Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: Never wear pantyhoses – always choose stockings”

After our first lesson about bimbos wearing skirts and dresses and no pants at all, and our second installment of this mini-series, about bimbos always wearing high heels and never flat shoes or going barefoot, this follow up post concludes the short excerpt about basic bimbo lessons regarding how to dress. By paying attention to related lessons like this one, this one, this one and this one, every trainee should now know how to dress properly in most basic terms. Altough we just scratched the surface of suitable bimbo outfits and dresses, with all these papers and additional articles in mind (like this one, this one, and this one – for example!), every trainee is able to create outfits for all situations and occasions, no matter if it’s about an outfit for work, one for staying at home or one for normal day-to-day stuff. There is no excuse to NOT follow those rules and papers, therefore every trainee should keep them in mind every single day! And remember: These are valid for all girls – bimbos and gimbos and trainees alike! This lesson is another piece of the great commandment: “Always dress to impress!”

This last follow-up deals with pantyhoses – and why no bimbo, gimbo, trainee and no girl should ever wear them (apart from three special exceptions, which are described above, one of those dealing with special needs for certain, approved outfits, like the “bimbo Playboy bunny”!). While there might be an absolute minority of men who do prefer pantyhoses above stockings or stay-ups, there are many arguments against pantyhoses, which some of them can’t be argued against objectively:

1. Stockings do have a tradition in regards of femininity! Pantyhoses just don’t!

Throughout the ages, pants-like legwear was a domian for men. From the 15th to the 18th century, only men did wear “chausses”, the somewhat predecessors of real pants or pantyhoses, while girls and women did wear knitted stockings under their robes. When in 1935, Wallace Hume Carothers did invent the worlds first nylon-thread, it didn’t take long until the first “real nylon stockings” for women and girls were offered, selling over 4000 pairs in the first three hours, and over 5 million on may the 15th 1940 (still with many women in the USA coming away empty-handed). Nylon stockings, as very feminine and “girls-only” items, were established – something just every girl had to wear or wanted to have! So it is no wonder, that nylon stockings were not only scarce goods, but besides chocolate, cigarettes and alcohol, a very popular contraband and often used as barter goods in raging World War II and post-war Germany/Europe. Even in the Cold War, not only VHS-video recorders were used as articles of exchange, some NVA-guardsman would “make an exception” in exchange for some pairs of stockings for his girlfriend. This changed in the 1960s. Ernest Rice (damn that man!) patented the concept of “the pantyhose for women” in 1956. The rest is history: In 1966 the share of pantyhoses in relation to stockings reached 77%. Pantyhoses, an item strongly resembling traditional menswear, did supersede traditional womens legwear because of laziness and the sexual trials and tribulations of those times, condemning everything feminine, traditionally womanly and, in this case, sexy, just like it happened to dresses and pants. Today, stockings are often regarded as slutty, tarty, some kind of taboo and most “normal girls” resist to wear them at all, even for their boyfriends in the bedroom – the domain where they are banished to nowadays.

2. The majority of men do prefers stockings!

As I said, there is a small minority of men who prefers pantyhoses over stockings. But there is always a minority which prefers something over something else. Fact is: Most men love stockings and would love to see a girl wearing some! While pantyhoses are just nothing special, or even a complete turn-off to some, stockings are what reminds most men of sex, femininity and what can make a girl even more desirable.

3. Stockings are sexually arousing! Pantyhoses are an everyday object!

You can see pantyhoses every day. Most girls wear them without even thinking about it. It’s just something “practical” (lazy) to do for them. On the other hand: Everytime a girl puts on some stockings, she will do that very deliberately! This has, of course, something to do with the “special connotation” of stockings, and of course with the special erotic effect they have. Or why do you think most strippers, hookers and porn actresses wear stockings instead of pantyhoses? Girls in pantyhoses look awful, unsexy, stubby, inelegant and raunchy –  whereas stockins look elegant, sexy, feminine and classy. It is not without a reasons, that THIS picture is regarded as a cultural artifact, explaining the whole premise of a story that shaped generations in just one frame and stands for the very special impact in pop culture stockings do have.

4. Pantyhoses interfere with bimbo ideals and the desired appeal. Stockings do support the bimbo appeal!

You are making a visual statement with the outfit you are wearing. Always. You are sending a message to everyone who perceives you. By wearing a pantyhose, you’re making NO statement at all, at the best! More likely you are communicating, that you are a boring, unfeminine, naff and unsexy normal girl. However, if you grant someone a look at the garter you are wearing underneath your dress, or the upper lace of your stockings – a whole different story is being told! You are thrilling, alluring, sexy, seductive and very, very feminine. What do you think suits the bimbo lifestyle more?

5. Pantyhoses are impractical! Stockings aren’t!

I mentioned this many, many times. Pantyhoses are not practical at all! This got mentioned here, here and here. In order to have sex, you would have to undress the pantyhoses, which could mean to undress the skirt or dress as well, but your high heels in any case, which steals away most part of the spontaneousness, takes forever, is inconvenient, destroys the sexy look of your outfit and style (whereas undressing your high heels for sex is even absolutely unacceptable!) and looks stupid. Stockings are the perfect option (if worn right!)!

6. Pantyhoses are unsanitary! Stockings are uncritical!

I guess you can imagine why. Don’t have to explain that.

7. Pantyhoses can’t do anything (sensible) what stockings can’t do!

As mentioned, there are simply no benefits of pantyhoses! The small advantage they might have compared to stockings when it comes to heat insulation on very cold winterdays, is absolutely neglectable and can be compensated by several different work-arounds, if needed after all, because of the very tiny effect they have. Stockings can do everything a pantyhose can do – and do it better!

8. Stockings do work in most situations – Pantyhoses just don’t!

No matter if a girl is completely naked for the rest, wears a cocktail dress or a long robe: Stockings do work in every situation and maintain their very special aura. They just look elegant, sexy and good on their own. On the other hand, visible pantyhoses look absolutely awkward, strange and awful – especially when the girl is naked apart from them.

9. Pantyhoses resemble pants or trousers – which is unacceptable in terms of bimbofication!

As explained above under point 1. This is unacceptable for bimbos!

10. Stockings do strengthen a girls self-confidence, her sexual drive and her sexual self-assurance! Pantyhoses don’t!

I think every girl can confirm that. Putting on a pantyhose doesn’t do anything to a girl, but slowly slipping over some stockings over her legs do affect her mentally. Especially in combination with high heels and a nice dress or skirt, every girl will feel much more feminine, sexy, desirable, covetable, confident and dressier. This doesn’t only affect her attitude and her introspection in a positive way, even her movements and her appeal will benefit greatly from that! This is very welcomed in terms of bimbofication!

This does it for now, although we will have another look at stockings for bimbos in the future, in great detail, covering all the different items there are and their benefits. All trainers and bimbo lovers should pay attention to this rule also, when they interact with girls and bimbos/gimbos online! However, the topic of pantyhoses is concluded, once and for all.

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2 thoughts on “Bimbo training – “How a bimbo should dress: Never wear pantyhoses – always choose stockings”

  1. Sorry, but you are simply Misguided and Confused about this one Hun:) Pantyhose are a girls (and Bimbos) best friend;) This is something that you need to reconsider in order to make your website accurate.

    1. If you could give me some reasons for this statement I would mention those in the article – but I am afraid my point stands and I made it obvious why stockings are nearly always preferable over pantyhoses.

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