, huge, puffy and pouty as possible! We already talked about this in the respective lesson paper about the same topic, but it is essential for you to understand, that in addition to the other methods of getting bigger lips (hyaluronic acid injections, silicone lip implants, regular exfoliation and lip care, drinking MUCH water every day, lip plumber, special diet plan, etc.) you have to use makeup every day to let your lips appear even bigger – or better – as big as possible! Remember: Bigger is better! Like it is with the case of bimbo tits (it is EXACTLY the same!)! The bimbo scene refers to such DSL as “cock pillows” – let your cock pillows be the biggest, puffiest and most sexy ones ever seen!

The “O”-shape

It is a common misconception, to expect a bimbo to have that typical “duckface“. The “duckface” contains lips, that are pulled forward and spread out. This is NOT bimbo typical! Instead, this is the typical lip shape of bimbo-wannabe Instagram girls who think duckbills are sexy. The typical bimbo lip shape is more oriented towards the “fish-gape“, but MUCH more expressed. Essentially, the goal is to aim for a full, round, big “O”-shape. Does this remember you of something? Of course, you are thinking of those rubber blow up dolls? Well, yes, that is more or less the inspiration. THIS lets a man think about sticking his dick between your lips. We already talked briefly about the benefits of this shape in the paper about the basic bimbo facial expression, mentioning the appeal of a continuously astonished state that produces curiosity and attention. In addition, this shape reminds everyone of a “kiss mouth”, which is exactly what we want. Use the beforementioned paper to let your lips not only appear bigger, but also rounder and more “O”-shaped! Precisely aimed lip injections, that target at making your lips bigger, rounder and enhancing them vertically instead of making them wider and more horizontal are mandatory, as well as a perfectly balanced ratio of your upper and lower lips that support the “O”-shape! Studies found out, that “(…) a 1:1 ratio of the upper and lower lip is the most attractive. Over 60 percent of the participants had chosen this as the ideal lip shape. ” (- “The Lip Shape Men Love Most, According To Science”). This further supports our claims about the importance of round, “O”-shaped lips with a balanced ratio. Use makeup in addition to maintain this ratio and the “O”-shape and let your lips appear as big, round and full as possible!

Flawless plastic

Again, like with the topic of bimbo tits, plastic makes perfect and is a necessity. In this case, we are not only talking about the artifical enhancement, but more about the general appeal of your lips – which loosely connects to the article about bimbo skin we recently had. Your lips have to be clean, flawless, pristine and remind everyone of an artificial, plastic surface! What does this mean? Ideally, your lips are just one, domed, bulging but homogenous, even surface without ANY wrinkles, lip lines or imperfections. This means, a bimbo has to get rid of these “wrinkles and liplines” at any cost. Following the claims of Healthline, this “can easily take 10 years off your face” (- Healthline “Lip Wrinkles”), which is exactly one of the reasons why this is mandatory. Lip lines let you appear older and interfere with the plastic-like, pristine, perfect appeal a bimbo strives for. Like stated by Healthline, is is VERY difficult to cover these imperfections, so further actions ARE absolutely necessary (like, f.e., Botox, Dermabrasion, Microneedling, Platelet-rich plasma, Laser resurfacing, chemical peel, Derma fillers, etc. – more on that in the future series about “the perfect bimbo lips”), but we are also provided with some things you can do as part of your regular lip care routine: Using lip plumbers, using unwrinkle lip treatments, using anti-aging serums and using deep wrinkle night creams (products linked in the Healthline article!). In addition, like mentioned in one of our past articles: Drink MUCH water! It is VERY important for your lips to stay hydrated! Exfoliate, hydrate and clean your lips regularly – like described! And of course: USE MAKEUP! Make heavy use of lip plumbers and covering, thick lipsticks! Remember the five basic rules of bimbo makeup: MORE IS MORE! There is NEVER enough! In addition to the beforementioned treatments and techniques, just use massive and thick layers of lip plumbers, lipgloss and lipstick to cover ALL imperfections, wrinkles and lip lines! Try to achieve the look of a perfect, even, flawless and pristine surface!

