Pink Bimbo Academy Spotlight #5 – Catherina Lauren (Barbie of Indonesia)

You didn’t expect this, didn’t you? Another spotlight already? After we talked with the amazing Kelly Pearl – today we’re going to have a premiere: Today we’re going to have our first PBA Spotlight with a girl NOT coming from Germany! If you remember,  all the amazing, beautiful and sexy bimbo princesses we had in our spotlight section so far, are German bimbos, namely Nariko, Candy Plastique, Gymgamergirl and Kelly Pearl. Not only that todays girl is not from Germany, but I’m quite proud to say that she is in fact from the opposite site of the world and a real star in her region! Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome with me, from the largest insular state in the world, the one and only, real Asian Barbie of Indonesia! As you may know, Asian bimbo dolls are a rare phenomenon – apart from our amazing bimbo rolemodels AzeeenBarbie and DJ Lady Tribe, I’ve not really seen that impressive girls coming from the other site of the globe to be quite honest with you. So it is even more astonishing, that I’ve never seen a picture of todays spotlight princess before in the online bimbo community!  This Barbie of Indonesia, namely Catherina Lauren, should be absolutely famous and widely known in the bimbofication scene, a star, so to speak, hailed as a prime example and rolemodel, not only for all Asian girls, but for girls and even for bimbo dolls all around the world! I can’t think of an explanation how this doll passed all the bimbo lovers out there (or at least me) without getting noticed, even though she has over 128k followers on Instagram, but only about 500 on her recently created twitter channel. But now I have found her, and not only is she a very kind and lovely young lady, but also an absolute rolemodel in regards of bimbofication! Her style is EXACTLY what a bimbo should have! Pink, pink and more pink! Sexy and feminine clothes and dresses, high heels, short skirts… its textbook-like and exactly what I am propagating on this blog! This is how a bimbo should dress and style! But it doesn’t stop there: She already underwent many bimbofication body-optimizations, got some nice, big, fake tits, big lips and much more! All this combined made her famous in her area, which aroused the interest of the Daily Mail, which then led to an interview. But today, she is here for an interview with the Pink Bimbo Academy, and let me say again how proud and thankful I am for that. But enough of this – let us get started:

Hi there Catherina, it’s such an honor to have you here at the Pink Bimbo Academy – I’m very happy you decided to take some time to answer a few questions. Would you mind introducing yourself to the community?

Im Catherina Lauren from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have always loved Barbie since I was born which has inspired my looks. I am 25.

Wow, let me say, you look absolutely stunning! I would say you are a prime example of how a real bimbo doll should look like, regarding style, body and overall appeal. I keep wondering, how it is possible, that a barbie princess like you isn’t much more famous in the online bimbo community – I have to admit, I just stumbled over your new twitter account and fell in love instantly. But even as someone who gets around in the online bimbo community, I am very sure I never saw any pictures of you there. Are you familiar with the term “bimbo doll” or is this whole culture new to you? I always saw you referring to “the barbie look”, which, of course, is very similar to the bimbo idea. What do you think of this term and what do you think of the ideas of the “bimbo-ideology”?

I must admit I have not been very familiar with the Bimbo doll culture. Maybe because ive always just been a Barbie purist. I think there is plenty of overlap on the looks. Barbie ideology is that “I will look beatiful and revealing, be empowered and I can be anything i want to be”. Bimbo ideology is similar for the beautiful revealing looks but is a touch less empowering it seems. (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

Maybe it was just me, who didn’t realize there was such an amazing princess around – After all you are really famous on Instagram, with over 128k followers! I am very sure your twitter account will skyrocket too, once people in the bimbo community take notice of you. Would you mind telling us how your journey started? What was your first contact with “the pink, feminine barbie appeal”?

I was 2 years old and Mom got me a Barbie Doll. From then Mom would take me to buy many Barbie clothes and pink clothes. My collection of Barbie Dolls grew from then…

Would you agree that more girls should wear pink, more feminine, sexy clothes and styles and enhance their bodies and strive for bimbo perfection?

Yes I totally agree with that. As long as it makes the girl happy and she is wanting to do it for her innerself.

I’m pretty sure there are only very few girls in the bimbofication scene who take the pink bimbo style so serious like you do – my compliments for that, you show a level of dedication which seems to be unmatched. You might not know this, but here, at the Pink Bimbo Academy, I often wrote about the benefits of the color pink, the special, feminine style and the barbie-appeal – aspects of absolute prime importance for bimbo girls and something you have mastered, without a doubt. To be honest, often, when I write about these things, I imagine a bimbo style exactly like the one you have – an absolute dream! Do you really wear pink every day and also feminine, sexy styles and outfits?

I will always have some item of pink on me…..sometimes it might be mixed in with a few other colours but there is always some pink :):) Depends what im doing… i do have a pair of jeans i occassionally wear…. But where ever possible id rather wear a cute mini skirt or something slong those lines.

