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Okay, last regular post of 2019. Over the last two months, I talked a lot about bimbofication in general, what a bimbo is in the understanding of the Pink Bimbo Academy and I gave you three very presentable rolemodels for this definition. After these three prime examples, Haley Layne, Adriana Alencar and Paulina J. Candy, all three of them being absolutely FANTASTIC and defining bimbo queens, we conclude this series of nearly perfect flagship-bimbos for now, with a fourth and equally defining angel: Kristhin Gomez!

If you read all of those recent articles, and some of the older ones, you should have a pretty good idea of what a bimbo is by now. In case you haven’t, let me redirect you to those posts, to get that idea of what being a bimbo is all about, which things do matter and how females have to be like in order to be called a bimbo:

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Done? Good. Todays rolemodel is pretty much the quintessence of the theories I spread before you in those articles, exactly like the three beforementioned princesses. Everything you just read about can be found again, when you have a look at these stunning girls, and Kristhin is right at the forefront of this: A beautiful, nearly perfect, hyperfeminine bimbo rolemodel! Again, I could spend many hours and words on praising this exemplary queen, her outstanding beauty, style and sexappeal – like I did with the last three rolemodels, and because I can’t really provide you with much further information regarding her development, I might as well do just that – but in direct comparison to our definitions and rules. So, let’s get started: Like I already stated, Kristhin is a definite text-book bimbo – exactly like all girls should be and exactly what we think of when we use the term “bimbo” here at the Pink Bimbo Academy. Her fairly long, platinum blond hair is precisely what we defined as the “best possible hair for a bimbo” in our article about the question if bimbos have to be blondes. Although it could be even longer and she could wear some additional extensions, this is more or less what a girl should be aiming for. Her beautiful, sweet face is always supported by heavy makeup, like it should be, lipstick, heavy eyeshadow and so on, benefitting her face shape in the best way possible, although her lips could be much bigger and “puffier”. Nevertheless, an everlasting, beautiful smile on these lips does indicate the correct bimbo mindset of lighthearted happiness and kindness – even though her aristocratically shaped face would also allow her to put on the slightly arrogant countenance of a posh bimbo princess. Of course we now have to address the “big elephants in the room”, namely her AMAZING, absolutely fantastic, enhanced, big, fake plastic tits! These boobs absolutely DO respect the basic rule of breast sizes for bimbos (mandatory for EVERY bimbo!) and won’t allow ANYONE to look somewhere else – exactly like it should be. This is not only achieved by Kristhin due to the enormous size and the nearly perfect shape of these boobs, it also results from her, ALWAYS following the rules of showcasing her tits in the best way possible in an absolutely flawless way, both by styling and by posing. THIS is how it is done girls! THIS is how girls/bimbos should showcase their assets ALL the time! With regular workouts, a sophisticated dietplan and presumably regular waistshaping by wearing a waist strap (like Adriana Alencar does!), Kristhin manages to maintain a nearly PERFECT body and an outstanding silhouette! Not a single gram excessive fat, just an out-of-this-world hourglass-waist/hip-ratio and an insane bodyshape, with a flat belly and a phenomenal, sexy butt! Your body has to look like this if you want to be a bimbo – remember that! This is what bimbos are made of! This is the shape you have to go for! Kristhin showcases her long, sexy, flawless legs in short and tight skirts and elegant, feminine dresses always and renounces pants and trousers most of the time, exactly like every bimbo is constrained to. Same goes for her shoes: Kristhin wears sexy high heels most of the time, very rarely shoes with a smaller heel or even flat shoes overall, again, like every bimbo is bound to! Her overall sense for style and bimbo-suitable fashion is just remarkable, and should be exemplary for EVERY girl out there, especially for those of you who want to become such perfect bimbo dolls. However, even if I repeat myself here: The most striking feature of her choices regarding style and outfits is the PERFECT showcasing of her big, enhances plastic tits all the time! I can’t stress this enough: If a girl has such perfect, big tits – she simply HAS to showcase them in exactly these ways! Her overall feminine, sexy, elegant and beautiful appearance and attitude is what I was talking about in the articles mentioned above, this is what makes a girl a bimbo. If you aren’t like this – you are not a bimbo, simple as that. Kristhin managed to leave behind her “red/purple-headed, masculine, rather aggressive former self” and did become one of the leading bimbo rolemodels – amongst the most perfect bimbo dolls I already presented you, and the queens of this culture like Candy Charms, Sarah Marie Summer, Paulina J. Candy, Adriana Alencar, Haley Layne and others. These are your prime rolemodels – the “go-to”, your guiding lights and the exact definition of the term bimbo!

Like I said, this was the last regular post of 2019 – and the conclusion of our “definite bimbo months” – although there will be a pretty related gimbo rolemodel in the near future and one more very important lesson. After that, we continue in 2020 with our bimbo makeup series, many more articles, rolemodels, the cosplay-series, the gimbo-series and more special posts! So, stay with me in the new year, there is much more to come, thank you very much for your ongoing support and… have a fantastic new year 2020! Wish the best to all of you, continue to be such an amazing community, we will see us again in the next decade! Let it be the decade of bimbofication!

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