Wet, shiny, glossy

Whether we are talking about kissing or blowjobs – all of that is a rather wet and moisty matter. What did we want to remind everyone of by looking at your lips? Oh, yes! Exactly that: Kissing and blowjobs! Like already said – this is the main goal of the impression of your lips. So it is no wonder, that keeping them juicy, and more important, wet and glossy is extremely important. This is exactly why “nude”, “natural” or “dry” looking styles are NOT the preferable option for a bimbo when it comes to her lip makeup! Of course, there may be situations in which these styles are favorable, but this always requires a good justification and a dedicated style to validate such a decision. All the more, it is frustrating to see, that nowadays, exactly these styles (nude, dry, natural, rough) are pretty common and standard, sadly, even in the bimbo community. But I’m here to change that. It is fair to make this general assumption: The lips of a bimbo ALWAYS have to look glossy, wet and shiny! Ideally, her lips look like a puffy, big, “O”-shaped, pristine and flawless surface made of shiny, glossy plastic, covered with a glittering, translucent, wet liquid. This does not only keep up the connection to wet kisses and blowjobs, it also resembles that welcomed “plastic appeal” far more than brittle, rough, dry, dull and toneless natural/nude styles. To achieve this, keep your lips hydrated, drink much water every day, exfoliate your lips regularly, keep them clean, use hydrating sugar lip scrubs and make use of lipgloss or glossy lipsticks instead of nude tones or sober colors. ALWAYS go for that “wet lipstick”-style… the more reflective, glossy, shiny and glittering – the better! Think of shiny piano lacquer! In any case: Always cover your finished lip makeup with a glossy, transparent lipgloss in addition! It can not be glossy, plastic-like, wet and shiny enough!

The color

Very similar to the beforementioned aspects of wet, glossy and shiny lips in comparison to a dry, nude, natural and rough appeal, a bimbo has to distance herself from nude, dull, natural, toneless colors as well. A bimbo has to wear lipmakeup EVERY DAY, which means that bright, powerful, saturated lipstick and lipgloss is ALWAYS the way to go! Of course, we have some basic explanations for this rule in particular, coming from the Dailymail:

According to a study, a woman’s lips are the most attractive part of her body. Especially if she’s wearing red lipstick. (…) If she’s applied lipstick, he’ll find it difficult to look away, with a dash of pink holding his attention for 6.7 seconds and red keeping him fixated for 7.3 seconds. (…) But when they went without make-up, the men tired of looking at their lips after 2.2 seconds ” – The Dailymail, “The lips have it: Research shows men are drawn to a woman’s pout more than any other facial feature

Doesn’t surprise me. Red lips especially are an indicator of healthy lips (signaling good blood circulation) and remind men of sexual arousal of women (also increasing blood circulation), which is also a very welcomed effect. We already talked about the strong effects of different colors within our bimbo color theory series and at least three of them are VERY suitable choices for bimbo lip makeup: Red and pink – and black (mostly for gimbos). However it is obvious why these strong colors are ALWAYS the best choice for bimbos: Saturated, bright colors are a call for attention and draw eyes far better than desaturated, nude, dull and reserved colors, which is, of course, the main reason why every bimbo should always go for one of these powerful and bimbo-suitable colors instead of the boring alternative. In addition, like mentioned before, these bright colors do emphasize the plastic-appeal far better than the natural tones. In conclusion: Unless there is a VERY good explanation, a bimbo ALWAYS has to use powerful, bright and saturated colors for her daily lip makeup, like red, pink or black. Use great amounts of lipstick/lipgloss, to let the colors appear as powerful, strong and heavy as possible!

This concludes the examination of bimbo lips in regards to makeup, however, we will have one further, dedicated article about lipsticks and lipgloss for bimbos in the future of this series. In addition, there will be the dedicated PBA series about “the perfect bimbo lips” also in the future… although this might take some time… there are some related articles to this topic (besides the ones I mentioned within the text, like, for example, the different articles of the bimbo color theory series) and I would like to refer you to these now. Furthermore, have a look at our last rolemodel, Sara Fabbro, who got not chosen ONLY because of her FANTASTIC lips, but mainly, and at bimbo rolemodel Gabriella Grigo – a mistress of very good lip makeup! Please make sure to read all of this, it will be very helpful on your way to become a perfect bimbo doll.

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