Bimbo role model – Plenty Uptopp

Again, another classic bimbo rolemodel (the last one was posted a while back…) and suitable girl for our ongoing series about “the perfect bimbo tits”: Plenty Uptopp! I feel I could mark articles like these with a special tag or in a separate category called “Classic bimbo rolemodels”? Maybe keep that in mind… However, the theme of bimbo dolls that respect the basic rule, regarding the minimum size of tits, is a welcome opportunity for me to introduce you (especially young bimbo-curious girls and young trainees) to the dolls that paved the way for the bimbo ideals we know today. Plenty Uptopp is a very good example for this. Not only did she embrace everything important for those ideals and the whole lifestyle, she was even very active in promoting these ideals and propagandized the “bimbo way” in popular, public TV- and talk shows, like “The Jenny Jones Show” and “The Howard Stern Show” from the 90s to the early 2000s. Only that would guarantee her a place in the PBA hall of heroines already, because, like I said in my rolemodel post about Katja Krassavice, the next important thing for a bimbo rolemodel, after securing her own bimbo perfection, is to spread the bimbo spirit and the propaganda and to float other girls boats, making them interested in bimbofication, the benefits of huge, enhanced tits, being blonde, having a perfect body and being as feminine and sexy as possible. Young girls need to learn about these benefits, the ideals and the bimbo lifestyle, and who could be better suited, than rolemodels (like Plenty Uptopp) and teenage idols (like Katja Krasavice), spreading the gospel in the media? Of course, this  proselytizing is not the only reason why we talk about Plenty Uptopp as a rolemodel today. In order to practice the missionary work, as a girl, you do have to possess most of the propagandized features you are talking about to appear reasonable and to showcase their benefits immediately – and this is very applicable here. Plenty Uptopp managed to maintain a fairly shaped body and a fairly good silhouette. But, of course, her main features are her big, enhanced tits, respecting the general rule we talked about, her blonde hair and her giddy, lighthearted and cheerful attitude. These are the main aspects of bimbofication she really spread, but also the way she dressed (small tops with very lock necklines, showcasing her tits, corsets, sexy dresses and often stripper heels) did arbitrate a positive message for many. The way she enhanced herself, behaved, dressed and styled and the way she saw herself can and should be a paradigm for all girls, today even more than back then, so I will tell you this: Trainers and bimbo lovers, appreciate the classic bimbo rolemodels, because not only were they MUCH “better” in many aspects than most of the girls and even bimbos today, they paved the way to bimbofication as we know it today! Girls and trainees, look at what those girls did back than, learn to honor them and learn to appreciate what they were showing and trying to teach you. Look at those pictures. Take them as your guiding lights and try to become the best bimbos of YOUR generation, like they used to be in theirs, even with some of them still being part of the absolute elite. Respect those traditions of bimbofication and always strive for bimbo perfection, like they did (and still do).

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