Bimbo Uniforms – Shoes: Steve Madden “Teena” sandals (beige, transparent)

If you are following many of those promising, slightly slutty, young girls, especially from the UK, on Instagram – like I do (for the purpose of research, of course), or if you are following those fantastic accounts @BritHotties, @ChavDelights and @absoluteukbabes on twitter – like I do (and you should really do so too, nowhere else will you see so much promising, amazing, young, future bimbo material!), you propably have taken notice of a special trend this summer, apart from the pink Oh Polly dress we already examined: Mildly high sandals with a broad, transparent heel made of see-through-PVC. Over the last few months, there was no way around these things, if you browsed through the instagram accounts of british wannabe-teen-bimbos! EVERY last one of these young, sexy bearers of hope for the European femininity wears these shoes this summer (see some examples above). Of course, everyone who visited my site before and everyone who is part of the general bimbo community knows that girls should ALWAYS wear high heels (especially bimbos!!!), so this basic rule doesn’t need any further explanation, nor a special series about bimbos and high heels, although this will come in the future and could have been useful beforehand for this article, because now I have to make some basic statements about bimbos and heels here instead before we continue:

1. Bimbos should always wear high heels with a pointy stiletto heel – almost never (!) high heels with broad heels!

2. There is a rule regarding the height of heels which should ALWAYS be respected!

…having said this, let me explain why we are talking about this summer trend nevertheless: Yes, a bimbo should always wear the highest heels she is able to manage, according to the given situation, which should always mean “higher than what we’re going to talk about today” – and yes, todays shoes don’t have stiletto heels, which should normally, virtually be the only option for a bimbo doll. Both rules, and general thoughts about heel heights will be the topic of the beforementioned, future series about bimbos and shoes, but todays items are one of the very, very rare exceptions to these rules: “Steve Maddens Teena Sandals, beige and clear”. These “high” heels, created by designer Steve Madden are sandals, without a plateau, a beige colored sole, two transparent PVC straps, one in the toe-area and one around the ankle and the heel, with a likewise transparent heel of a moderate height of 4,5″ (~ 11,43cm), very broad and blocky, triangularly shaped. So, why do all those british “chavettes” (God, I envy the UK for having such girls…) favor these heels so much? Apart from the fact that Kim Kardashian loves them? Let us get the obvious, pragmatic reasons out of the way: In comparison to sky-high stiletto heels, these shoes are fairly easy to walk in and can be worn all through the night in a club without major difficulties. In addition, although we are talking about some designer shoes here, they are fairly low-priced (~ 60$), especially in comparison to, say, standard Louboutins. While the first reason shouldn’t be a matter for bimbos at all, it is safe to say, that these shoes are a VERY attractive choice for bimbo trainees who still have to master sky-high, bimbo apropriate heels, or who have a very long day/night before them. But these are not the only benefits, and there are reasons why even bimbos who are very used to better (higher) heels should get a pair of these and wear them: Essentially, what we have here, is a combination of the classy and elegant appeal of some posh, feminine designer sandals and the slutty, sexy, porn-appeal of transparent stripper heels. Remember when I talked about those transparent stripper heels? I talked about the inappropriateness of these shoes regarding high class events, serious circumstances and so on, with the crystal clear messages of this type of shoes in mind: Stripper, porn, slut! While these messages are absolutely desirable in most cases, not every type of event or location does allow a bimbo to communicate it. However, Steve Maddens Teenas make it possible! These shoes communicate the very same basic message, but underneath a polished, elegant, stylish coat of classy designer heels. It is absolutely no wonder, that all those little bimbo wannabes chose these shoes by instinct, with them appealing to their need of showcased sexappeal and slutness and their desire for an exclusive, elegant and stylish public image. A perfect choice for bimbos and a MUST HAVE for every doll! So, are you late to the party? Not really. These shoes are here to stay. Get your pair and wear them whenever apropriate and other high heels are not an option (remember: These shoes are one of the VERY few exceptions to the rules! There is no excuse to break the rules with other shoes!). For every young bimbo wannabe teen: These could be your first real bimbo high heels! By the way: They work very well with the beforementioned, pink Oh Polly dress… (as you can see above…)

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