Bimbo role model – Lena Lay

We just finished one of our three stages in the series about the perfect bimbo tits, now we’re coming to one pair of tits you surely can’t achieve with just natural procedures. Lena Lay is, once again, a bimbo rolemodel perfectly suitable for our ongoing line-up of posts, just dealing with one of the most important features of a bimbo – that, and because after a long time I just wanted to present another German bimbo doll to you guys again (there aren’t so many). Sadly, Lena left only a small footprint behind in the bimbo scene, because her public appeal was rather short. For a while she worked as an escort girl in Germany, did some very nice photo shootings, whose results are pretty hard to find on the internet, and just one, fairly cheap porn clip. Otherwise she could have become a famous icon in the online bimbo community, with her long, blonde hair, those remarkable, big, enhanced tits, which are satisfying the basic rule for the tits of a bimbo, her tight and trained body, and those endless legs. And not only her body was made to be a rolemodel in the bimbo culture: Her attitude did show many details and features you would want to see on a bimbo: A candy and sweets related, pink themed photo shoot? Check! Classy, golden, “bling-bling” motives? Check! High heelsstockings and slutty dresses? Check! The little content she left behind for us, tells us a story of what this girl could have become if she would have entered the online bimbo community. But who knows? Maybe she has become a true trophy wife or works privately on her bimbofication to become a perfect bimbo doll? What I can do by showing you those remarkable pictures, is to make her known amongst the community and give you bimbo trainees another rolemodel you can take as a guiding light. Of course, taking her as an example for you is a good idea in any way if you just have a look at her nearly perfect body, but becomes even more sensible when you focus on the reason why she is the rolemodel we are talking about today: Her even more perfect tits! In the pictures you can find of her, you will see a drastic increase in size of her boobs. The ones you see above were made after her last known enlargement to 1550cc – a fact that confirmes my careful assumption, that the minimal size of implants to fulfill the basic rule for bimbos is somewhere around >1500cc (depending on the girl, her size, her natural breasts, her weight, her shape, the projection of the implants, etc! – Fear not, we will talk about those factors in the last part about implants in our series about the perfect bimbo tits!). Not only represent her tits a perfect “minimum” size of how big the boobs of a bimbo should be in relation to her body/head, their shape, projection, appeal and aesthetics are also absolutely fantastic and striking! Jutting, big, bulging, toned and smooth – with perfect positioning of the nipples just above the equator. Absolutely amazing! While these factors often are a matter of taste, I am pretty sure it is safe to say that this doll is one of the examples which could come to ones mind when asked about some perfectly shaped bimbo tits. This is what you girls should strive for, regarding size at minimum, but even more regarding shape, appeal and projection. So, stay tuned for some more bimbo rolemodels, matching the topic of our series “the perfect bimbo tits”, like last time, Dolly Fox – and be prepared for the next wave of content of that series!

Sadly no social media channels for this doll this time. I do not know of any! If you have further information, please let me know!

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