Bimbo role model – Ellie Missoni

Todays bimbo rolemodel is, simultaneously, an example for a nearly perfect bimbo doll and a sad story indeed. After last time, when we had a look at another classic rolemodel, Pandora Peaks, this time we talk about a more “recent”, but tragic rolemodel: Ellie Missoni! Oh boy, what an absolute beauty… what a stunner… a true bimbo-angel, a goddess… the definitive rolemodel – some would say – and you wouldn’t run out of eulogies, once you started talking about her beauty and the level of perfection she achieved. Apart from her sheer integrity, there is of course another reason why I wanted to talk about her: The timeframe of her transformation we are looking at, was a time when she strived for the perfect bimbo tits, very fitting to be mentioned while our ongoing series about the perfect bimbo tits still continues – a time when her boobs did respect the basic rule about the minimum size of perfect bimbo tits and were one of the main advantages she had above many other girls in the community. But even those giant, enhanced tits were only one aspect of many more that catapulted this doll amongst those other high princesses and queens of the bimbo Olympus, like Sarah Marie Summer, Loredana Chivu, Candy Charms and ASX: Her “out of this world beauty”, that perfect, angel like-face, her insane make-up and styling skills (she is a true artist amongst the bimbo dolls!), her sense for bimbo-fashion and sexy outfits, her toned body, her legs, those big lips, that perfect, long, blonde hair…. and so on, and so on – like I said, once you start talking about her almost frightening beauty – you just can’t stop! But, as always in the real world, this story is too good to have a happy end (for us): After Ellie did participate in the online bimbo community and had quite a variety of social media channels, she did not only vanish from one day to the next – she also seems to have turned her back on the classic bimbofication, and had a breast reduction. While I do not know why she deleted her twitter profile (or the other social media channels, maybe because of all those fucking stupid fakes, stealing her pics, pretending to be her?), or why she had a breast reduction, I am very sure she had some damn valid personal reasons for that, so there is nothing left for us than to wish her all the best and to keep her in our memories as she was as one of the highest and most sparkling bimbo princesses out there. She still remains as one of the greatest and most brightest guiding lights for all bimbo trainees out there! And I got the feeling, there are new, future bimbo rolemodels out there, who absolutely have the potential to become as perfect as she was, like, for example, Candy Plastique, who does share some similarities regarding the beautiful face… For everyone who silently wants to appreciate her beauty, she still runs a private instagram-account, but I got the feeling she doesn’t want to come in touch with the (sometimes toxic) online bimbo community again – so – if you manage to follow her, please just show her the respect she deserves and express your admiration without the conditions of bimbofication. Or, you just look at the remaining pictures of her in her prime and show her to other bimbo trainees while saying: THIS is how you should look girls!

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