I mentioned that even in the bimbo community, there are very few girls who are so dedicated regarding this style and the color pink. Alicia Amira is an exceptional phenomenon and seems to be in love with the bimbo color pink like you are – and she gets rightfully praised for that. Do you know her and what do you say about her style and her use of the color pink?

I have seen her pictures. Her style is very good… with a solid pink theme…which is great.

Do you think being such a perfect, sexy princess, wearing pink and feminine styles can be empowering for women and girls?

Yes for sure. Dressing up nice and feeling good is important.

Apart from the sexy style, the pink color and the feminine appeal, body modifications and optimizations are a core element of bimbofication: Enhanced breasts, a perfect body shape, long legs, big lips, long blonde hair, etc. What did you already enhance and what were the cosmetic surgeries you already did undergo?

The boobs have been enhanced a few times ?. Nose had a bit of work on it also. Lipfillers also.

What are your plans for the near future? Any upcoming surgeries or thoughts on further optimizations? There was a coverage of the Daily Mail about you, where you said that you are going for even bigger breasts…. I am VERY sure our readers would love to hear if that is still planned und when you are going to put this plan into action…?

Boobs again (yes that is still planned – within 6 weeks) and Nose again!

When and why did you decide to dedicate yourself to this style and what were your thoughts when you got your first breast augmentation? How do you imagine the “perfect” Barbie of Indonesia?

I dedicated myself to this style from when I was very young. The first boob augmentation my thoughts were….Toooo Small!! Perfect Barbie of Indonesia… Big big big boobs, thin waist, less than 50kgs and a nice nose.

Back to the Barbie/Bimbo lifestyle: To me, it seems like this lifestyle is something relatively unknown in Asia, at least I don’t know so many asian bimbo dolls (apart from AzeeenBarbie). How is the situation in Indonesia? Is your lifestyle accepted, do you have many admirers, do you know some girls there who strive for bimbo perfection like you do? As a whole: Is there a bimbofication culture in Indonesia or in Asia you know of?

Indonesia is a muslim country so my lifestyle is not really accepted there especially outside the big citys. I do have many admirers in Indonesia. I dont know any other girls striving for bimbo perfection in Indonesia. Asia tends to have a more innocent cute girly look that they strive for… not Bimbofication.

Do you have any rolemodels, apart from Barbie, like any well known it-girls or bimbo icons? Are you in contact with girls from the bimbo community?

I dont… just have Barbie. Im not in contact with many girls yet from the bimbo community (hopefully soon)

In the interview with the Daily Mail, you said that most females don’t seem to understand your style and the choices you made, why do you think those “normal” girls act like that? Could it be envy?

I think part is jealously and envy.

You also said, that you “find basic girls boring”, a statement I would absolutely agree on – but you also said, that every girl could become a perfect bimbo princess, what would you say to “normal girls” who would like to follow this path? Are there any advise you can give them?

Give it a go…Just do what makes you happy. Life is short…have no regrets.

What else do you do to maintain your perfect body shape? Work outs, beauty care and special make up procedures? Is there a secret diet plan or some special techniques you can give away to girls who would like to become such a stunning doll like you are?

I dont workout… I’m just lucky to have the naturally thin Asian genes on my side!…

What can we expect in the future, are you going to post some new pictures, maybe professional photo shootings or even videos?

There will additional pictures…some professionally done and the occassional video.

Let’s get personal, if you are okay with that: I am sure you have many admirers, but how does a guy have to be to impress you?

He must be smart kind, caring and polite.

How important is sex for you?

Yep… its important ? and fun!

Do you also like girls? Can you think of a situation in which you would lock up yourself and another girl, or even another bimbo doll, in the bedroom for a whole night?

Ive tried before a girl… it was ok. Never tried with another bimbo doll…well not YET! ?

How many High heels do you possess? Is there a piece of clothing or a special accessory you love more than every other piece?

I have about 20 pairs of heels. My living pink accessory that i really love is Candy my pink Mini Maltese dog…

Is there a possibility to support you? Many people in the bimbo community want to help girls like you, and reward this attitude and such dedication, or would love to donate for further enhancements. What can the community do, to help you out and support you?

Hmmmm… good question… let me think…..hmmm. Possible the creation of a good directory with user ratings and feedback for procedures and things (surgery, hair, nails, extensions, facials, waxing, webpage creation, photography, marketing and promotion co’s etc etc)

(You CAN support he on her Onlyfans! DO IT GUYS! – Annotation of the Pink Bimbo Academy)

Is there something else you would like to say to our readers and the bimbo community?

Onwards and upwards :):) Strive for what makes one happy and dont listen to noise 🙂

Thank you very much for your time, Catherina! I wish you all the best and I hope you achieve everything you dream of! A princess like you should get everything she wishes for. I hope to see more of you in the future, and I hope you will be much more famous in the bimbo community when we have our next talk. You are surely an absolute style icon and a prime example for EVERY girl out there and even for most bimbo dolls, regarding style and dedication. Thank you very much, and cya soon 🙂

Thankyou very much. Keep up the great work within the Bimbo Community xoxo


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