Bimbo role model – Ms. Palomares

You guys were calling for a latina bimbo rolemodel for a long time, and I really can’t believe it took me so long to do this, but here she is, one absolutely beautiful bimbo rolemodel: The incredible, absolutely stunning Ms. Palomares! FIrst of all, the ones who already know her, might ask me why I’ve only chosen pictures of her with blond hair, while she mostly wears darker colors or directly black hair. Easy: I try to capture the best – most bimbo suitable conditions a girl is/was in at that time, by selecting her rolemodel pictures. Usually these pictures convey the most exploited bimbo potential of every girl up to that point in time, in MY opinion, and this is exactly what happened here. If a bimbo has to have blond hair, is a matter of discussion, but in my opinion it is at least the most suitable hair color for bimbos – and in this case (as in most other cases), it just looks better than all the other colors she went with – so we will treat this as the “zero point” for our examination of her visual appearance.

Like I said, the way she wears her long, blond, straight hair is just the perfect choice for every bimbo doll and looks just amazing on her. Her beautiful, angelic face with those big, puffy lips is always covered with an extra thick layer of make up (like all good bimbos handle it), complementing her outstanding look. Did you see that PERFECT skin? That pristine condition? NO pores, NO flaws, NO blemishes, NO moles, NO impurities – and to crown it all – NO stupid tattoos disfigure the visual appeal of this body! THIS IS HOW THE SKIN of a bimbo has to look like! Pristine, pure, immaculate, PERFECT and free from any distracting, annoying, disruptive and blotching “body-art”! Of course – her skin tone is absolutely PERFECT as well. Just shimmering, perfectly toned, flawless bimbo skin! Of course, this bimbo queen has a nice pair of enhanced, big bimbo tits as well! Could they be bigger? Well OF COURSE they should be bigger – but already these boobs are an eyecatcher, scratching the lower limit of the basic bimbo rule, regarding the minimum size of tits. Let us not only hope she continues to showcase these assets like she does (and like every good bimbo should do it), but also that she decides to enhance them even more, by going bigger. Speaking of going “bigger”, now we are talking about another aspect of her body, many of you will absolutely love: Her enhanced, big booty. I am aware of the increasing love for huge asses in the bimbofication community (and the unfortunate decline of the importance of huge tits instead), but I have to say, although I am a fan of enhanced butts and ass-implants, I do not like the motto “bigger is better” here! In my opinion, THE perfect, enhanced bimbo butt (another series about this will come in the future) looks like the one of Aletta Ocean – so this is what the PBA will propagate. However, Ms. Palomares does have a fairly huge butt, which many of you will absolutely adore, an aspect that has at least one benefit in my opinion, namely an insane waist to hip ratio. Of course, Ms. Palomares has a VERY good body shape and a flat belly, but following the PBA definition, it would be preferable to obtain this ratio by reducing the extent of the waist (through corset-training, work outs and diet plans, for example) without increasing the booty to such a degree. Remember: A huge butt lets the legs appear shorter – and this is NOT desirable! At least, this isn’t a huge problem for todays rolemodel: Ms. Palomaris has silky smooth, sexy, long legs, always supported by very bimbo suitable high heels – like it should be. This doll, is not only a rolemodel for all my female, latina readers (love you 🙂 ) – but for all the girls who want to reclaim their femininity! Do it like she does – BECOME A BIMBO DOLL! And lastly, something this goddess should have made very clear: DO NOT butcher your silky smooth, pristine body with horrible tattoos! Aim for such a perfect, flawless, amazingly toned skin like she has!

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